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Chapter 10

The first shot hit Joe "The Prophet" in his right thigh causing him to wake up with a shout. The sound didn't last long as Santana had now moved across the room and was standing in front of him, eyes dark blazing and gun pointing right at his chest.

"You should have seen this coming after hurting her. Now it's time to die." She growled angrily pulling the trigger sixteen times in rapid succession, each bullet caused his body to jerk off the bed until the gun was empty and just clicking as Santana continued to pull the trigger, and he slumped down on the mattress dead.

The gunfire drew people into the room and when I noticed them my body tensed in fear, I didn't even relax when I noticed that they were all Santana's people. After all Rachel had been at the house, and the car had gotten in and out easily with Cody and myself in it. So there must have been people that Santana trusted actually going against her.

I looked up into dark eyes that I loved so much and was terrified I would never see again. They immediately softened and assessed my body. "Can you move?" She asked me quietly, when her hand reached out to stroke my hair I couldn't control the way my body flinched at her touch. "Sorry." She quickly apologized and pulled her hand away. "Can I pick you up to get you out of here?"

I nodded my head and carefully maintained eye contact with her when she took off the long black leather jacket and wrapped me in it. I knew it was going to hurt when she moved me, so I concentrated on taking steady calm breaths when she swiftly picked me up in her arms, and cradled me ever so gently against her chest. She moved quickly carrying me out of the room and into a long hallway. I could see a few bodies lying off to one side and hoped none of them were Santana's people. A familiar and loud cry from the stairs made a sob catch in my throat and I searched the mass of bodies until I saw Noah Puckerman carrying a struggling, and clearly unhurt Cody in his arms, followed by a slightly bloody Mike Chang leaning against him.

I wanted so badly to reach out and pull Cody to me, and never let him go, but knew that my body would be unable to do that. In fact my body couldn't do very much right now except for hurt, and it was doing a fine job of that.

My breath came out in a hiss when Santana readjusted me in her arms. "Let's get out of here." Santana declared looking down at me with a worried expression on her face.

It was a struggle to keep my eyes open, not because I was tired, but because each little jostle shot another wave of pain through my body. I know Santana was trying to move carefully but that didn't make anything easier.

"Mommy?" Cody's voice sounded panicked and a little unsure.

"It's ok baby, I'm fine." I said but my words came out slightly slurred, and I started to think that maybe I was going to throw up.

"She's going to be ok Cody. I've got her now and we're on our way to the hospital." Santana said softly to our son, trying to calm him down. All the while looking at me with ever increasing worry in her eyes.

Fuck I must look in bad shape.

Which you know is good, because I don't want my outside not to match my insides.

"Ugh." I whimpered when we started moving down the front steps of the house outside and towards the waiting fleet of vehicles.

"Hang in there Brittany, we'll be with Doctor Pillsbury in no time." We climbed in to the back of the second SUV, just Santana and I, and then the door slammed shut and the car peeled away.

Before I could even protest that Cody wasn't with us a wave of nausea hit me and I couldn't hold it back. I threw up onto the floor of the vehicle and groaned. Santana held my hair out of the way with one hand, and held me securely to her with the other. All the time she was murmuring words of comfort to me into my ear. She handed me a few white paper napkins when I was finished and I wiped my mouth.

The car skidded to a halt and the door swung quickly open.

I jumped at the movement of hands reaching into the car towards me. I think I even moaned a pitiful "No" in protest as Santana continued to attempt to sooth me.

"Come on Britt we're here. I need you to let them take care of you. Please. I promise they'll make you feel better." She said quietly her lips brushing the side of my face. But when a man I didn't know tried to lift me out of her arms I shrunk away from them and buried myself in her embrace.

Too soon.

It was too soon to have a strange man touch me.

"Shush Britt, please you're safe now." Santana cooed at me, and it was only then that I realized I was repeating, "No, please stop." Over and over again.

In the end Santana carried me to the gurney they had for me and placed me gently on it. As soon as I was down gloved hands strapped me to it. I fought against the restraints terrified all over again, until Santana ordered them to slow down. "Can't you see you're scaring her?" She demanded.

I tried to find her face in the sea of people as we moved into the building and swiftly through to a large sea foam green tiled room. A mask was placed over my face, and I was asked to take deep calming breaths. Someone stuck something into the back of one of my hands, it hurt a little but then I felt something cool enter my veins and immediately relaxed. Some of the pain dulled down from a roar to a throb and I sighed in relief.

A bright light was shone in my eyes and I winced. It made me want to throw up again, but it quickly moved away. I'd just suppressed the urge when hands touched my right leg, and I cried out at the contact. Even with whatever painkillers they were giving me that hurt! Voices were everywhere all around me, loud, demanding, and between the head injury and the painkillers it was getting hard to maintain perspective of the here and now. I looked around desperately for Santana, and when I spotted her over by the wall I tried to reach out my hand towards her. Quickly she made her way to my side and tenderly took my hand. I watched as she brushed a kiss against the back of it before I closed my eyes and let go.

