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Chapter 10 Reunion

"When you come back you will not be you. And I may not be I."

E. M. Forster


Riki heard the unfeeling, almost mechanical order and grit his teeth. He turned around, away from Iason, irritated, hurt and hesitant. He had half a mind to spit out some obscenity at the Blondie, for no reason other than that, this was Iason, and that he was angry.

"What, you don't want to?" asked the Blondie, in a teasing tone, but giving Riki the choice; he'd noticed the clenched teeth and the hesitation. When there was no response, Iason moved forward again to the boy, pressing himself to his back and whispered.

"Or did you want some help?"

Iason nuzzled Riki's neck, breathing in the scent that he had missed for some time now, smiling. It was refreshing to see a rebelling yet shy, faltering Riki.

"You would call Cal?" asked the mongrel, straight, insulting and unwavering, blunt in his expression.

Iason gasped. Why did that hurt?! That was nothing new! He had done it dozens of times with Daryl! It happened everyday in Eos. And why did he feel reservation in calling an incomplete man for help? It wasn't as if Cal would derive any pleasure out of it. Yet, it hit him square in the heart. Of course, he wouldn't... couldn't call Cal.

He sighed softly and unbuttoned the mongrel's shirt, running his fingers slightly over the newly exposed skin, as if to emphasize what he had meant. He slowly undressed the mongrel, grazing his skin tenderly from time to time.

Riki shivered as the fleeting sensation of the Blondie's fingers slowly awakened the sleeping beast in him. There was something different, he noticed, as he was pushed onto the bed. Riki lay down, amazed at the delicacy in the Blondie's push, and looked up to see him, in obvious suspicion. What was he planning?

Iason did not hesitate. He removed all his clothes, elegantly, dropping them on the floor, letting the mongrel watch, watching his reactions intently. As he expected, Riki did not shy away from the sight, he was pretty much used to it. But there was always a light of hate, rebellion in the mongrel's eyes when this happened. And that wasn't there, which put Iason on edge.

"Did you miss me?" he asked, kneeling on the bed, stretching out to kiss Riki.

The response, which was a sure "As if I would ever" remained unsaid, as the languid kiss outstripped conversation and Riki closed his eyes, as a relaxed pleasure spread through. The Blondie seemed really cautious, soft, as he deepened the kiss and began his usual exploration. There wasn't even the slightest measure of force in the touches he received, and he was sure, there would be no pain. Iason was being gentle tonight.

"Riki…" said the Blondie, as he departed from the boy's lips and moved on to his neck, making a trail to his chest, sucking, biting, licking, like a child who'd been starved.

Riki gasped and moaned, stimulated by the slight pain, as angry red marks, that would stay on him for days, appeared, a proof of being the Blondie's possession.

Iason looked down fondly and smiled, reaffirming the fact in his mind- Riki looked the best like this, naked, on his bed, underneath him, eyes heavy-lidded, sporting a few evidences of his love.

He carefully reached out to the nightstand and withdrew a vial, a move that surprised the mongrel, and spread an excessive amount of the contents on his fingers, before he resumed on his course. Iason ran his fingers in circles, over the sensitized peaks on the mongrel's chest, and then moved his hand downwards, teasing his manhood, circling his entrance and then plunging his finger into it, slowly, as he suckled on his navel, and gripped his member with his other hand.

Iason was so slow that Riki thought he would lose his mind. Neither the strokes on his member, nor the patiently exploring fingers inside him were enough for him. He wanted more. A sheen of sweat covered every inch of his body, with the effort it took to stay there, alive. He moaned, panted, and clenched his fists, whispering nonsense, protesting against the flush of desire that threatened to drown him, tightening around Iason's fingers, to no avail, as the Blondie doggedly kept at it, preparing him thoroughly. The Blondie was torturing him with his gentleness.

It wasn't meant to be torture. Iason, himself, felt starved, impatient. There was no way he could control himself for so long, to be gentle with Riki till the end. But somehow, strength was found, restraint was summoned. That kiss alone had had him on the verge, and the sight before him kept pushing him further and further towards oblivion. But he didn't want to hurt his beloved pet, and if that meant losing his life to such sweet torture, he would gladly accept it. But he knew, in truth, he wouldn't be able to stand much more.

