Title: And when I fall

Rated for: language, violence, future M chapter

Genre: Angst, Romance, Suspense, Horror?, Adventure

Fandom/Universe: Vampire Diaries / Supernatural

Characters: Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Alaric, Bonnie, Caroline, Tyler, Klaus, Rebecca, Elijah / Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer

Pairings: Damon / OC / Dean, Caroline / Tyler, Bonnie / Jeremy

Spoilers/Warning: Mentions of events on the shows and books.

Disclaimer: The Vampire Diaries and all related characters belong L. J. Smith and The CW. No infringement intended. Supernatural and all related characters belong to Erik Kripke and OC's are all ME. No infringement intended. The Originals and all related characters belong to Outerbanks Entertainment, Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios, Warner Bros.

Summary: She was looking for answers. He was just passing the time.

Status: In-Progress

Author's Note: I'm not anywhere near done but I wanted to post this before there's an accident. Its a peek but I hope you enjoy. I'm taking requests so if there's anything you'd like to see... all you have to do is let me know.

Chapter: Prologue


'Nice and quiet…'

She figures a little stop in a small town… then again, it's infested.

'Vampires… oh my…'

The song plays in her head, same melody, over and over, and over and over. Too bad demons aren't a reliable source of information and it's the lead it gave her she's chasing anyway.

"One more." The empty glass scrapes on the bar-top, melting ice cubes clinking and the sound barely registers considering the patrons are louder than that. It's a busy place, this Mystic Grill and the food…

'I could go for another steak.'

Ice blue eyes peer at her, his hand hovering over a glass- she's going with whiskey purely on the amber color but then there's something about him-

"Buy you another?"

It's not even a question, no matter how it's phrased but she nods anyway and downs the drink placed before her. It's a public place, drunk or not, she'll be safe enough.

He smiles, lips turning up in a lazy smirk she can't help but compare to his.

'Screw him!'

And then she bites the inside of her cheek, eyes rolling because she certainly did and shamelessly too.

'Dean Winchester.' There's a sigh somewhere deep down she's locking away. It's not like he promised forever but … well, a girl could hope and damn it, she certainly fooled herself. She forgot to keep a distance with him; she forgot there was never any hope of something 'more' with Dean. The dumbass can't let himself have a 'happily ever after'.

"Do you make a habit of buying drinks for women you don't know?" her dark eyes run over his face; pale skin, gorgeous clear blue eyes almost gray, classic handsome features.

"I was planning on getting to know you better." His smile is slow to grace his lips and her eyes fall to his mouth. "I'm Damon."

"Rheygne." She wants to take it back, get a do over because that breathless whisper certainly isn't making the right impression.

"What brings you to Mystic Falls?" Damon slides another drink towards her. His eyes don't leave her face; dark lashes framing wide cat shaped eyes a dark shade of amber flecked with copper. She has fine features, high cheekbones, her skin is a healthy sun kissed gold. His eyes rest on her full lips tinged a rosy-just-kissed shade …

"Oh…just, passing through." She offers a slow smile of her own, taps the drink but never takes it and slips off the stool. "Now, I'm on my way." She can feel his eyes on her as she leaves. 'Temptation on legs. OMG.' She wonders if gorgeous men are put on this earth just to tease her because it's not fair.

Outside its cold. Not exactly winter though her breath puffs out in little white clouds. She's got her keys in hand, the longest one secured between her fingers. It's not like she could walk around with her knife in hand. The civilians tend to get over excited about things like that.

Damon is waiting. He watches her approach the car; gunmetal grey and a little older than he would have pegged for her taste. He studies her approach, a steady stride, purposeful. She's graceful, slim but with curves he'd love to explore.

She spots him leaning against her ride.

Rheygne pauses before crossing the street. She doesn't take her eyes from the gorgeous stranger though she wonders how the hell he made it out to her car before she did.

'How does he know it's mine?'

"Hello." He smiles with a secret as his eyes skim over her again.

"Goodnight." Rheygne sets a firm tone to her words hoping it's enough to send him off. She doesn't want to mess up such a gorgeous face. He moves aside for her.

"1941 Hollywood." He sounds amused and there's a definite glint of mischief in his eyes when she turns to face him. There's something unsettling about him, the way he's standing there-deceptively casual. "It's not what I pictured you driving."

"Why is that?" Rheygne can't quite put her finger on what this is but it's definitely something.

"It lacks … muscle."

There's a definite smirk playing about his mouth that draws her eyes to his lips.

"Appearances can be deceiving." Rheygne murmurs. "Graham's a hot-rod." She meets his eyes and smiles. "There's plenty of muscle under the hood." She opens the door behind herself using the opportunity to step into his body before slowly stepping back. "I'm more of a speed freak anyway."

Damon follows her. He's enjoying the game and for once isn't thinking of killing first. "I enjoy fast."

"I'm sure you do." Rheygne murmurs, there's a slight tremor in her voice. A sense of excitement she doesn't understand. It's like she's playing with a dangerous animal-

Damon leans down to her eye level, his hand lightly gracing her cheek. He's got a second of hesitation; to compel her or not?

'I wonder…'

He chooses to use charm instead. As out of practice and impatient as he is … well, it's never been difficult for him to be charming.

Rheygne doesn't dare breathe. His lips press against hers, cool and new and –

'Holy cow, I think I feel electric.' She almost laughs at the idiotic thought but the light touch of his tongue against her lips takes the silly thoughts out of her mind.


Damon stretches out lazily, there's a satisfied smile on his lips. He's pleased. Charm worked just fine and his prize lies beside him. He rolls on his side to study her. The long ebony locks cover most of her back and he smoothes them out of the way with a light touch. He lets his fingers trail down her back, following the pattern inked into her soft skin. She's certainly not what Damon was expecting and there's a story behind her ink.