If Santana was watching over me I was safe.

I could hear beeping, although didn't quite have the strength to open my eyes. I think I could hear voices too and I immediately felt my body tense up, before I made out Santana's voice and felt her take one of my hands.

After she cooed calming words to me for a few minutes she must have thought I drifted off to unconsciousness again because she started talking in an angry, harsh voice.

"I need to know exactly how bad she is." Her tone really left no room for argument, and I wondered what she was talking about, and to who.

That was answered quickly when I heard Doctor Pillsbury speak. "Ms. Lopez I'm not at liberty."

Santana cut her off.

"Fuck that!" She cursed. "When Brittany wakes up, I need to help her. And to be able to help her I'm going to have to know how fucking bad it is so I can lose my shit now, and not in front of her." I heard her let out a sigh and when she spoke next her voice was softer. "Look, I know it's bad. I saw her with that…I saw her. I just need to prepare myself. You gotta help me here." It was as close as I'd ever heard to begging someone else by the end.

"Ok." Doctor Pillsbury gave in and I heard Santana – I assume – let out another sigh before gently starting to stroke her thumb across the back of my hand.

"You're right. It was bad. In fact if I didn't know the facts I would have thought she had been beaten up by a whole group of people. I can't believe one person did all this damage." A kiss was pressed to the palm of my hand, as the doctor continued. "Well, You know we had to put a few screws and a rod in her right leg to stabilize it. A pin in her left arm which will need a soft cast. She's got several broken ribs, and a few cracked ones. A lot of superficial cuts and scrapes to her back, a nasty bite to her right breast and another on that side of her neck too. A concussion, and nasty laceration to the back of her head, and a hairline fracture of her right jaw." The doctor paused and I felt Santana place another soft kiss to the hand she was holding.

"Give me the rest." She ordered, but her voice broke on the last word and I could tell she was crying.

"I had to stitch up several lacerations to her vaginal wall. There's a great deal of bruising as well. I want her to have antibiotics for a while, as infection is a big risk. The tests are already being run for STD's, and when she wakes up I need her to take emergency birth control if she's not on anything, just in case."

"Fuck." I heard Santana curse quietly and then she started to cry harder. She let go of my hand, and I missed the contact. I felt her pummel the mattress I was sleeping on, again, and again. "I killed that bastard far too quickly. He should have suffered for what he did to her."

"Ms Lopez." Doctor Pillsbury said in what was probably a comforting manner, but it didn't stop Santana's rage.

"If I could bring the fucker back I'd kill him slowly this time." She was ranting now, and I heard her mutter a few words angrily in Spanish.

"Santana." Doctor Pillsbury said, this time her voice quieter, and more comforting. "She'll heal. In time it will all heal. But it'll take a long time, and she's going to be in a lot of pain. She's going to need you to help her get through this."

I felt my hand being held again, and this time the touch of her relaxed me. I started to feel sleepy. Fading in and out until it all went black and quiet once more.

The next time I woke up and heard the beeping again I struggled to open my eyes. The lights in the room were all dim, but even then the brightness hurt my head and I groaned.


Santana's slightly blurry face came into view.

I tried to smile at her but it came out as more of a wince because everything hurt. Literally everything. The pain made me flinch, which in turn made everything hurt much worse. So bad in fact that I couldn't hold in a groan of pain.

"Let me get Doctor Pillsbury. She can give you some more pain medication so you don't hurt love." Santana said. She stroked her fingers gently through my bangs before placing a quick kiss on my forehead.

I wanted to hold her hand to make her stay. I didn't want to be left alone. But I wasn't fast enough and she was gone before I could even lift my arm off the bed.

"Ugh." I groaned again letting my arm drop heavily back to the bed, the impact making me want to curl up in a ball.

When the door to the room burst suddenly inwards I jumped. God, I was already tired of hurting so much, and being scared.

It was exhausting to hurt this much.

"Hi Brittany, how are you feeling?" Doctor Pillsbury greeted, rubbing her hands together with the antibacterial hand wash as she made her way over to where I was laying.

"All h-hurts." I said quietly. My throat was sore and it hurt to talk. For a second I couldn't think why it would, but then I remembered the feel of his hands around my throat the last time choking me and I shuddered.

"Britt?" Santana said softly taking my hand again in hers and sitting as close to the bed as she could get. "You're safe now darling and he can't touch you again." She said quietly, reading my mind.

"Well, I can give you some medication to help with the pain. It's not going to go completely away though, not if you want to stay awake anyway." Doctor Pillsbury warned. "Let me just listen to your lungs and check you out a little first though. Ok?"

