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"You ready to go?" I ask, lightly nudging Santana so she could wake up. Her eyes flutter open and she sits up, quickly looking around to see where she is. Then for a brief moment I saw her lips flicker a smile.

"Yeah." She yawns. She arches her back and throws her arms up into the air. "Where's Graham?" She looks around, totally forgetting that she's in a pub.

"With my Dad." I inform her. "He'll be back around noon."

"Speaking of time." She scratches her back. "What time is it?"

"Six in the morning."

Her eyes widen. "I stayed here for that long?" Suddenly she winces. "And I drank."

I laugh, noticing that she flinched at the loud noise, and tell her that after that one drink of warm apple cider, she just had to get a hard drink. Then Finn gave her one too many and she started to cry. When I tried to comfort her, she kissed me on the cheek and fell asleep on the barstool.

Santana shakes her head in shame. "I freakin' cried. I hate when I do that."

"If it's any consolation, I strip when I'm really drunk." I try to make her feel better.

Her eyebrow shoots up and she looks at me with an intrigued expression. "I would love to see that."

"Maybe one day." I wink. I grab her arm and help her out of the seat. "Come on, it's dead empty right now. I promised Sam I would lock up."

"Aright, alright." Santana huffs and uses me to support herself from her killer hangover.

We silently walk back to the apartment, not really bothering to comment how cold it is. We get inside and Santana trudges her way to the bedroom where she collapses. I quickly go over to her side and see that she's fine. She just wanted to lie down. I help her go under the covers and I take the other side. I'm too lazy to change out of these clothes and plus Santana didn't change either so I didn't want her to feel weird or anything.

My head lulls over to her side and I see how peaceful she looks, strands of hair scatter all over her delicate face with her lips ajar. My fingers trickle down her cheeks and a ghost of a smile flashes on her lips. I just grin and decide to take it one step further. I lay my arm across her body and scoop her into me. She doesn't back away or anything, but just snuggles in closer.

"Good night, San." Despite it being morning.

"Night, Britt."

I don't know how long we slept, but a sudden jump jolts me out of sleep, but my eyes remain shut. Something or someone starts to burrow itself besides me. I slowly open my eyes and see Graham grinning from ear to ear. He's in his Spider-Man PJs and his hair is still all shaggy. I guess Dad didn't bother to change my son.

"Hey there, bud." I croak out.

"Hiya Mommy!" He giggles.

"Grandpa dropped ya off?"

He nods. "He has to play bowling with his friends."

"Of course." I chuckle.

Then we heard a groan and tussle of dark hair rises behind Graham. He looks over and his eyes widen. "M-Monster?"


"What?" She huffs out.

Graham sighs out in relief and attacks her with a hug. Santana wasn't prepared for it so it gave her quite a fright. I laugh and watch the two squirm around. Santana brushes the hair out of her face and just grins. Her arms wrap around Graham and lightly she gives him a kiss on his forehead. She just looks so natural with him and I love it.

"So guys." I decide to butt in. "How do you feel about going to getting food at Jackie's Cafe?"

Graham starts to nod his head and I tell him to go change so we can get going. Santana just lies there with sleep still in her eyes. I smile and lean in to give her a peck on the nose. Her eyes were still closed but she just grins and tells me that's not a real good morning kiss. I try again and she hums in response.

"How's that?"

"Much better."

Footsteps start padding over us and I look over to still Graham in basketball shorts and a tank top with knee eye socks. He has his shoes in his hands and his yellow scarf around his neck. Santana rolls over to see and she lets out a laugh. I just smirk. Never trust a little child to dress himself.

"C'mon!" He hops. "Let's go!"

"Alright, alright." Santana says and emerges out of bed. She walks pass Graham and pats his head before retreating to the bathroom.


I push the blanket away from me and say. "Let's find an outfit for you first then I'll go change once San's done with the bathroom."

When we're all done getting ready, we go outside and immediately Santana flags down a cab. We get to the café and sit down in a booth. The waiter hands Santana and I menus and Graham and kid's menu with crayons. I peer over at Santana and notice that she's wearing her glasses. I smile when I see her eyebrows furrow in confusion. I don't get why she's so perplexed, I guess picking food is too much work in the afternoon after waking up from a hangover. She looks up and catches my eye. I just blush while she just gives me this knowing smile, that she knows that I was staring.

"I want…chicken fingers!" Graham suddenly says.

"I think I'll take the blue cheese burger." Santana adds on. "What about you, Britt?"

