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Ok so here it is… Chapter 8, also, in this story, the ministers in the Tinkerbell movies are training here, so they are actually with the ministers BEFORE them. There are three women ministers, and one male. Those are the former ministers, and the ones that we know, are their heirs. Also, Clarion's thoughts are italicized. Oh, and NETTLE BADGERS are very mean, furry, beady little creatures. Not to mention ugly.

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Chapter 8- Training

Clarion awoke the next morning, with a smile on her lovely face. Happily, she bounced out of her bed, and strode to the windows. She threw open the Queen Anne's lace curtains with a flourish, and gazed outside. Each noble in Pixie Hollow, (Ministers, the Queen, and her heir/adopted daughter) had a room overlooking their season, (or more than one season in the case of the queen and Clarion.)

The Minister of Spring, Larkspur, and her heir, Sweet Pea, overlooked the spring field meadows. The trees were always in bloom, and the air smelled like apple-blossoms. The Minister of Summer, Magnolia, and her heir, Sunflower, had a lovely view of the Summer Glade, with its lovely green trees, and the smell of roses, and lilies. The water here shimmered with the brightness of summer, and sparkled like diamonds. This was where the fairies got their daily supply of water. From the Summer Falls. The water was crisp, clear, cool, and sweet. It was refreshing, and had the most delightful taste.

The Minister of August, Daniel, and his heir, Redleaf, had a first class view of the Autumn Woods. The trees were shades of orange, red, brown, and burgundy. And the air smelled of pinecones, and pumpkins.

The Minister of Winter, Narissa, and her heir Snowflake, had a view that spanned across the Winter Woods, (A/N: Duh?!) The woods looked like a beautiful bride coming out to meet her bridegroom. Completely clothed in white, and her veil was the snowflakes that had kissed Clarion's cheek just yesterday.

And last, but certainly not least, the Queen and Clarion had a view that spanned over all four seasons because all four seasons were next to each other.

The view from Clarion's window was truly breathtaking, and all four of the worlds' seasons were at her feet, or, err, window. She continued to peer out of her window, her gaze sweeping across all four seasons, and finally landing on the one that was the harshest, but brought her the most joy, the Winter Woods.

'Oh how I miss my time there,'

Clarion thought to herself, despondently. With a resigned sigh, Clarion knew that she would just have to wait until sunset to see it, or more correctly, to see him again. So Clarion went to her wardrobe, and slipped out of her night gown. She quickly threw on a bluebonnet petal skirt, with a white lily top, and waltzed to her acorn dresser. She took a thistle brush, and proceeded to brush out her lovely hair. Clarion's honey colored fell down to her waist and was soft and smooth, and it shimmered in the sunshine. It cascaded down her back, and fell like a river down her side. Truly, Clarion's hair was the envy of Amaryllis' court.

She skipped down the stairs to the grand dining hall. All the meals were served there, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all except for teatime which was served in the queen's own private veranda, with a few of her closest ladies-in-waiting. Clarion entered through the large, maple doors, and flew in to the large, mahogany, rectangular table. The floors were shining with moonshine, and the wall was decorated with pictures of the ministers, and the queen. From the ceiling hung a large, ornate, diamond chandelier, and seated at the head of the table, was Amaryllis. As it was with very meal, with the exception of teatime of course, the ministers were present. The ministers' apprentices, however, ate in the fairy tearoom with all the other fairies in Pixie Hollow. As Clarion flew to her seat, she was greeted by the Minister of Autumn.

"Hello my dear. How are you this morning?"

"I am quite well thank you minister." Clarion responded politely. Then she turned to greet her adopted mother.

"Good morning mother!" Clarion said brightly.

"Good morning my darling, I trust you have slept well, you are looking quite lovely this morning." Amaryllis replied happily.

"Oh yes mother, I slept just fine."

Clarion longed to tell her mother about what happened in the Winter Woods, but she couldn't bring herself to, or at least, not in front of the Ministers.

As Clarion adjusted her skirt on the chair, and folded her hands, one of the serving talents, Brilla, placed a plate of warm blueberry muffins in front of the young Princess. Next, another serving talent, Gleama, brought a dish of butter and set it before the young princess. She picked up a muffin, broke it in half, and proceeded to butter the inside. At the end of the table, Amaryllis was having a conversation with her lifelong friend, the Minister of Winter, Narissa. They were discussing decorations for the grand dinner gala that would be held in a fortnight, in the Pixie Hollow ballroom, at the right wing of the Pixie Hollow tree.

"You know my dear Amaryllis; snowflakes hung on gossamer thread from the ceiling would look quite stunning."

Narissa picked up a blueberry from her plate, and very daintily popped it in her mouth. Sadly though, she missed, and blueberry rolled of her lips, and then of off her ice skirts, and onto the ground. Magnolia let out a chortle, and Narissa glared at her. If looks could kill, Magnolia would be dead at the table in an instant. Warren, another serving talent, was about to dissolve into a fit of laughter had not Amaryllis shot him a look meaning,

'Don't you DARE even think it.' The queen commanded silently.

The chuckles instantly subsided and Sparkle, yet another serving talent fairy, brought Narissa another plate of blueberries. This time, the blueberries went in Narissa's mouth, and not on her ice gown.

All this time, Clarion had been thinking about one person and one person alone, Milori. Even the name brought a smile to her face, and a tingle down her spine. She played with a small piece of muffin on her plate, and a small sigh escaped her lips. The Minister of Spring, Larkspur, immediately looked over, as did the queen.

"My child are you alright? Why, you haven't eaten a bite." Amaryllis exclaimed, worry knotting her brow.

This of course wasn't true, as Clarion had eaten half of her muffin, but mothers, especially worried mothers, tend to exaggerate a bit.

"Yes mother I'm fine, nothing's wrong, I guess I'm just not hungry today." Clarion said, taking a sip of her nectar.

"I think the poor dear has a fever." Narissa said, sympathy lacing her voice."

"Nonsense she can't have a fever you twit!" Magnolia replied, her Irish accent ringing out across the hall.

"And why not Magnolia?" Narissa replied, she was still a little miffed at the blueberry accident.

"Because then if she did, she would miss a whole day of learning. That's why pea brain!"

"Nettle badger!" Narissa rang out defiantly.

It certainly doesn't take a genius to figure out that Narissa and Magnolia were rather, well, frosty towards each other.

'If they could get worried about me not eating, imagine how worried they might be if I told them where I had been last night.'

Clarion thought to herself worriedly. Her train of thought was interrupted by her mother's stern look at her ministers. Clarion stared down at her half eaten muffin, and then at her cup of nectar. Then suddenly, without warning, Clarion saw something in her cup. In her cup, Clarion had seen the face of, none other than, Milori.

'Oh no now I'm seeing things' Clarion thought.

That afternoon passed by in a blur. All Clarion heard, thought, and saw, was Milori. In the fairy bathroom, she saw his face in the water basin. At lunch, she saw him in her salad, and at teatime, she glimpsed his handsome face in the tea. Which shocked her so much, she ended up spilling her piping hot tea all over the queen's skirt. She gazed at his face in the textbook about flowers, and all day she wore a dreamy expression on her face, held a lovesick gaze in her eyes. She floated as if on air all day, and left her tutors scratching their heads and wondering what in the world was wrong with her.

Little did Clarion know though, that Milori, was worse than her.

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