I nodded my head, only feeling a little anxious about having someone other than Santana touch me, even though this person was a doctor and I had known her quite well a few years ago.

I was forced to endure several uncomfortable minutes of being prodded and poked. Even though the doctor tried to be gentle it still hurt when she touched anywhere broken, bruised, or cut. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse Doctor Pillsbury started to blush, "Um I just need to have a check of um." She gestured at my pelvic area and I felt myself start to blush as well realizing what she wanted to do. I wanted to shut down and have my brain go somewhere else, but Santana was playing with my hand gently stroking it and placing soft kisses on my palm and fingertips, and my connection to her was keeping me grounded to the now instead.

The blanket was moved carefully until it covered only from my waist up and I felt as my body started to tremble. I stiffened when I felt cool hands touch my thighs.

"St-stop." I squeezed my eyes shut, all of my muscles tense.

"Brittany." I heard Santana sigh my name. "You need to open your eyes for us my love." I did what she asked, and met her gaze. Her eyes were a dark brown, intense and deep, but soothing to me and I felt my muscles relax a small amount just by looking at her. "Please let the doctor check, we need to know that everything is healing. The faster you heal up, the faster you can come home." She pleaded gently with me, stroking hair away from my face, lulling me into an uneasy calm.

I can't say I really relaxed, but I did let Doctor Pillsbury check how I was healing, even though I'm sure we were both blushing scarlet by the end.

"Very good Brittany." The doctor said, as she peeled off her sterile gloves, tossing them quickly in the bin. "Let me go and get some medication for you to take and then I'll be right back."

Santana pulled her chair closer, one of her hands brushed my sweaty bangs away from my face, and carefully tucked the strands behind my ear. I made sure I was watching her the whole time, I needed to see it was her touching me because she was the only one I could stand to do it. When the doctor came back in carrying a cup of water in one hand and a cup of pills in the other I shrunk back a little into the softness of the mattress.

"Ok, I've got pain medication, antibiotic, anti inflammatory, and um…" She looked suddenly awkward. "I've got emergency birth control if you need it too." The words came out in a rushed breath and it took my scrabbled brain a few seconds to work out what she said, when she did I blushed and turned my head to look out of the window. I couldn't meet anyone's eyes.

"I uh, I need t-time to d-decide." I said stuttering over a few of the words, my throat felt raw still and it hurt to talk.

"What do you need to decide?"

If I had to describe Santana's voice when she asked me that question I would go with a controlled explosion, I literally closed my eyes at the anger in it and couldn't control the way my body started to tremble once more.

"Ms. Lopez." Doctor Pillsbury attempted to soothe her.

"No." Santana said loudly cutting her off, and making me shake harder. "What the fuck do you have to decide Brittany?"

"We…" My voice came out super quietly.

"What?" Santana still sounded so loud and angry that I couldn't look at her so I kept gazing out of the window.

"We had sex, before…me and you." I tried to clarify my thoughts into something that would make sense. "I just…I don't want to destroy a chance of making a life with you."

God did that even make sense?

I heard Santana sigh loudly and felt the bed sink down beside me with her weight. "Jesus babe." Her voice sounded choked, and I finally turned back to look at her. She had tears streaming down her face, and when she noticed me looking she quickly tried to brush them aside with her fists, but more appeared until she shrugged and tried to smile through them.

"I want you to take the pill Brittany. We, if you want to, we can um try again if its something you want later on with me. But I need to know that he can't hurt you any more. I need you to be ok. So please take it for me." Her voice was so soft now, and she reached out and touched me so gently down the side of my face that the bad shakes were replaced by good ones.

I nodded, unable to speak.

So I took the pills, and drank the water for her, and watched as the doctor injected something into the drip going into my hand. Almost instantly my eyes started to droop, and I glared at the doctor.

"You need to rest." She said without apology, a small shrug and a smile.

I fought back a yawn, and Santana placed a delicate kiss on my forehead.

"Rest my love. I'll be here when you wake up. I promise."

So I did.

Authors note (2): I was worried to post the last chapter and I know I lost some readers because of the content. I will start by saying that in no way will Brittany be pregnant, or get a STD or AIDS from Joe in this story. I do however defend what happened to her by saying that yes it was horrible, and dreadful, but it happens as a form of revenge on women more than it we probably know. I had several comments on the rape not being necessary….when is rape ever necessary? But to be realistic to the story would he have taken her for anything else? Maybe to torture her, maybe because he was interested in Cody? I decided that he had always sexually been interested in her, and was angry and trying to assert that she was now his. Now she has to heal from it, and try to stay safe in future.

I have another update for you tomorrow, and then they will slow down as college starts for me soon.

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