"Probably the club sandwich."

"Sounds yummy."


Santana chuckles and turns her attention to Graham. "So how was hanging out with Grandpa?"

"Awesome!" He jumps in his seat." We made smores in his fire place and had ice cream soup."

"Ice cream soup?"

"It's just melted ice cream." I explain as I rolled my eyes.

"Sounds fancy."

Graham nods. "It is."

The waiter comes back and gives us our waters and takes our order. When he walks off, Santana and I just start to talk about work and what's going on the news. It's nothing special, but for some reason it's giving me tingles. Like this is suppose to happen or something. I don't know. My head just can't find words to describe my feelings. I'm not very good at it.

I focus my attention back to Santana and smile when she starts talking about some new project that her boss wants her to do. Her eyes light up when she says its for the Apple company and that they wanted her to do something new and fresh for their upcoming new model on the iPhone. She starts to list off ideas and then new ones start pouring out of her. She had to borrow Graham's crayon to write them down on a napkin.

"I'm sure the design is going to look brilliant." I earnestly tell her.

Her cheeks turn red. "You think?"

"I've seen your stuff and I must say, they're excellent."

"Thanks." She grins shyly. "I'm just so nervous. I've never designed for a big company like Apple before."

"It's going to be amazing." I encourage and take hold of her hand. "Trust me."

She squeezes my hand. "I do."

A small hand smacks itself on top of our hands. "Me too!" My son grins.

"I'm glad that I have support." Santana laughs when Graham pulls back his hand to go back to his coloring. Our hands don't separate though and we notice.

Santana shyly tucks her hair away behind her ear so she could get good look at me. I grin stupidly, like a lovesick puppy, and admire her natural beauty. I always thought that Santana was the type of woman to put make up heavily on her, especially around her eyes like some celebrities. But apparently Santana is au natural. The only times I would see her touch her make up is to lightly powder her cheeks and apply red lipstick and so little eye liner that it doesn't really show.

And her hair! Gosh, her hair is so silky and soft. I wonder what shampoo or conditioner she uses. I should check, not that I'm being weird or anything. Oh, and another thing I love about Santana is how she sings. She doesn't know that I know, I just discovered it by accident. One day I was just walking down the small hall and passed the bathroom and I heard this voice. It was like the type of voice to blow you away and it lives up to its title.

"You're staring." She smiles warmly.

I blink my eyes and sheepishly grin. "Sorry. It's hard not to stare when you have the most beautiful woman in Chicago in front of you."

"Why thank you." The waiter appears with our food. He winks at us playfully and places the food on the table. "Enjoy ladies."

We share a laugh and start to eat. It was quiet, except for the scrapping noises from our utensils. Graham started to make a mess and Santana noticed this first, so she grabbed a napkin and reached over to wipe that ketchup off of her face. I just give Santana this look of adoration when she sits back down. She looks at me with this blush on her cheeks and she goes back to stuffing food in her mouth.

When we get half way through my meal a thought strikes me. "I would love to take you out on a date."

Santana raises her eyebrows and gestures at the table. "I thought this was a date."


"Me too!" Graham pipes up. I just ruffle his hair.

I bite my lip and look at the table. I mean, this is date quality stuff right here and I would love some alone time with her, but Graham is here. I love Graham with all my heart and I just assumed this wasn't a date because my son is here.

Santana takes my hand and rubs it with her thumb. "I would love to go on a second date with you, Britt."

Graham leans on me and asks. "Can I come? I can plan it. I'm really good at planning things."

I look at Santana, silently telling her that she can decide. She just shrugs and says. "Good thing we have a date planner tagging along."

I mouth thank you and she winks, letting me know that it's no big deal. Graham bounces in his seat and says. "I have the most awesome date plan ever. Can we do it today?"

Santana and I share a look. "You up for an adventure?"

She smirks. "I was born ready."

I laugh at her lame comment and put my arm around Graham. "Where to, Graham Cracker?"

He just grins. "I gotta show you!"

"I don't understand. How do I put this on?"

Santana gently takes this contraption from my hands puts it on for me patiently. She buckles the straps and hands me my gun thing. I smile at her gratefully and give her a kiss on the lips. She just blushes and mumbles that there are little kids here. Aw, she's shy.

Graham is beside us, jumping up and down excitedly and talking to the other kids that were with us. The parents were in a different room, casually chatting with each other. Santana and I on the other hand were the only adults in the room. It's strange having shorter people around us.

