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Chapter 14

The smell of metallic-like, almost coppery blood assaulted me as I walked into the room and I staggered back a step at the sight in front of me.

Holy fuck.

I heard Santana curse as she rushed around me and hurried over to what had to be Mike Chang, although I couldn't tell for sure. It felt like I was in a bubble, like all the noise, and the picture were blurred and silenced somehow.

That bubble burst with the words. "Holy shit, he's still alive." Santana sounded like she couldn't believe it.

And why would she, Mike – or what I guess is Mike – had his face bashed in to put it bluntly. Probably by the baseball bat propped casually against the wall. Blood splatter, and cast off were all over the walls and ceiling. "Jake get your ass in this room right now!" The shout created two responses, the first being the burly form of Jake Puckerman to burst into the room gun drawn, and the second unintended effect was to make me jump. At least it caused me to move as I made my way over to where Mike lay and knelt down beside his body.

"Fuck." I head Jake mutter as he slid his gun back into its holster.

"Who the fuck was in here with him?" Santana demanded as she stalked her way over to where Jake stood. She grabbed him by his jacket and pushed him against the wall. "Who the fuck were you stupid enough to let into this room?" The words were shouted at him now, and each one made me flinch a little.

When I heard the gasped words. "Your father." Being uttered I gently took Mike's hand in mine and squeezed it.

I think there was about a second that elapsed before Santana and I had the same thought.

She voiced it first.


Our eyes met across the room as we shared our worries.

"Go. Save our son. Please Santana." I urged terrified about what could be happening to him as we stared terrified and frozen.

"You." Santana slammed Jake back into the wall with a resounding thud again. "Protect her. She better be looking exactly like this when I get back. Got it?" I would have smiled at how quickly he nodded his head if I hadn't been so fucking scared of what was happening.

With one last look at me Santana then turned and quickly left the room.

God please keep her safe.

Protect her and our son.

I felt a barely there squeeze on my hand and looked down at Mike Chang again. As much as he had hurt me, or helped to hurt me, I hated to see him like this.

"Can we get him to a hospital?" I asked quietly not even bothering to look up at the man in the room with me.

In fact I was trying really hard to ignore the fact that I was left alone with a man at all.

Please don't let me get a flashback.

I heard him take a step towards me as if he wanted to stare at Mike's body, but I quickly held up my hand towards him and said. "Stop…I um, I need you to stay by the door."

"Of course." He said sounding embarrassed and I heard him shuffle away from me. "And I can't call for any kind of ambulance until I'm given the all clear to do so."

I don't know if Mike has that long.

What if he dies?

I could see his body struggling to breathe.

Another gentle touch on my hand, and I could feel him trying to draw something on the back of it.

A musical note.


That's helpful.

Ok, think Brittany. Musical note, music…Mike would always play his music for dance class on his iPod. Sometimes I would joke with him over his music taste and he would joke about mine.


Is that it?

Carefully I started searching through his pockets trying to be as gentle as possible. Sure enough there it was in his front right pocket, I swear I heard him sigh when I found it. Although his next breath came out as unpleasant sounding gargle after that and I quickly took his hand again.

I wiped the blood on the iPod off on my shorts, and tried to forget that I was kneeling in what was still a growing puddle of someone else's blood. Miraculously the iPod turned on and I could see the screen was filled with different playlists. If Mike wanted me to find this so badly then there has to be something important on it. I used my thumb to scroll down the series of playlists: Modern, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Madonna, Rap, 80's Hits, Pink, Ke$ha, Britney, Movie hits, Workout, freestyle. The lists kept going.


It was so obvious that I actually giggled which caused Jake to grunt, and Mike to squeeze my hand again although this squeeze felt a lot weaker than the ones before it. I was torn between wanting to find out what was on the playlist and comforting Mike. I could tell that he was getting worse, and didn't have long left, but ultimately what is what was on the playlist could actually help Santana against her father? I gave Mike's hand a gentle squeeze back to let him know that I was there, someone was with him, and then opened the Britney playlist.

Oh God.

It was a confession, or an apology.

Of sorts.

It must have taken ages to think about.

He must have guessed something like this might happen to him and been prepared.

I've been watching you – Rodney Atkins

Sorry – Buckcherry

I never meant to hurt you – Laura Nyro

I only wanted – Mariah Carey

Keep you – Sugarland

Safe – Miranda Lambert

Danger and heartbreak dead ahead – The Marvelettes

Doctor who (theme song) – Ron Grainer

He's dangerous – Katherine McPhee

Cody – Bowling for soup

Living in danger – Ace of Base

Wanted – Hunter Hayes

You are – Lionel Ritchie

Wanted dead or alive – Bon Jovi

Please – Toni Braxton

Pretty pretty please – Pink

Watch your back – Benny Cassette

Trust no one – Rhianna

The only exception – Paramore

The one you love – Glenn Frey

Forgive me – Evanescence

Mike – Xui Xui

There were tears blurring my vision and I brushed them away as I finished scrolling through the playlist Mike had made for me. His hand had slipped out of mine when I had been reading and I quickly reached for it again.

It felt different.

Oh God.


"Jake!" I called sounding panicked and a little breathless, and tried not to tense up as he hurried over to me as requested. Immediately he sunk to his knees on the other side of Mike's body and pressed his fingers to the neck searching.

I could tell before he even pulled his hands away and looked up what he was going to say.

"I'm sorry. He's dead." Jake said and brushed his bloodied fingers off on his jacket.

"No….h-he can't be." I denied it even though I knew deep down that it was true.

I knew before I'd even called Jake over what was wrong.

"I never g-got to tell him." I started to sob, my breath catching in my throat as I bent forward and pressed my face into Mike's chest.

"Tell him now." Jake said quietly as he stood up and made his way back over to guard the door.

Wiping my tears away with my closed fists I sat up and took Mike's hand in mine once more. I pressed our joined hands to my chest. "I forgive you." I whispered out the words, regretting instantly that I had not told them to him in time.

I hope he knew.

I hope he knew me enough to know that I would forgive him.

That I was so sorry he was dead.

"Someone's coming." Jake hissed as he held his fingers up to his lips in the universal symbol of please shut the fuck up, and I immediately tried to stop crying.

I wanted to hide in case it was him.

I wanted to run to them in case it was her.

I wrapped my arms around my middle in the vain attempt at trying to comfort myself.

It didn't really help.

It just made me feel even more alone and upset all my aches and bruises, but I didn't let go. Maybe I just needed to feel something? Anything. To take away the lingering death that surrounded me.

I breathed a sigh of relief when Jake stepped back and let Santana into the room.

But the relief disappeared as soon as I took one look at her.

She was as pale and shaky as I had ever seen her, and I pushed myself painfully up off the floor so I could make my way towards her. We met halfway in the small interrogation room and her arms wrapped around me and held me tight.

Too tight.

I gasped in pain but her grip didn't even loosen.

Instead she said two words that made the pain intensify.

"He's dead."