On the Run

Rated: M for language and violence

Warnings: Contains violence and bad language. It is also G!P Santana so if you don't like that sort of thing then please don't read it.

Summary: Brittany S Pierce witnessed something that she really wished she hadn't by someone she thought she had loved and trusted. She's been on the run ever since.

Author Note: This is a repost and continuation of this story. I am hoping posting it will be motivation to write more. I plan to repost one chapter a day until I am up to date again. Enjoy!


It was stupid.

I was stupid.

I was just so excited that I didn't listen, and I couldn't wait. I just had to find Santana and tell her right away. I was sure she would be just as excited as I was. Maybe even more.

I should have waited.

I should have noticed the extra people about downstairs with all of their grim expressions. Yes they were always pretty grim. And yes, most of the time they clutched their pieces as though their lives depended on it. And by pieces I mean guns, not you know anything else in case you were thinking that. And maybe their life did depend on it. The Lopez's weren't going to forgive a mistake like an intruder managing to get close to them. They were after all the rulers of Vegas and shit like that was not acceptable.

God I'm going to have to explain that too aren't I?

The Lopez family ruled Las Vegas. In fact they pretty much owned Nevada. When Santana Lopez, the only daughter of Raul "The Doctor" Lopez turned eighteen, she was given Reno to look over. The police would look the other way if the Lopez's were involved in anything; they were scared of them. They had every right to be as well, as I'd heard cops went missing if they looked too closely into the family business. And God the Lopez's had quite the family business. Drugs, gambling, guns, you name it they had a hand in it. Nothing went down in Vegas without the Lopez's knowing. And later on nothing went down in Reno without the knowledge of Santana Lopez.

You're probably wondering how a girl like me got mixed up in all of this?

God I wish I knew how.

I guess if you want the quick answer it was because I was stupid and fell in love. Like crazy head over heels in love.

I don't know how I caught Santana Lopez's attention. One second I was dancing in the Red Pagoda like I had every night since I was sixteen and my parents had kicked me out of the house, forcing me to do the only thing I was ever any good at. Dance. Of course you can't make a living at sixteen dancing with your clothes on so I did what I had to do to live. The next second I was giving a lap dance to the second most powerful person in Vegas, and staring into the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes I had ever seen.

I was seventeen, and she was eighteen. Of course they thought I was nineteen at the club as I had been forced to lie about my age to get the job in the first place.

I didn't know at the time that she had chosen me as her birthday present out of all the other dancers. I should have felt flattered but mostly I just felt scared. I could feel my hands shaking where they rested on her shoulders as she stared back at me with a cocky smile on her gorgeous face.

She told me later that she had been nervous as well, but it hadn't showed when she had licked up the side of my neck causing my hands to shake a little more. And had looked even less nervous when she had grabbed my hips and ground me down onto her lap making my eyes widen in shock at what I felt there. One of her dark eyebrows rose in a silent question at me, and I wasn't sure what she wanted so I had ground down into her once more. It was obviously the right answer because she had quickly stood up, grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the club getting several wolf whistles, and a pat on the back by a man I later discovered was her father.

Before we stepped out onto the sidewalk Santana had slid off her black leather jacket and draped it around my shoulders. The gesture was strangely comforting even though I wasn't sure what the hell was actually happening.

I was a stripper for Gods sake. I could maybe live with taking my clothes off for money. There's a big step, or more like a giant fucking leap between a stripper and a hooker.

I did not have sex for money.

Yet here I was getting pushed into a limousine with a completely gorgeous girl. One that I could feel literally the power and authority flowing from, and I knew I was in trouble.

The car stopped at what I can only describe as a fucking mansion. This place was huge. People bowed at Santana as she passed, making sure to get out of her way as much as possible.

The room we ended up in was large. No surprise considering the place we had just walked through. A huge bed dominated the room and it made it pretty frickin' clear what was going to happen next. Still I was surprised when she slipped her jacket off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. "We don't need that any more." She said, her voice was all husky and sexy sounding as hell, and she ran a single finger down the side of my face. "You're so beautiful." Her voice sounded choked, and I could see her face blush even with her Latina skin tone. The finger continued to make a trail down the column of my neck, continuing unhindered between my breasts and down my abdomen, until it toyed with the tiny strap of my g-string.

I could feel my heart pounding against my ribs.

What the hell was going on?

What was she doing to me?

No one had ever touched me like this before. It was so gentle and sure at the same time.

The finger dipped underneath the fabric and I gasped. As it continued to journey even lower she gasped, and I watched as her eyes widened in surprise before narrowing and having that cocky look appear once more.

"Tell me your name." It wasn't a question, and I had no idea how I was going to answer when her finger continued to gently trace itself against me.

I couldn't believe this was happening.

When I didn't say anything she moved her finger even lower and pushed it inside of me causing me to gasp in surprise once more.

No one had ever touched me like this and the feelings were overwhelming. I couldn't decide if I wanted to step closer or further away from the torturing touch. It was just still one single finger thrusting ever so gently in and out of me.