Rheygne stirs, a soft sigh the first sign of her waking.

Damon easily flips her on her back and tucks her into his side. Her eyes flutter open and the sunlight streaming through the curtained window sparks the dark amber and copper with fire. She smiles, her hands splaying flat on his bare chest.

"Morning." Her voice is a husky whisper he cuts off. A spark of desire ignites.

It's rather easy. Too easy but Damon is going to enjoy himself.

There's no mistaking the door opening down stairs or the voice that floats up calling his name.

'Damn it.' He sighs, annoyance marring the moment and Rheygne frowns at him.

"I'll be right back." Damon presses a fast kiss to her lips, taking a nip before he jumps out of his bed and strides towards the door without a stitch of clothes.

Rheygne is left wondering what happened. She sits up; the sheet tucked around her and her eyes wander the bed room. It's not what she expected- not the house, not the hot guy and certainly not last night.

'I'm going to hell and fast. What was I thinking?' but her guilt over spending the night with a man she knows nothing about is quickly brushed off as her mind goes back over the night.

"Ouch." Rheygne reaches up and runs her fingers over the back part of her shoulder. She feels sore in all the right places and then some. "What…" she frowns rubbing at her fingers and reaches to her back once again. The dark flakes on her fingertips –

The door closes.

Rheygne jerks in surprise, her eyes locked with his.

There's an undercurrent in the room … danger … but this time she feels it towards herself directed from the gorgeous man – 'Is he…?'

Damon frowns, not exactly upset but there's a definite hint of annoyance. He strides towards his bed and the girl in it, who turns out to be smarter than he'd given her credit for.

Rheygne is quick to scramble out of the bed. Naked or not she's not sitting still for him- "Ahh!"

Damon ignores her yelp. He grabs her around the waist and lightly tosses her back in the bed where he covers her with his body.

Rheygne shoves her fist in his face, the blow connecting with his jaw perfectly. "Ow…fuck!" she exclaims cradling her throbbing fist to her chest.

Damon arches a dark eyebrow, flexing his jaw. "Now, that wasn't nice." He flicks the dark strands in her face out of her eyes before leaning in.

"What the hell –mmph!" Rheygne shoves against his chest but he's like a mountain and that sense of danger is overwhelming. She bites his lip, the copper tang of blood on her tongue when he pulls back.

"You're not afraid." Damon cups her face, his eyes locked with hers. "Are you?"

"I'm…not afraid." Rheygne repeats and she's not. Her fear just faded and she doesn't feel like fighting him.

"I didn't want to do that." Damon sighs disappointed. His fingers trail along her cheek to her throat. His ice blue eyes following the same path. "Don't move." She lies still for him. Doesn't move at all even when his mouth settles on her neck and his teeth finally break through her skin...


Rheygne wakes up to a dark cloudy sky. She rolls over and utters a groan, she hurts all over. She dreads getting up and grabs the pillow to stuff over her head and hide for a couple minutes more. She struggles to find sleep and frustrated with the futile efforts throws the pillow aside.

"I hate mornings!" she manages to sit up. The frown on her face is slightly confused. "When did I …?" she turns and doesn't remember checking into the hotel room. Searching for her cell phone she finds it on the floor slightly under the bed. There are a bunch of text messages from Sam, a couple of voicemails she's not looking forward to listening to and missed calls from just about everyone; the Winchesters, Bobby and … her Grandfather. "Shit."

The phone rings twice before the line picks up. "Where the hell have you been?"

"Hi, Pop. How are you?" Rheygne winces, eyes closing and fingers crossed.

"Don't you 'how are you' me, girl." Pop grouches. "I want your ass back on the road and on your way home, Rheygne."

"Sorry, Pop." Rheygne sighs. "Can't do that. I've got a lead and I'm following it."


"Please don't make me choose, Pop." Rheygne gets silence for a few seconds and she's hoping the sweet tone of her voice helps to sway him. She's not looking forward to hanging up on her grandfather let alone disobeying him.

"Which one was it?"


"What do you mean?" Rheygne scowls at the mirror. She's hoping they didn't tell him everything but having Sam walk in on … 'I'm gonna kill him. That sob! They told Pop's!'

"Dean called." Pop snaps and he's mad. "You still wanna pretend you don't know what I'm asking?"

'Krap, krap, krap!' her cheeks fill with rosy color and she's so not looking forward to having that conversation with her grandfather yet again. Once was embarrassing enough. But the damn 'birds and bees' conversation …

"Dean." She sighs into the phone. It's not like her grandfather hadn't warned her against getting 'involved' with Hunters. "Before you say 'I told you' I already know. Forget about the lecture, Pop. I've moved on," she almost chokes on the lie but hell, why admit she fooled herself. "And that lead is one closer to-."



"I said, No. Get your ass home, Rheygne."

"NO." Rheygne jumps out of bed and paces to the mirror. "I'm not going home before I find out what the hell happened to my brother. This is my only lead, grandpa."

"You want to end up like him? Is that what you're telling me? Get your ass home right now, Rheygne!"

"Sorry, Pop." Rheygne cuts the line. She blinks tears from her eyes and pops the case open. She takes out the battery and tosses the pieces on the bed.

The old man had never been quiet about his disappointment with Theo. They didn't speak for years and Rheygne had been stuck in the middle. They were all that was left of her family and Pops had effectively cut Theo out of hers.

He was happy being regular joe-schmoe. He never wanted to be a Hunter so taking up the life was out of left field.

Theo never contacted them. He stayed as far from Rheygne and his grandfather as he could. The best that Rheygne can manage for now is the lead she got with help from the Winchesters.

And the little information she retrieved from Theo's car and hotel room. Drawings of things she could barely make sense of.