"I love you... so much, you must kill me now..."

Three of the longest days of his existence passed. Privacy was an illusion with the intrusive, exasperating clan. They followed him after excuses were made to the hospital, and the elusive Cullen's were nothing more than phantom rumors within the town.

Carlisle stood sentry with Edward in his room. Jessica's thrashing ended a few hours ago, her transformation nearing its final stage. Jasper and Esme went to great lengths to newborn proof this room in the Alaskan home. They never mentioned his slip. However, he read their minds; they did not want to know if it was a 'slip' or if it was a conscious decision to take the young girl.

He allowed them this minuscule peace of mind. If they only knew

"Why her?"

He looked at Carlisle and sighed, "Again?"

"You never answered the first time."

Edward leaned against the wall and stared at his nude seductress. Clothes were unnecessary during the change, and he wanted to witness the hardening of her skin. He needed to experience this with her the only way he could. Her lustrous hair lengthened, those delectable lips tinged a permanent rouge... "I wanted her."

Carlisle gaped at him, "That's it?"

"Should there be more? You wanted Esme. You took her as well. Do not create complications where there are none. I wanted her. All of you took whom you wanted and not an eyelash was batted your way."

His father figure was speechless. He had no argument; the facts were as is. Time and again the great love of Carlisle and Esme was recounted, ignoring the darker side of their tale... Edward was right. No one better than Carlisle comprehended that sometimes a need is more than any being can handle.

Rosalie and Alice refused to look at their 'brother'. This suited him fine. He was never one to converse openly with them. He amused Alice - and her childish ways - before he chose his siren; and his other 'sister' was discounted at every word.

He did not leave Jessica's side. Once her skin marbled and glittered under the rays of sunshine, he conceded to a modicum of modesty. He dressed her in one of his shirts.

One by one, the rest of the coven made their way into the room. Her failing heartbeat alerted to the imminent death and subsequent immortality. Alice picked at her manicure, "I bought her clothes, you know."

"She will wear whatever she desires," he pinched his brow, the frustration mounting causing venom to linger in his mouth.

"Edward, perhaps Alice is correct-" Esme stopped herself when he bared his teeth at her.

"Get out," he snarled.

"We only want-"

He crouched in front of the coven, muscles tensed, ready to defend what was his. "Get. Out."

His fury was palpable to all in the room. Rosalie pulled on her husband's arm, "Let's go."

Alice's sad eyes lingered on him, "You aren't the same-"

He straightened, hands twitching with the ache for violence, "That is where you are mistaken. This is who I am. I chose my mate. I refuse to bend to your will... any of you, for that matter. Rosalie is intelligent enough to comprehend you have overstayed your welcome. Leave us."

Edward welcomed the silence in his home. As a parting gift, his sire presented him with the deed to the Alaskan dwelling. Neither said goodbye. Eternity as the damned prevented elongated grudges.

His chosen remained motionless. He craved to touch her, to taste the new flavor between those pale, lean thighs... he adjusted his erection. The Seer assured him she would awaken before twilight. When she did... the plans he had for her...

"Edward?" a lovely, musical voice asked.

He turned, gazing possessively at the enchantress. "Yes, sweet girl."

"What - my voice?" Her delicate fingers caressed the skin he longed to feel. "My throat... hurts..."

He appeared before her, lifting her chin, forcing her to look at him. Those eyes, once an inviting sapphire, now a deep blood red... He licked his lips, all the while running his thumb along her jaw. His need for her escalating, reaching unprecedented heights.

"You are mine. My honeyed temptation. My torture. My sin," he breathed, allowing his true nature to seize him. He did not know what the future held, and he did not care. He would protect her. Claim her. She was his...

No one else mattered.

Side Note:

Not sure where that came from. Hopefully it worked. It blended in well in my head...

(Lyric from Song: If I was Your Vampire, by Marilyn Manson)