He hadn't had a moment like this in years, even in bouts of rage, where his ice-cold control had struggled so hard to prevail, and he was surprised at the effect and feeling. Abstinence was part of his life before Riki, and it was never difficult. But even he wouldn't believe the thought, if someone pointed it out to him now. It was as if the week's abstinence was a year's. And he felt like parched land, shown the luxury of sweet, sparkling nectar. He wanted it all and he wanted it now. He was already at his limit.

Iason called the mongrel's attention with a stern word, a warning of what was coming, and saw the tightly clenched eyes open slightly and then shut again, as he positioned himself and pushed in, slowly, gently.

"Ah!" the profound sound from the mongrel fanned the flames of his lust, and he could hardly help himself, as he sheathed his entire length in one harsh thrust.

Riki was drowning. He didn't know which way was up, or how to move, or even to breathe. But he knew that he wanted this. He knew that he wanted more. He was infuriated that the bastard topping him had suddenly stopped. He didn't need time to adjust! He didn't need anything, not even oxygen! He only needed more, he needed release… He grimaced in frustration.

"Does it hurt?" Iason sounded concerned.

"No… Move…" a strangled, lust-laden, hoarse command.

It was as if he had won a world, for Iason, to hear the words from Riki. And he did not hesitate. He pulled out and pushed in, once, aiming straight at the boy's prostate.

"Ngh!" Riki restrained a scream of ecstasy.

Another thrust and Riki moaned, a few more shallow ones and Riki lost control of his voice completely, crying out in joy every time he was pushed.

He did not mean to ask, but the words spilled out, of their own volition, a reflex that he had become used to in the past few years…

"Tell me, my pet… who do you belong to?" he directed at the beautiful creature lying beneath him, eyes shut tight, his face contorted with the unique expression of pleasure, accepting his force.

The mongrel was hardly conscious of what was being said, completely entranced by the sensations he was being subjected to. But when the freezing voice and the question pierced through the thick mist of his lust and reached his mind, his eyes opened, his irritation and impatience rose, and he said it forcefully. The only thing he could remember about himself at that moment, apart from his name, the one thing he had always known. He was Riki

The moment the question had slipped out, Iason regretted it. He was still not sure, and he did not really want to hear his beloved mongrel say it again, like a tame pet, that he belonged to his master.

But when Riki opened his eyes, Iason was glad that the question had slipped out. There it was. That fire that had had him entranced, intrigued, completely under its spell, blazing, burning it's way all through to his heart and branding it with a love that far exceeded everything in the world. There it was. His heart skipped a beat. He gasped despite himself.

"I am not your pet. I do not belong to anyone." Riki spat angrily.

That was all it took. This was his limit. Mercilessly reigned in desire burst forth, taking with it all of the Blondie's thoughts, concerns, and control. Iason shut his eyes and clenched his teeth, flushed in mortification, his expression that of a fierce snarl as he hissed out desperately. The feeling of listening to the hard edge in the mongrel's voice, combined with the sight of that flash of defiance, pushed him over the edge. One final, hard, impossibly precise thrust, directly at the boy's prostate later, he saw stars and cried out, an instinctive low moan celebrating his completion, chanting a litany of his beloved's name in his mind. Less than a second later, Riki followed with a hoarse, manly, beautiful cry on his lips that penetrated the Blondie's skin to reach some place in him that he wasn't even aware he had.


The force of the wave left Iason reeling, panting, shuddering. He groaned at the raw intensity he felt just with the aftershocks, his gaze unfocused, and his mind dizzy, his control completely wiped away. Iason fell on top of the mongrel, unable to handle the languidness that smothered him, his sub-conscious worry about crushing his pet unheeded by his exalted conscious mind.

He turned his face, now resting above the mongrel's shoulder, towards the boy's neck, still catching his breath. This was the first time ever he had released, with so little stimulation, before Riki.

"The sex we had wasn't as mind-blowing as it is with you… it wasn't all about the pleasure. It was about fulfillment… satisfaction."

