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Once, long, long, ago, before Pixie Hollow was as we know it, there were two newborn fairies...

Up, up, up, from the mouth of a young prince rose his first laugh. A serene, peaceful laugh. And regal in it's own right. As his clear laughter floated up to the heavens, a small bit landed on a dandelion puff. This bit broke off and landed on a dandelion puff. And from this small bit of laughter, was born a fairy lord.

A few moments later, a stream of laughter escaped the lips of a baby princess. Her laughter, clear as water, and melodious as the babbling brook, landed upon the head of a dandelion, and gave birth to a very special fairy queen. These two newborn fairies soon began the long journey to Neverland.

However these little dandelion puffs, were a bit out of the ordinary. For one was surrounded in an aura of golden light, while the other gave off beams of pure white. And the strangest thing is, that on the way to the second star on the right, the paths of these two fairies crossed numerous times. And I do strongly believe, that if anyone had dared look out there window on that very magical night, they would have noticed that these two fairies, were very, very special.

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