"Have you ever done this before?" Santana asks.

I shake my head. "I never knew about this till Graham told me what he did at his best friend's birthday party."

When we left the diner, Graham suggested we go laser tagging. Santana was confused and asked what it was and I explained it to her. She seemed really excited until we got to the place and saw a bunch of little kids joining in. I just nudged her and said we'll kick their asses. I earned a few glares from a couple of parents.

Apparently we're old as hell, because we both admitted that we didn't know what the hell laser tag is. It seems kind of cool, because the little machine armor thing is glowing and so is my laser gun.

The guy in front of us is explaining the rules and one of them is not to run. Well that's silly, how are we supposed to get away from the other people? Then he said that we have nicknames programmed in our guns.

Santana looks over at me. "Mine's Super Bitch."

"Really?" I actually believe her.

She cracks a smile. "No, but I wish. It's actually Shark Attack."

"Mine's Coal Miner." I read out aloud. Well that's a funny name. "What's yours, Graham?"

"I can't read." He says and makes Santana read it for him. "I have Air Pilot. Ooh, awesome!"

The guy in front of us clasps his hands together and asks if we have any questions. Everyone stays silent for a second before the doors behind the worker opens and allows us to step inside. I walk in first, ignoring all the kids screaming and running in, to admire the room. It's big, very big. With blocks everywhere. One corner has a flashing green light and the other one has a flashing green light. The middle has the yellow light and all around us is just flashing lights.

"You ready?"

I look over at Santana who's holding her laser gun. I giggle and tell her how cute she is. She groans and insists that's she's suppose to be sexy.

"You can be both!"

Santana looks skeptical. "I doubt it, babe." She suddenly winces.

"What's wrong?" I ask with concern.

"I called you babe."

"Yeah and?"

"That doesn't bother you?"

I lean down to press my lips against hers. When I pull back I can see her face slowly turning red. "Not one bit, Sanny cakes."

She grins. "Okay, that bothered me. You need to come up with a new one."

"I'll think of something." I laugh and then ask. "So we're supposed to get people who's not on our team?"

She nods. "Yeah. Since you're on the red team you gotta shoot someone who's on the yellow or green. If you get shot your gun won't work for like five seconds."

"Oh okay." I finally understand. I wasn't listening to the guy who was explaining.

I look down at Santana's chest padding to see that her armor thing was flashing green. Oh! I raise my gun and pull the trigger. A woosh noise lets out and I look wide-eyed at Santana who is gaping at me.

I start to giggle and run off. I can hear Santana calling after me. I hide behind a block and wait there. I was so giddy and nervous at the same time that I couldn't control my excitement. I was bouncing off the walls!

"Got you!"

I let out a scream and start to laugh hysterically when I feel fingers tickling my sides. My body slides down to the ground and Santana took this chance to straddle me. I look up to Santana grinning madly as she continued to tickle torture me.

"Uncle! Uncle!" I cry out.

Her tickles cease-fire but she's still hovering over me. She smirks. "Can I have a kiss?"

I playfully roll my eyes. "Since you asked so nicely."

I grab Santana's collar and bring her down to kiss me. She hums happily and soon enough things got heated. I was about to run my hand down her back when suddenly our laser tag armor started going off. We pull apart to see Graham sticking his tongue out at us.

"That's so gross!"

Santana and I look at each other for a second before standing back up to chase after Graham. He shrieks playfully and runs off. Santana and I go after him and along the way we shot other little kids and occasionally at each other. Sometime after shooting Santana for the tenth time, I run off so she wouldn't get me.

I run into a corner and turn around to find Santana looming over me. She grins and shoots me. My armor makes a noise and I pout. Santana rolls her eyes and steps up to kiss me again.

"You and that pout." She murmurs.

I just smirk. "You can't resist."

"You can say that again."

"You can't—Mhmm!"

She just silenced me with a kiss. Not that I'm complaining or anything. We pull back and start to breath heavily.

"I really want to fuck you right now." I blurt.

Santana's eyes widen and she starts darting her head back and forth. "I mean…Th-There's kids."

I just laugh and pinch her cheek. "You're cute."

"Britt!" She whines while swatting my hand away. "I'm sexy, not cute!"

"Cute." I rub my nose against hers and I can hear her sigh. I pull back and grab her hand. "Let's go kick some ass."

Santana giggles and squeezes my hand. "You're such a dork. We're going against kids."

"Ass kicking is still ass kicking."

"You're totally right."

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