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Kim Possible

A Spark of Something New

Chapter 22 – Two Weddings and a Drastic Revelation

Verde Paraiso, one month later

After Kim had been released from the infirmary, Erika had taken her back to her parents' house. Betty had allowed them to keep the jet, though they had decided to leave at GJHQ since her parents didn't have any space for it. Ann and James happy to learn that she was okay, and surprised that she was going into a 'semi-retired' state on the whole world-saving adventure. Her parents were even more surprised when they learned that Erika had proposed to her, but had agreed to wait until she'd graduated before planning the wedding. A few days after Kim had returned home, a couple of envelopes arrived in the mail. One was addressed 'To the Possible Family,' and turned out to be a wedding invitation – to the wedding between Nicole Goldwin and Elizabeth Director. The second was addressed 'To Kim and Erika,' and was an invitation to be in the wedding. Kim was invited to be Betty's maid of honor, and Erika was asked to be Nicole's best 'man.' Everyone happily accepted.

And now, one month later, it was time. Nicole was dressed in a pair of dark green slacks with a white 3/4-sleeve shirt and a pair of sandles. Betty was wearing a knee-length white skirt and a cream-colored sleeveless top. Kim was dressed similarly, except her top was beige rather than cream, while Erika was wearing a pair of dark blue slacks with a white 3/4-sleeve shirt. The guests of the wedding consisted of Kim's family, Nicole's two unimprisoned brothers (who had given up hero work), Will Du, Betty's parents (her father was seventy-three and her mother seventy), and Nana Possible. Security for the wedding was provided by Global Justice, of course. There wasn't a minister there, but that was by choice of the two being wed. All they wanted was an exchange of vows in front of friends and family. The ceremony itself wasn't long, just Betty and Nicole exchanging vows and rings. The reception, though, was planned to last the rest of the day and part of the night. Nicole had even hired a small band to play for the reception. There was dancing, and both Kim and Erika got to dance with both of the now-wedded women. Now, though, the band was playing a slow song and everyone that could pair up did. So, basically, there was only four couples dancing.

"They look so beautiful," Kim said softly to Erika, watching as Nicle and Betty danced with each other.

"They look so happy," her blond fiancee agreed. "I could argue the 'beautiful' remark." Kim chuckled.

"I'm sure you could, love," she replied.

"Just think. In a year or so, that'll be us right there."

"Yeah," the black-haired young woman said dreamily, envisioning the scene.

"Are you going to let your hair go back to being red?"

"I dunno. I kinda like this look. Hardly anybody recognizes me now. Well, except for the people who know me, of course."

"It looks good on you."


"Only telling the truth. And . . . I like telling the truth."

"Hard to believe this all started with you kidnapping me so you could accomplish your revenge against your ex-girlfriend."

"Amazing where life takes us, isn't it?"


A few hours later, shortly after the sun had set, the party broke up. Pretty much everyone except for the newly weds, Kim and Erika, and a small GJ security team had left. Kim and Erika were about to leave, too.

"It was wonderful," Kim said to Betty and Nicole.

"Really beautiful," Erika agreed.

"Thanks, you two," Nicole said, hugging them both. "It's nice we're getting along again," she added, looking at Erika.

"It is pretty nice," the blond woman agreed. "Nice to see that you found someone to love, too."

"And same to you."

"Thank you, Kim," Betty said, hugging the teen. "I know I said before, but thank you for rescuing Nicole."

"It's what I did, Betty," Kim replied, returning the hug. "So, what's the plan now for you two?"

"Well, tomorrow, we're going to go on our honeymoon," Nicole said, "then probably back to work."

"You two be safe heading home. It is a long trip back to Middleton."

"We'll leave the jet at the GJ section of the airport," Erika promised.

"It's your jet, so leave it where you want," the one-eyed (and happily married) woman said. "Just make sure you don't crash it this time."

"Hey, we needed a way to get into Go Tower fast," the short-haired girl said.

"So you crashed a multi-million-dollar jet into it?"