Mind-blowing. He felt like he had just now learnt the meaning of that phrase. The mongrel was right. There could be nothing in the world that could compare to this moment. None of his previous encounters had ever felt like this. Yes, they were all special, all perfect, because they had all been with his Riki, but they were nowhere near what he felt now. There was something different here that he still couldn't recognize. The fulfillment, the happiness that he felt at this moment should be the only thing anyone ever lived for in the universe. To forget how to breathe and then relearn it with your beloved, over and over again, until it feels as if there exists not two but one soul manifested in two bodies… He understood this.

Riki could hardly believe that it had happened. In all his experience with Iason, he hadn't seen the Blondie as affected as he was now. From the moment he had been kissed, until this moment now, where he lay beneath the sated Blondie, everything had been a hundred times more intense than usual, despite the Blondie's unusual tenderness. And he hadn't even needed the coercion that he usually needed to respond, nor did have the will to move away from the Blondie's advances. Perhaps, he mused, this was the effect of abstinence? Or maybe because of the separation? And then again, he thought reluctantly, it could have also been because he had finally realized his feelings for the breathtaking being on top of him.

He apprehended at the same moment, that his hands were free, not tied up or held or busy supporting his own weight or clenched in the sheets or simply powerless, his face wasn't crushed into the pillows, and that he was still conscious. He had actually seen the force of the encounter on the Blondie's face... which was a first for him. Usually he was either passed out already from the extremely rough treatment or too deep in the violent daze of lust, or pain, or his eyes were hidden. But this time, more than the physical stimulation, it had been the picture of the Blondie's face, twisted in ultimate pleasure that had triggered his release. He had never seen this, he had never been allowed. He had never been allowed participation, only submission. He shivered just remembering that and that breathtaking moan that had escaped the Blondie's lips. Another first. The Blondie never vocalized his pleasure. Ever. Somehow, this way, he seemed more human.

He raised his hands and slowly put them over the heavy Blondie's shoulders and moved them to his torso, sifting through the length of silky hair spread over his back cautiously, to touch his skin, holding him in an embrace. It felt like he had never done this either. The weight above him was stifling, choking, but he did not want to let go. He even liked the crushing feel of it.

Iason's eyes widened as he felt the hands on his back and a corresponding thrill rose through his spine. This was the first time Riki had actually touched him like this. The way the mongrel played with his hair usually, though adorable, could not even hold a light to those hands actually caressing his skin. And it hadn't really counted as touching. It was always the other way around; he was the one who touched his pet. He had indeed been taking too much from his beloved pet; he hadn't even realized that he had hardly given Riki an opportunity to give anything, or take anything for himself. And this was so much better than forcibly driving the mongrel into submission.

He gulped. It was too much. His heart was on the verge of exploding with fulfillment. He felt so completely consumed, completely calmed, that he didn't even want to go for another round, as yet, which was unusual, to say the least. It felt as if the union was really complete. He was absolutely sated, heart, mind and body.

This should have been their first time. Untouched by the differences between them, accepting the familiarity of each other's desire, an echo of the only real thing that he felt he'd ever had in all his life. If he could ever choose, if there could ever be, a perfect moment to die, then it was now.

Iason smiled. He should not be allowed such happiness, it was almost criminal. But he was overjoyed; nothing could take that joy away from him. He closed his eyes.

"Riki…" He said against the boy's neck and waited for a reply.

"Hnn?" the voice was faint, struggling.

He made to move away from the mongrel, withdrawing gently, finally conscious of the labored breathing underneath him, but was impeded by insistent hands on his back. His eyes widened in shock and he relented, basking in the mongrel's embrace, drowning in the feeling, and laid his head back into its former position, shifting only slightly so as not to lay his entire weight on the boy.

"I felt really happy… There is nothing in the list that you could do is there...?"

He was so happy that he could die now. And he wanted to ask. He wanted to know if Riki shared the same, if Riki ever felt any happiness with him, if he had only ever given Riki pain.

"Are you happy?" he asked softly, weakly, the coldness in his voice completely gone.

