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Kim Possible

A Spark of Something New

Chapter 1 - First Encounter

Electronique's Lair, Go City

"Well, at least they didn't find this place," Electronique said as she surveyed her lair. Or one of them, actually; she'd had a few scattered throughout Go City before Team Go had captured her. And if hadn't been for Shego, she thought angrily, they wouldn't have caught me. Breaking out of prison had actually been pretty easy; the warden of the Go City Maximum Security Prison Complex (Stupid and redundant name.) had a policy of a 'movie night' once a week, and the move that had been shown before she'd broken out had been 'The A-Team' starring Liam Neeson. Hannibal's method of escaping the prison had inspired her, so she used her powers to fake a heart attack-induced death, then fried the cremation machine and slipped out the crematorium's outside door. When she went to the last lair she'd had, she found that it had been destroyed. When she checked two other lairs she found the same result, though the third one had been converted into an underground dance club. So now she was in the last lair she had in Go City. And she knew that the police - and more than likely Team Go - would be looking for her. After all, she was a 'dangerous escaped convict.'

"Perhaps it's time to relocate," she mused to herself. "But where? It'll have to be someplace where I can plot my revenge on Team Go - and especially Shego - in peace." She walked through her lair, stripping out of the unflattering orange prison uniform and grabbing one of her costumes. Slipping into it, she walked into her computer room and turned everything on. Using a bouncing relay system, she accessed the internet for recent news articles. A lot them seemed to deal some dumb red-headed teenage girl going around and saving the world. More of the articles dealt with some blue scientist villain named Doctor Drakken and . . . Electronique's jaw dropped.

"Shego?!" she yelled, stunned. "Shego is a villain?! What the fuck?" She slammed her hand down on the console, sending sparks flying. "The fucking bitch puts me in prison, and now she's the one committing crimes?!" She screamed and raged some more, before calming down. "Well, no matter. I'll still get my revenge on her. And," she added with a sly, cruel grin, "I think I know where I'm going to have my new lair."

Drakken's Lair

"Give it up, Kim Possible!" Drakken said, cackling manically. "You can't win!"

"Dude!" Ron said, looking at him. "We win every time!"

"You won't this time!"

"Is he for real?" Kim asked, looking at Shego as the two paused in their own battle.

"He likes to think he is," she told the teen hero, before throwing a blast of plasma at her. Kim had seen that coming and was already ducking under it to run at the older woman. Shego backflipped out of the way of the red-head's punch and launched a kick at her as she landed. Kim leaped over the kick into one of her own, forcing the green-tinted woman to dodge out of the way. The exchange went back and forth like that until they heard Drakken scream, "No!" and the self-destruct on the blue scientist's latest evil laser beam weapon began counting down. Kim was knocked back by a burst of plasma, and Shego followed Drakken down to where he kept the hovercraft. Ron helped Kim up and the two of them ran from the lair before the weapon exploded, bringing down the lair.

"Sorry, KP," the blond boy said.

"No big, Ron," she replied.

"They got away again."

"Uh-huh, uh-huh," Rufus agreed, poking his head out of Ron's pocket.

"Yeah, but that's okay. It'll take Drakken at least a couple of months to find a new lair and get another plot going."

"So . . . Bueno Nacho?"

"Not today, Ron. I need to get home after we get back from this mission."

Possible Residence, Middleton

"Mom, Dad, I'm back!" Kim called out as she walked into the kitchen.

"Heey there, Kimmie-cub!" her dad said, poking his head into the room. "Glad your back. I've got to run down to the space center. They got some kind of problem with a secret project or something. Your mom's still at the hospital, and your brothers are at a friend's house. I think they're staying the night or something."

"It's cool, Dad," she replied, smiling. "I'll keep an eye on things here until you or mom comes back.

"Gotta go now," James said, hurrying out the door. Shaking her head at her father's personality, Kim arched her back, stretching it and feeling her spine pop. Shego had really put her through the wringer this time. That plasma blast she'd gotten hit with had been more kinetic than heat, so she would have only a bruise this time instead of a bruise and a burn. When she got to her room, she stripped out of her mission clothes, grabbed some normal ones, and went to take a shower. The hot water helped to relax her muscles and ease the tension in them. Once she had dried off, she slipped into a pair of blue jeans and a green tank top, then went to her room and got on her computer. Since it was summer, she didn't have any homework to worry about. She was suscribed to the online editions of a few newspapers, and she had an email alert about a new article in one of them. Clicking the link for the article, she read the headline:


"Well," Kim said, "I wonder who 'Electronique' is?" She pulled out her kimmunicator. "Hey, Wade, I need something."

"Sure thing, Kim," the boy hacker replied. "What is it? Something to do with Drakken and Shego?"

"No, not this time. I need to know who Electronique is. She's just escaped from a prison in Go City."

"Go City? Hold on one second. Yeah, here it is. She escaped from the Go City Maximum Security Prison Complex yesterday. It says here that she faked her death and escaped through the prison's crematorium."

"Didn't that happen in a movie?"

"The A-Team, starring Liam Neeson. Pretty good."

"Aren't you a little young to be watching that movie?"

"I'm supposed to be. Anyway, Electronique was sent to prison by Team Go about five years ago. This was back when Shego was on the team. Shortly after that, Shego quit the team."

"You think something happened then to make Shego quit and become a villain?"

"That sounds like a pretty good- Hold on, Kim. The site just got a hit. Someone just broke into the electronics store at the Middleton Mall."

"Could it be Electronique? Although I don't know why, since Go City is supposed to be her territory."

"Considering that the police and Team Go are looking for her, she might have decided to relocate for a while until they stop searching for her."

"Alright, I'll be on my way."

"Want me to call Ron?"

"No, don't bother him."

"Kim . . . Electronique isn't like the normal villains you've faced before."

"I can stand toe-to-toe with Shego. Nobody else is in her league."

"Electronique fought Shego to a standstill five years ago. She's got power over electricity, and an electronics whiz."

"Like you?"

"Well, no one's like me, but she can make anything a weapon, and make a weapon even better."

"No big, Wade. I can take her."

Middleton Mall

Electronique was just putting the last thing she needed into the backpack she'd brought when she felt a change in the electrical currents in the air. Someone was here.

"You know, most people would just buy things," a young woman's voice said from behind her.

"Why should I buy anything when I can just take it?" she asked as stood up, then turned around.

"So you're Electronique, huh? You don't look like your prison photo."

"I'll admit that that isn't very flattering. So you must be the famous Kim Possible. I must say, you're younger than I expected. Now run along, kid, before you get hurt."

"You're the one who's going to get hurt if you don't put that stuff back."

"Oooh, feisty. I like that. Too bad I have to beat it out of you," Electronique replied, sending a blast of electricity at the red-head. To her surprise, the teen leaped out of the way, flipping in the air. When she landed, the gray-skinned woman raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"Not bad, kid. Now run along before I get serious."

"You're not going anywhere except back to jail."

"No," she replied. Underneath her glasses, her eyes hardened. "I'm not going back until I have my revenge on Team Go. And if you get in my way, I'll bury you, too."

E/N: So Electronique has decided to hide out in Middleton, only to run into the town's resident hero. How will Shego react when she finds out the deadliest villain Team Go ever faced is out of prison? What's Electronique's plan to get revenge on Team Go? And what's going to happen between the electric villain and Kim Possible? Tune in for the answers in the next chapter, "Lightning Rod."