A/N- You're probably like "What the hell is she doing? She has two stories going already and can't keep them updated. Why is she starting a new one?" This isn't a random story. I have a reason for it. So, in my drama/theatre class we have to write 10-minute plays (which terrifies me) and after I started writing I realized my characters have no backstories. So, I decided to write them into a fanfic so that I can get a better idea of who they are. And then I was like it should be Starkid. So basically I wrote it for myself and then thought "I should share this with the whole world" So that's what happened here.

Warning: I'm not sure if I need this but, just to be safe. This story contains self-harm. If that bothers you. Don't read it. Okay? Just don't read things that are going to piss you off. Deal? Good.

Emily Welsh walked along the Starkid meet and greet table. She had an Apocalyptour poster for them to sign. She was 19 years-old and was in her freshman year of college. She wore jeans, AVPM shoes, a long sleeve Hogwarts shirt, and her Hogwarts school robes. It was her last day at Leakycon and she was determined to enjoy it. Her blue and purple highlights shone in the flourecent lights and her black hair was straightened, hanging around her face. Side-swept bangs covered her forehead and fringe hung in her eyes. She decided on the look when she chose to go to college in Chicago. It generally kept people away from her. From asking too many questions. It had been so long since she had seen her real hair color, light brown, she hardly remembered what she looked like with it. She went through the table and finally reached the last person at the table, Joey Richter. He was wearing hipster glasses with black frames. His hair hung in his eyes. Emily handed him her poster.

"I'm such a huge fan! My name is Em!" She said, excitement shining in her eyes. Joey found her interesting. She was pretty, anyone could see that. But, there was something about her that made him sad.

"Nice to meet you Em! Is it short for anything?" He seemed genuinely interested in her. That's what she loved about the Starkids. They were never fake around fans. They had genuine interest in learning more about them.

"Its short for Emily."

"I don't know any Emily's." He mused.

"Now you do!" He smiled.

"It was nice talking to you Emily." She reached across the table to get her poster and her sleeve slipped up revealing the scars and cuts on her arm, both old and fresh. Joey grabbed her arm and stared. He looked up at her face and saw that she was about to cry. Emily pulled her wrist away, the tears glistening in her eyes. He stood up, hugged her, and whispered in her ear, "Do something for me, please stop."


The meet and greet ended a few minutes later and the Starkids started to pack up. Everyone was joking around except for Joey, he couldn't stop thinking about Emily. He kept seeing the scars on her arm and the terrified, upset look on her face. He wondered what had pushed her to start cutting. What possibly could have pushed her that far over the edge. He wanted to know when she started. And, most importantly, he wanted to know what he could do to help. He was so lost in thought he didn't notice Julia walk up to him and sit on the table next to him.

"What's going on Joey? You're always so happy after these." She looked at him with concern.

"Its a fan."

"Do you like her?"

"Its not like that."

"What's it like then? Tell me."

"She reached out to get her poster when I finished signing it and her sleeve slid up her arm and..." Julia nodded like she knew what he was talking about, "She just seemed like such a nice girl. Not at all like the type that would..."

"Sometimes its the nicest ones who have the most pain."

"I just wanna help her, you know. She looked so devastated when I saw them. She looked so ashamed."

"Of course she was ashamed Joey. Chances are you're her idol or crush and now you know all about her issues. In her mind that means that you'll never be interested in her and its completely hopeless."


"She's insecure. She's insecure about everything about herself. She has to hide behind long sleeves so no one see them. She doesn't go swimming. She has a minimal amount of friends so that less people find out. And out of those there might be one who knows about it. She probably doesn't date out of fear the guy will think there's something wrong with her."

"I wish I could help her. I keep hoping that someday I'll see her and she'll tell me she stopped."

"She'll stop someday."

"How do you know?"

"I did."

"What? When?"

"It was before college. I was in high school. I can't remember why I started all I remember is I couldn't stop. But, I did it. I managed. I survived. Some of my friends weren't so lucky. Some of my friends still struggle with it today. Thankfully most of my scars have faded now. I still have a few though." She rolled up her sweater sleeve and pointed out a few white scars. Joey pointed out one with small dots all around it.


"Stitch marks. I cut too deep."

"Julia, I'm so sorry." He hugged her.

"Don't be. Its a part of me now. I've come to terms with it. I've been able to move on and now I'm inspiring young girls everyday through Glow* to make sure that what happened to me won't happen to anyone else. Because, its horrible for any girl to have to go through that."

"Hey Jule-Oh, I'm just gonna leave. Now. Looks like you two are having some sort of moment." Lauren burst in, got ready to leave, then changed her mind, "Actually, stay like that." She snapped a picture before promptly uploading it to twitter #gettingcozy.

"What just happened?" Joey asked confused.

"You are now the subject of all the gossip of the entire fandom for a week." Lauren responded with a smile, "What were you guys talking about when I came in?"

"Just stuff." Joey replied.

"Okay." Lauren instantly realized that it was none of her business and she needed to back off. She grabbed their arms and dragged them out into the hall as people began to file in for the Wizard Wrock panel.

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