Riki froze. He understood that Iason wasn't just asking about the moment. He was thinking of the words he had thrown at him on the balcony that day.

He did not answer. What could he say? That yes, he was happy? Yes, he wanted to be with Iason? Yes, he loved Iason?

And that he didn't want his freedom anymore? Yes, he loved it when he was treated like a sex slave? Yes, he loved the abuse and the disrespect of the whole world? Yes, he liked displaying his body to strangers and masturbating for them, just because it struck his heartless master's fancy? Yes, he loved the pain that tore at his heart for having given up his pride and dignity? Yes, he wanted to be subjected to more perversions? Yes, he loved being locked in a posh penthouse doing nothing all day? He smiled at the sarcasm in his own thoughts.

He wanted his freedom. No. He needed it. He would go mad without it. Because he was not a pet. He would never be happy inside a cage, however golden, shiny be its bars. But he didn't want to say no. It would break the spell that they were under. It would break whatever heart the Blondie had. He knew it and he cared enough. Just for tonight…

He raised his hands once more and gripped the Blondie's hair at its scalp and pulled it slightly, attempting to raise Iason's head. The Blondie, though slightly confused, responded immediately, obeying the unspoken demand. As soon as the Blondie's face reached the desired position, he pushed on the hands that still covered the Blondie's head, pulling him in for a hard, shattering, bruising kiss, and then deliberately, slowly handed over the dominance to the Blondie.

Iason understood. Despite the surrender, there wasn't an ounce of submission in that kiss. It was actual participation and his heart sang with pleasure. It was filled with passion, longing, desire, and yet there was defiance, and a tenderness he didn't understand. But that kiss had rendered words defunct. He did realize what Riki meant.

"What do you think?" he could hear the mongrel's proud voice in his mind.

He wanted to make Riki happy. He wanted to gift the mongrel his freedom, let him go, if that was what made him happy. But he did not want to be away from his Riki. He was selfish enough to want Riki with him forever. No… He needed Riki with him like he needed air. Riki was sustenance. He could never let him go, even if he wanted to. He was that helpless. He had had a taste of what that was like, and he knew that he would be destroyed if that ever happened again. No. That wasn't what he wanted.

He wanted to take care of him, protect him and pamper him. He wanted to hold him in his arms forever, knowing that he was the only person who could and would dare do this to his spirited wolf. But he did not want his arms to turn into the cage that they had been for so long. He wanted Riki to be happy in his embrace. He did not want to see those listless eyes again, ever. His heart wasn't strong enough to survive another episode like that. He just knew it.

Riki's hands relaxed after he had Iason pushed again to rest at the crook of his shoulder. Iason snickered slightly at the gesture, sighed and then pressed a soft kiss to the mongrel's neck, lingering there, tasting his jugular and its constant pulsing against his lips. Riki shivered underneath him, as his desire rose again. He had barely choked an instinctual groan, when Iason noticed the effect his kiss had had. He raised his eyebrows questioningly at the mongrel and teased him, nibbling on the skin of his neck.

"Shit…Bastard, this is all your fucking fault." spat the pet.

"It is isn't it...?" Iason proclaimed fondly. "Though, I really hate such foul language." he paused, raising himself up to support his entire weight on his knees and elbows, straddling the mongrel under him. He poked the mongrel's hardening, sensitive nipples, crushing them.

"Ah…" Riki gasped.

Iason smirked and slowly ran his fingers downwards and stroked under the boy's hipbone, grazing the base of his hardening member, earning a moan from him.

"Iason…" Riki sighed.

"Perhaps I must punish you for those foul words…" he whispered his lips close to Riki's ear and then nipped at it slightly. He then proceeded to kiss the mongrel's swollen lips and quickly moved on to his neck and collarbone, making a few more marks there. Satisfied by his handiwork, Iason kissed the expanse of Riki's chest, paying particular attention to the sensitive peaks with his tongue and one hand while the other had moved on from the base of his desire, downwards, to cup and fondle the delicate tightened globes.

By this time, Riki was fully aroused and dripping wet. Iason looked up to see the mongrel's eyes heavy-lidded and shining with the force of his lust as he thrust his tongue into his navel, mimicking what he intended to do elsewhere on his body.

