Warning: Strong Language, Violence and Sexual references

Chapter One

I stood behind the bar at the local club I worked at. I was currently brewing up a Hot Chocolate for Joe, a hunter that loved to visit me. I smiled as I handed him the cocoa.

"Tryin' to stick to yer diet I presume?" I asked.

"Yea. Thanks Ari."

"No problem Joe." I said, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man in a leather jacket, black tee, ripped jeans, and boots enter my bar. I smirked.

"Who ya eyein'?" Joe asked, and his eyes landed on the dirty blonde I was looking at.

"I'm gonna go mess with 'im." I said as we saw him sit.

"You do that." Joe said, smirking. I nodded, and then started my journey over there.

When I approached, the man looked over my body, and wolf-whistled. I was about five foot six inches, had black hair with orange tips, blue eyes, a green tank top, black skinny jeans, and boots.

"What do ya want, hun?" I asked.

"Whatever you think I'll want sweetheart."

Now, that just pissed me off. This dick was stupid enough to try to get me to leave with him. I just kept smiling seductively. Time to put in the extra charm.

"Well, how 'bout the Crazy Chintaka?" I asked. It was a drink that had vodka, Budweiser, and all other alcoholic stuff in it.

"Are you a side?" He asked. I just kept smiling.

"I'm sorry, hot stuff, but people here do not appreciate hunters like you here." I said. He looked at me with a surprised expression. I smirked. "I'll be right back." And I ran back to the bar. Joe smirked at me. "What?" I asked.

"What was that?" He asked.

"Me being seductive as fucking hell." I said, smiling innocently. We laughed as I prepared the drink I suggested him. Once I was done, I walked back over, and sat down.
"How'd you know I was a hunter?" he asked.

"Oh, trust me hun, I know." I said. "I'm a hunter myself."


"Yep. And I presume you are Dean Winchester?"

"How'd you know?"

"I knew cause I work at a club dumbass." I said. "One where it's common that hunters come along."

"Oh..." Dean said.

"I'm Ariel Taylors by the way." I said, holding out my had. He looked at it.

"So you're the angel Benny and Cas were talking about." Dean said.

I smiled, "Yep!"

"Why would I talk to a dick like you?" He asked.

"I'm not as bad as fucking Zach, Lucci, Michael, or Raphie, or Anna am I?" I asked. "I'm not a dick angel like my brothers or sister Dean. I'm the nice Archangel. I'm also the Angel of Protection." I said.

"So you can help me find him?"

"Yea." I said. "I just gotta let the girls and guys that work here that I'm leaving for awhile."

Dean nodded, "Okay. Thanks."

"No problem." I said as I stood up to tell everyone bye and to pack my stuff.

We made it to Sam and Kevin's hideout within two days. Of course those two days were full of changing shifts to drive. It was surprising to me that Dean let me drive his baby, his 1967 Chevy Impala.

As we got out, Dean got off the phone with whoever it was he wa talking to. I rolled my eyes as we picked the lock and sneaked in.

I was attacked by a figure about my size. I was short, yea. I struggled, and eventually pinned the other down at the same time as Dean.

"Dean?" Sam and Kevin asked.

"Hey guys." Dean said.

I smiled, "Hey Sam, Kevin."

"How do you know our names?" Kevin asked.

"And more importantly: who are you?" Sam continued.

"This is Alyssa. She's an angel, and the nice kind." Dean said, before bending down and whispering something in Sam's ear, who went wide-eyed after. I got off Kevin, not looking away from the brothers. Dean stood, and then helped Sam stand.

"So, what now?" I asked.

"Well, I just started a case if ya'll wanna help." Sam said.

I smiled, "Okay." Then my head started to have a voice fill them.

Ariel, it is Naiomi. I need you in my office. Now.

"Hey guys, I'll be back." I said before I transported with a whoosh.

Where I transported was a room full of white, and it freaked me out. I had a thing with plain white walls.

Naiomi, the other angel who sat at the desk, saw my nervousness, and snapped her fingers, changing the white to green.

I sighed in relief, "Thanks Nai."

"Your welcome Ariel."

"So whatchya need?" I asked.

"I need you to lead our army into Pugatory."


"He asked us to save Castiel."

"Father asked you?"


"And I was not aware of this why?"

"Because He did not want his only Daughter to die. He already lost four of His sons."

"I will speak to him immediately."

And with another whoosh I was in the throne room. I looked at Chuck.

"Father, you did not allow anyone to inform me of the rescuing of Castiel."

"That is correct."

"Why did you leave me out of this Father? You know I am a good fighter!"

"Ariel, you are one of the only children I have left. Well, primary children."

"But Father, you know I am in love with Catiel, even though he only the leader of the Garrison. Will you please allow me to lead the army?"

"Very well. But be very careful."

I then went back the the trio of boys, to allow them know I was to lead an army.

"Hello boys." I said, which scared them, and caused them all to jump.

"Don't do that!" Dean yelled.

"I'm sorry. I just came to inform you that I will be gone approximentally three days."

"Why?" Sam asked.

"I am to lead an army into battle."

"Okay. Well, be careful."

I nodded.

Later that day, me, Inias, and another Garrison member, Barman, lead the army into purgatory. Inias, Barman and I were to find Castiel as the others faught.

We searched for two days, not sleeping. We finially found Castiel passed out against a tree, a Laviathan above him. The monster looked at me, and charged. Inias killed him as Barman went to get Castiel. We went back to the army, and I ordered a retreat.

We had recued an Angel from Purgatory.

Something that had never been done before.

As I appeared to where I was told that Dean and Sam were, it was five days later.

"Hey." I said. They jumped and I laughed.

"Don't do that!" Dean said.

"You're almost as bad as Cas was!" Sam said, and everything went quiet. I yearned to tell them, but I could not.

A few minutes of silence and I spoke: "You find a job yet?"

"No. They've been training me." Kevin said.

I nodded, "I'll continue his training. I am a very good teacher."

Sam was hesitant, "Okay."

"I found one!" I exclaimed as I was recieving files through my head.

"What?" Dean asked.

"A job in Denver."

"And? Spirit, demon, angel, witch?" Sam asked.


"We got this." Dean said. Him and Sam packed quickly and left. I looked to Kevin.

"Can you keep a secret?"


"Can you keep a secret?"

"Yea. Why?"

"I'm gonna tell you something. But this better not be told to either Sam or Dean."


"My army and I brought Cas back."

"There's more, isn't there?"


"Is it that you love him?"

"How'd you know."

"The Word of God said that 'And Archangel and an Angel must never mate, however there will be one exception. The daughter of Him will mate with a member and the leader of the Garrison.' And I guessed that it was meaning you and Cas."

I nodded, "It's true."

Hey guys! News flash: this is my version of Season 8 with a twist! I hope you enjoy! Right now there is only Cas/OC, but Im planning on Dean/OC, Sam/OC, and Kevin/OC. And skip this if you hate spoilers:

Jo, Ellen, Bobby, and Gabriel are coming back!

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