"Your name?" This time the demand sounded more like a plea and I could hear her breathing had sped up as the warmth of it brushed against the side of my neck ruffling my blonde hair. She turned her head slightly into my neck and pressed a gentle kiss to my heated skin.

"Brittany." I gasped again as the soft kiss was followed up by a gentle bite of her teeth into my skin marking me as hers.

I could feel my knees start to buckle and wondered how I was still even standing in this strangers bedroom right now, how on earth were my legs holding me up? Have you ever felt like that?

But the feelings only intensified as she brushed her thumb against me and I saw white flashes behind my eyes. I wasn't even sure when I had closed them.

"Fuck Brittany, you are so beautiful. So fucking beautiful." She murmured into my ear as her thumb continued to brush against me, and now I was in serious danger of collapsing into the carpet.

Thankfully that was the moment that her finger pulled out from inside me, although I think I groaned in protest over the lack of contact, before squeaking in surprise as deceptively strong arms swept me up into them, carried me the ten or so steps to the bed and gently laid me down on the cool black satin sheet.

Our eyes met and held for a second, hers went a shade even darker. And then my jaw went slack as she slowly peeled off the black tank top she was wearing. Holy shit with breasts like that she should be a stripper. I could tell my reaction pleased her as she smiled at me for a second or so before a strange look that might have been nerves appeared on her face. Ever so slowly I watched as her hands reached for her black leather belt and at what felt like a glacial pace she slowly removed it. Then her fingers unbuttoned her black denim jeans, each button made my heart beat a little faster, and my mouth feel a little drier.

Fuck I know why people pay to see someone strip now, it was the anticipation that felt so damn good.

My eyes found hers again and I watched as she gave me a wry smile before tucking her thumbs into her jeans and shucking that material away.

Holy fuck.

Well that certainly explained what I felt when I was grinding into her earlier.

Santana Lopez is the rather proud owner of a penis. A penis that was standing up begging for attention and looking rather proud itself.


I must have stared for too long because all of a sudden I saw a look of disappointment cross Santana's eyes. She was just reaching down to pull her jeans up once more when I finally found my voice.

"Stop." I said quietly and reached for her hands.

Immediately she looked at me. The look on my face must have now been ok because that cocky grin came back again, and I heard her kick her jeans off, and watched as she crawled on the bed. Settling herself between my legs I felt her fingers slowly start to play with the single strap of my g-string once more.

I was just thinking how damn good all of this felt when she leant forward and without any warning sucked one of my nipples between her lips. I had no control over how much my body arched into her touch, and even less over the sigh that left my lips. When she groaned and switched to the other nipple my fingers threaded their way into her long dark hair and gripped it lightly.

So good.

It all felt so damn good.

I almost forgot about her fingers until I felt her slowly slide my underwear down my thighs. The touch of her nails gently dragging down my skin made me arch my pelvis uncontrollably up towards her seeking something that I at the time had no idea what it was.

"So fucking sexy." Santana mumbled as her lips trailed kisses down my abdomen, my hands still tangled in her hair forcing her head tighter against me. Wanting more pressure. Needing more pressure. Needing her.

"Holy shit." I gasped as her lips found their way to my center placing gentle kisses against where I didn't even know I needed them.

I heard her chuckle, before she moaned as her tongue swiped against me. "So good." She groaned as I thrust up against the contact.

A felt a pressure build up in my gut. This was so good. So unbearably good. When her mouth pulled away from me I groaned and tried to force her to continue what she had started inside me. But she just chuckled and placed delicate butterfly kisses on the inside of my thighs, and interspersed tiny flicks of her tongue with them that I had no idea when they were coming. My thighs were tense, braced for each touch of her. But each touch was so damn delicate and soft that although it felt good. So fucking good. I started to panic that this was all it would be and I couldn't take it.

"P-please." I begged my voice coming out in a stutter I was so undone.

I think I screamed when she finally took pity on me, took me between her lips and started to suck. I know when the pressure burst inside me I definitely did scream, and then I saw flashes of light before everything went black.

"Holy shit Brittany, are you ok?" A soft voice murmured into my ear as I gained awareness of my surroundings once more.

"Mmm." I sighed happily, and smiled when I heard the laugh this comment produced.

"Fuck babe that was the hottest thing I have ever seen." Santana whispered placing a hot open mouth kiss on my neck before sucking lightly, and I'm sure leaving another mark.

I felt her rub against my thigh. The feel of her body pressing down against me bought me back to instant awareness and I moaned when her hips shifted just a fraction so that she rubbed me in just the right place.

"Oh fuck." She gasped and I felt her body tremble against me. "God Brittany you feel so good." She said rocking against me once more.

I wasn't really sure what to do next. I knew I wanted her to feel good though and I think some sort of instinct took over as I reached down and gently took her in my hand. The sound of her gasp bought a smile to my lips and I looked up at her face hovering above me.

"Are you sure?" She asked, and I wasn't really. But I knew she wouldn't hurt me, not like this anyway. Not now. So I nodded my head and smiled wider.

There was a few seconds of readjustment on both of our parts and then we were looking at each other as she slowly slid into me.