"It wasn't really my jet, so I didn't lose much."

"Go home."

"By the way," Nicole put in, "congrats on your engagement."

"Thanks," Erika said. "Like you, Nikki, I found someone I don't want to live without."

"So when are you two getting married?" Betty asked.

"After I graduate," Kim answered. "I'll be eighteen a month or so after that, so the week after my birthday is what we're aiming for."

"And we'd like you two to be there," Erika said.

"I'd be insulted if we weren't invited," Nicole replied.

One week after Kim's 18th birthday

Though her parents felt it was too soon for her to be getting married – she'd only turned eighteen last week – they weren't about to gainsay their daughter being happy. And, if they were honest with themselves, they were happy, too. Nicole offered her private island as the location for the wedding, free of charge. The many months between Nicole and Betty's wedding and Kim and Erika's wedding had been spent planning the latter wedding. Monique, of course, had designed Kim and Erika's dresses, and was the one bridesmaid in the wedding party. Ron was opposite her on the side of the 'groom' at Kim's request. Erika didn't mind at all; it made Kim happy and that was good enough for her. Kim's dress was came down to about mid-calf, and only had one strap. It was colored a rich, dark purple, but didn't have any frills or lace. It came down in the back to her waistline, and accentuated her curves nicely. Erika had also chosen to wear a dress, in the same style as her soon-to-be-wife's, except the strap was on the opposite shoulder and was colored a vibrant, electric blue.

Like Betty and Nicole, Kim and Erika didn't have a minister at their wedding. They exchanged their vows, and Kim tossed the flowers. Naturally, it was Monique who caught it (truthfully, she was the only single female at that wedding, so she would've 'gotten' it anyway). A piano had been set up at the reception area, but no one in the wedding band was at it. Yet. While Kim had been in school, Erika had signed up for piano lessons to regain her rusty skills and add to her reprotoire – without telling Kim. Kim was surprised when her wife sat down at the piano and tapped the microphone.

"If I could have everyone's attention," she said. "I wanted to say that I'm happy all of you could come, and that I am incredibly lucky to not only have a wonderful wife like Kim, but to have family and friends like all of you. For the better part of a year, I've been learning and practicing how to play the piano again, since it's been a few years since I last had lessons. The reason why is because I wanted to play a piece for Kim on our wedding. I'm not much for singing right now, so it's just an instrumental." With that, she began playing. If she hadn't said anything, no one would have realized she was a relative novice at the piano. The music she pulled forth from the piano – or that it pulled forth from her – was beautiful and uplifting. It brought to mind images of joy and happiness, peaceful and serene moments. When she was finished, she was met by a moment of silence that was shattered by cheers and a standing ovation. She blushed in embarrassment, though it was chased away when Kim threw herself at her wife and captured her in a tight hug with a kiss added for good measure. Then the wedding band took over and the reception really began.

Though Nicole and Betty had offered the newlyweds the island for their wedding night – and honeymoon – they declined, with thanks, instead flying in their Wraith jet to their home in Italy. Erika carried her across the threshold, then had to visit the bathroom. Kim headed to the master bedroom and undressed in preparation for her first lovemaking as a married woman.

When Erika came in, naked (she had undressed in the bathroom), she found her wife sitting up on their bed, covering herself.

"What's wrong, Kimmie?" she asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed. She could tell something was bothering the younger woman.

"You remember when you were told about that purple beam hitting me?" the black-haired woman asked.

"Um, yeah," the blond woman replied, a little confused.

"And how no one thought it had done anything to me?"

"I remember."

"Well, it did. I guess it was a delayed reaction or something, though."

"What's wrong, Kim? Do we need to go to the hospital? Global Justice?"

"I don't know if that'll help with this," Kim replied, moving her hands and opening her legs. Erika stared in shock for a few long moments. "A-are . . . are you going to . . . say something?"

"Well," Erika said, looking Kim in the eyes with a smile, "that takes care of the family planning." And she reached forward to grasp Kim's new maleness.

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