(This story takes place during the early part of the first season of DEEP SPACE NINE.)

Commander Sisko stared out the window of his office and watched as a Federation science vessel completed mooring operations.

"Stations Log," Sisko said out loud, "the science vessel S'tav has just arrived and, if all goes as planned, the scientist aboard her will begin their study of the wormhole, and more specifically, the effects warp fields could have upon the amazing phenomena that has reshaped this part of the quadrant."

Sisko reached down, and picked up the cup of coffee he had on his desk, took a sip, and continued.

"The tests will try to establish what would happen if an approaching vessel tried to enter the wormhole at warp speed; if at all possible. A Bajoran scientist will oversee all tests, due to the importance of the wormhole on Bajoran customs. Lt. Commander Dax as Chief Miles…"

At that moment, Dax and Obrien were at the door to Sisko's door, and so he waved them in.

"Sorry to interrupt you Benjamin," Dax said to her longtime friend, "but I wanted you to know that the chief and I should be finished making adjustments to the probe in about eight hours."

Sisko nodded in acknowledgement.

"And you're positive that it poses no danger to the wormhole," Sisko, with his deep voice, said to them both.

Dax looked over at Obrien and nodded her head for him to take over.

"Sir," Obrien began to say, "The probe's warp drive will be in constant control by either me, Dax or Kira."

"And," Dax continued with, "it will never enter the wormhole. Our only objective is to see if there is a subspace resonance field which we cannot detect, but that the wormhole can, that would cause it to open in the event a warp powered vessel approached it."

"The science team that just arrived will confirm our readings," Obrien said. "There should be no problems sir."

Sisko chuckled.

"Captain Edward John Smith said the same," Sisko said dismissively.

Dax's face denoted confusion.

"Who is Captain Edward John Smith?" Dax asked.

But Sisko didn't answer; Obrien did.

"He was the captain of the Titanic," Obrien told her. "An ancient Earth ocean-liner which was supposedly unsinkable," Obrien told her.

Dax frowned.

"Let me guess," Dax said to Obrien, and then she shifted her glance to Sisko, "the Titanic sunk."

Sisko nodded his head.

"Exactly," Sisko said. "And if anything goes wrong with your tests, no one will remember the scientists on the S'tav, or you two for that matter," Sisko said to Obrien and Dax. "They will only remember the captain, meaning me...old man."

Dax could hear the worry in Sisko's voice.

"Benjamin," Dax said to her friend, "we don't have to do these tests."

Sisko reached down and picked the baseball from its stand on his desk.

"Thank you for your worry," Sisko said, "but someday, someone might try to enter the wormhole at warp speed," he made a quick throwing motion with the ball to make his point, "Be it a Ferengi marauder, or even a cloaked Romulan Warbird. We have no idea what could happen to the wormhold aliens, or even DS9, should the wormhole be affected in a negative way. It's best to find out now."

Obrien nodded his head.

"Sir, for all we know," Obrien said, "a ship approaching at warp speed could have no effect at all."

"Agreed," Sisko said to Obrien, "but let's find out for sure."

Dax and Obrien nodded in agreement, and then they left Sisko's office. Sisko continued with his log. And all though he didn't say anything about, he still had a nagging feeling deep inside; he only hoped he was wrong.