"Oh fuck." She said her brown eyes screwing up closed as she took a deep breath and pressed even deeper.

I tensed, as there was a brief flash of pain causing her eyes to open wide and stare at me in understanding. "Oh Britt." She said softly and placed a gentle kiss on my lips, and rested her forehead against mine. Pausing she let me adjust to the feel of her inside me. It didn't take long before I couldn't take the stillness against me; I needed to feel her move. I gave a small experimental thrust of my hips and groaned at the sensation.

Soon I was rising up to meet her downward thrusts. My legs had naturally wrapped themselves around her waist holding her tight and my hands had found their way to her ass so that I could pull her even more into me. Our bodies were coated with a thin sheen of sweat, and everything felt fucking wonderful. I could feel the pressure that was growing inside me was close to the breaking point again, and I wanted to take the jump with her. I scraped my nails up her back until I gripped her shoulders and she gasped rolling her hips harder into mine. I could feel myself gripping her tighter and tighter, making it harder for her to thrust into me, and I didn't want to break without her so I closed my eyes tightly and fought against the release. I think I was gasping with every fresh roll of her hips into mine, and I could feel my legs around her waist start to tremble.

Oh fuck it was coming and I had no way of stopping it. It felt so damn good I wasn't even sure why I wanted to stop it.

I heard her voice by my ear hoarsely call out my name in a half shout, half scream, and felt her tense inside me just a second before my world imploded and I came with a scream.

When I finally found the strength to open my eyes I stared up into rich dark brown eyes that were just barely holding back tears above me. The look lasted before that fucking cocky grin spread over her face once more and she said. "Next time if you could scream my name. Santana. I think it could be even better. Although that might be the only thing that could make it better; because that was fucking fantastic."

And I think it was that moment that I fell in love with her.

We had been together almost two years before I had that stupid moment. I had never worked another day as a stripper in my life. And only one person had been foolish enough to call me a whore within Santana's earshot. I don't know what had happened to him but she had given me a gentle kiss on my cheek before she had strode in his direction and grabbed him by the front of his shirt before tugging him out of sight. I never did see him again.

Anyway I was just on my way to see Santana and share with her what I had hoped was the most awesome-ist news ever. I was standing outside the door debating on how would be the best way to burst in and tell her exactly (as she had told me she didn't like to be disturbed when she was working), when I heard raised voices from inside the room.

"No Papa, please." That was Santana's voice so Mr. Lopez must be inside.

"You've become soft Santana. He can't get away with this, and it must be dealt with."

"But she loves her. Sir." That was Finn Hudson's voice. One of Santana's two bodyguards assigned to protect her.

"Loves her?" Raul Lopez said and I heard a sound like a hard slap followed by a cry follow the question. "Is that right?"

"Yes Papa." I heard Santana's voice and it sounded like she was crying now.

My hand gripped the door handle but didn't open it.

"She should never have been allowed to get this close for this long. I blame you for that Mr. Hudson."

"I take full responsibility sir." Finn said.

"Good." Raul Lopez said and then I heard it. The sound of a gunshot and what could only have been a body hitting the floor.

My hand let go of the door handle and immediately covered my mouth to try and hold in my cry. Had Raul just shot Finn or Santana? I pressed myself closer to make out any words.

For a while all I could make out were the muffled sounds of tears until Raul spoke again. "See daughter." I breathed a sigh of relief over the fact that Santana was safe. "This is what happens when love makes you soft. It makes you vulnerable and open to attack. It is my only desire and wish to keep you safe and away from all of that. To never allow anyone to make you weak, and I will kill again to do it if I have to."

With that threat I had heard enough. I quickly moved away from where I was pressed to the door and hurried back to the bedroom I shared with Santana. I knew what I had to do, even as tears blurred my eyes, and quickly threw some clothes into a duffle bag, money, toiletries and other necessities followed. When it was zipped closed I spent a few seconds twirling the simple gold band that Santana had given me for my birthday last year. For maybe a second I contemplated taking it off and leaving it for her, but just couldn't bear to slide it from my finger. Instead I quickly scribbled three words on a sheet of heavy cream writing paper, folded it in half, wrote her name on the front, and placed it on her side table.

Then without wasting anymore time I quickly left the room and didn't look back. In the garage I took the black Audi A4 you had presented me with at our one month anniversary, laughing over the shocked expression on my face, before I laughed at you when I said I couldn't even drive. I knew I would have to part with it soon as it would be too easy to find me with it, and I had to disappear.

I had to never see you again.

I blinked away tears as I threw my bag in the trunk, started the car, keyed the garage open and carefully drove away. About five minutes away from the house I had to pull over to the side of the road, I couldn't see through all my tears. Where could I go that I would be safe from Raul Lopez and inevitably from your wrath? Anywhere in Nevada was out, and California was still too close to your families reach. So instead of going west I headed east, hoping to find somewhere safe one day. Somewhere where you or your father would never find me. Somewhere where I could attempt the impossible and try to forget you, try to stop loving you.

Ok that really might be impossible, but I had to try.