Riki writhed beneath the Blondie, every touch every lick sending a bolt of electricity through his body. His back arched to allow further access; his hands clenched on the sheets, whimpers and little cries escaped his lips.

"Sensitive as always." said the Blondie as he took away the fingers that still danced on his chest and poked his dripping member on the head and toyed with it, pinching, poking and squeezing, before he grabbed it tight in his hand.

"Argh…"Riki's back arched even more, his body bent like a bow.

It wasn't only Riki who was being driven to the edge. Iason was also responding to the sight and sounds and the sensation of his beloved pet writhing beneath him. He wanted more. He wanted so much more. He suddenly wanted to proceed with the plans he had initially made, even if they weren't necessary, just to see the mongrel's eyes gleam with victory. But he also didn't want his power and authority usurped from him. He came to a quick decision.

"Do you want it Riki?"

The mongrel nodded.

"Ask for it…"

Riki cringed slightly, but he didn't let it show.

"I-Iason… D-Do it to me… please..." No fight, no thrashing, no back-talk.

Iason smiled, muttering a small "Good boy." and rolled over to lie beside the mongrel and then pulled him on top.

"Do it yourself."

It wasn't a really explicit 'offering oneself to another', but it had its own significance. He wanted to show Riki that he trusted him. One step at a time. And to his surprise, it was well received.

Riki looked down at the Blondie in surprise. And the Blondie smirked mysteriously. He trembled as he carefully settled on top of the Blondie and straddled him. Riki took a moment to study that smirk. It was playful, challenging, and calm. He gained a semblance of confidence and smirked back, his eyes suddenly gleaming brighter, with mischief, momentarily distracted from his straining desire by the exquisite challenge before him, the haze of lust slightly cleared. The sight of Iason beneath him was something he would have not even dared to dream of.

The way the Blondie's flawless, pale skin glistened, hypnotizing, beckoning him, the perfectly shaped, toned muscles, the silky golden hair that was loosely splayed beneath him, the tempting hollow of his throat, the shadows that darkened those dips of muscle and bone, the angle of the jaw, the sharpness of that nose, those familiar, soft, yet cruel lips, sublime in their perfection, that tasted of some sweet exotic spice… those eyes that looked like the angry sky, gleaming, expectant…Riki closed his eyes to muster enough strength to keep him steady.

He sat where he was for a moment, unable to decide his next move.

"Fuck…" he cursed, his voice trembling.

It had been so long…

"What, are you afraid?" a soft taunt from the waiting, smirking Blondie.

Riki shot a glance at Iason, a glance that would have normally had him in pain for at least a day. Iason just widened his smirk.

"Just tell me if you are afraid and I-"

"Shut up." said the mongrel softly as he bent down to place a soft kiss on the Blondie's forehead.

Iason almost laughed at that. He looked up, his eyes unusually dancing in mirth, to whisper, in a soft, doting, yet teasing tone, straight at the mongrel.

"Zero points for style. I am not impressed."

Riki smiled, remembering. Those were the first words Iason had ever spoken to him. That fated meeting had reduced him to what he was now. He hated it, he hated the Blondie who lay before him for all that he had done since that day, yet he could not help but smile at the quip. For he had fallen in love with the same Blondie.

Riki then kissed the Blondie's nose and then moved on to his lips, taking his time, gentle, exploring. He did not seek to dominate, neither did he submit, he just played, teased, and felt Iason smile into the kiss. His hands wound up on the Blondie's head, gripping his hair, interlacing his fingers in that golden mane, one hand reaching the nape of his neck, as the other sought out to scratch slightly at the scalp.

Iason's eyes shot open and widened at the sudden flurry of sensations that flew down from where Riki had touched. He knew that this was very common; he knew that there were erogenous spots in every part of the body, the scalp was no exception. But, nobody had touched him like this before. More like, nobody dared to touch him, not even Riki, until now. Blondies were not to be touched, it was an unwritten rule.

