Written for the lovely MissingMommy, my dearest Sam, as a part of the Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge — part 3: 275-325 words.

Also prompted by Amber's One Hour, Two Drabbles Challenge, with the character Molly and the prompt stormy (Even though I lost this round, because I got mired in writing things unrelated to the prompt).


Molly loved storms. She always had, ever since she was a kid, dancing in puddles and loving the smell of rain (she'd first thought it was the smell of worms, since the worms always came up afterwards. Fabian and Gideon had teased her about that for years). Her mother would scold her for muddying her dress and sometimes even make Molly do the washing the next time because of it, but Molly didn't care. It was worth it.

But then Charlie got lost in one. A sudden squall sprung up when he was playing in the back, but when she went to call him inside, he wasn't there.


But there was no response, and Molly's mind went straight to the worst. They lived in a state of war, and while the Burrow was securely warded, Molly knew that no wards were perfect.

"Charlie!" she screamed again, but again there was no reply. She checked that her wand was in her pocket, checked that baby Percy was still asleep, checked the clock — Bill was still at a friend's house, Arthur at work, and her missing five-year-old was pointing straight at lost.

She cast an Impervious on herself as she strode briskly out the door.

Thinking like a five-year old in a rainstorm, it took Molly fifteen minutes to find her son hiding in a bush. Fifteen minutes trying to keep calm while her fear tried to shake her right out of her skin.


"Mummy!" His voice was lost in the wind, but she could see his mouth move. He launched himself into her arms, and she tapped his head with her wand, casting an Impervious on him as well.

"I've got you, baby boy," she murmured, holding tight to her child as he babbled something about following a toad through the grass before the thunder struck, because that was her Charlie.

Despite herself, Molly didn't love storms as much after that.