Riki parted his lips from the Blondie's, panting. A few more minutes and he would just explode. He didn't want this to end just yet. He moved to the Blondie's jaw and licked a trail to his neck, reached his collarbone, bit hard and sucked, eliciting a gasp and a glare from the being beneath him. He then soothed the wound with his tongue, moving down to the nipples and muttered around one "It's only fair", as his hands worked their way downwards, encasing Iason's sides, tracing every little dip and swell of his abdomen memorizing them.

He then paused at the spot where the Blondie's heart would be, pressing a kiss there, wondering if there was any real heart there at all. And even if the Blondie did have a heart, Riki still felt angry, angry that he had no respect there, no love, no feeling and certainly no place for him. There was only cruelty and morbid curiosity in this creature's heart. He unwittingly increased the pressure of his lips, as these thoughts intruded, trying to soothe something in his own mind.

Iason was getting impatient. His pet was taking his own sweet time. By the time Riki's hand came to rest near his waist, Iason was almost panting, his desire unbearable. He felt touched when the mongrel kissed his ribs, as if searching for his heart. He loved them, those touches, sensations that traversed down his body. But he loved them too much. A few more minutes of such teasing would bring out his moans, which he knew he would hate. If not now, he would definitely regret them later when he reflected. He was starting to feel a slight ache, urging him to take the lead once more. It took all his strength to stay where he was. He looked down at the mongrel, now playing with his navel, and called sharply, almost a warning, his hand automatically reaching for the boy.


Riki had to be careful. Iason wasn't just anyone. He still had to live with the bastard, and he didn't want more torture in the form of punishment. Not just yet. He hadn't recovered that much.

He caught the hand that reached for him with both hands, abandoning his current occupation, and brought it to his lips, kissing his palm.

"Hush, Iason. I know." He muttered into the hand, reassuring and bit it slightly and licked it and then let it go, looking straight at the Blondie's blue eyes. "I am not a perverted Blondie bastard…" he added, almost an afterthought.

Iason shuddered at the amount of feeling he received from that small lick and those whispered words. He shouldn't let the mongrel take such a tone with him; he shouldn't let the mongrel play such a role. But he didn't regret that he had allowed this. His pet looked glorious when his eyes sported that gleam. He felt as if he could live out his whole life in contentment basking in that light. He relaxed, his hand playing with the young mongrel's hair for a moment before resting on his side.

Riki didn't waste any more time as he lowered his mouth to nip at the clearly defined hip bones and then nuzzled the skin below before he decided that this was enough, looking at the fully aroused, twitching Blondie. It must be painful, he knew from experience. He had half a mind to tease Iason more, just to show him what it felt like for him, but discarded that idea, convinced by his own arousal. He really wouldn't last long. He sat up once more, looking at the Blondie's eyes and slowly lowered himself onto the Blondie's desire. The intrusion was, as usual, a bit of a shock.


Riki looked up surprised. The Blondie had made the sound, not he. A strangled sound of half relief and half torture, breathed out with closed eyes. Riki didn't hesitate. He sheathed the entire length within him without warning, swallowing a whimper of pain, to hear it once again, this time more profound. He watched the Blondie's eyes fly open in surprise as he almost immediately set a slow pace, raising and impaling himself in a regular rhythm, finding support with his hands on Iason's body.


"I-Iason!" he clenched around the Blondie as he felt his prostate rubbed again and again, at just the right angle, the frequency of thrusts increasing as the Blondie regained control of the situation, meeting him insistently with every up and down movement with force.

Iason looked at Riki's neglected desire and reached out to stroke it, speeding things up, until Riki's movements lost their rhythm and he himself felt on the verge.

"Iason… haa… I… I'm…co…ngh…Haa!"

And the wave crashed sending the mongrel into the abyss of pleasure, crying unintelligible words. Iason followed after a few more thrusts, his breath shattered and mind completely clear, clinging to his pet, both of them enveloped in bliss.

Iason was the first to recover; he removed himself from Riki who lay boneless on him, still clutching at his hips. He snickered as the mongrel nuzzled his throat lazily and fell asleep immediately. He brought the sheets that had been pushed away over them, covered them and fell into a dreamless sleep, with a very human smile of satisfaction on his lips.

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