Severus watched the other families milling around him as he waited for his son to finish his ice cream. A son. He never thought he would have a son, not after Lily left without any warning. Perhaps it was a good thing that he never knew, or maybe it was a bad thing. It was too late to change that past. However, it was not too late for him to help his son. The Dursley's of course would be put on trial. That was the most kindness Severus could give them, they deserved much less. But it was a decision between the muggle prison, or the magical system.

The wizarding system was perhaps too much as Harry was the 'Boy-who-lived' and there was a high chance that the Dursley's would not survive for long in there.

However, the muggle system also had this same opportunity, as child abusers were seen as some of the worst kind.

'Perhaps the Muggle one would suffice, after all, they would be treated as outcasts and freaks, like how they treated Harry', Severus thought to himself.

In any case, the media would not be able to know, otherwise they would never stop harassing Harry about anything that he did. The Daily Prophet would blow everything out of proportion, especially if Rita Skeeter got her hands on it. No, the wizarding world should not know until Harry was ready.

Gazing past the families milling around him, Severus spotted Flourish and Blotts. 'Maybe' He thought to himself, 'Maybe whilst we are here, we should buy Harry's school books as well as any that may help him in the coming year.'

With that decision made, Severus turned to Harry and saw that he had finished his ice cream and was staring at the people running around him.

"Harry, would you like to go to the bookstore?" Severus asked.

"If it would not be too much of a bother dad." Harry smiled up at him. Severus returned Harry's smile and held out his hand to the boy to be held onto to lead him through the busy crowds.

Pushing through the grounds, Severus headed inside the old bookshop. Piles upon piles of books laid near each other, all looking like they could fall if one would touch them, but of course, with magic, they would not move even if an earthquake hit. Every so often, a book would fly over head, with a child running after them. Normally at this display Severus would have sneered, but looking at the laughing faces of the children, Severus could only imagine Harry one day being comfortable enough to do such a thing. Today though, Harry was just off being healed, and even with magic, he should not be doing too strenuous of a task.

"Now Harry, I want you to go around the store and pick two books that you want. Any two books, as long as they interest you. I will be going to get your books for Albion." Carefully, Severus took out a bracelet that the nurse at St. Mungo's passed to him whilst Harry was unconscious. The bracelet acted as a tracking device and a way to know if Harry needed help of any kind, whether it be for him to help him with his books, or to save him from someone. He gently grasped Harry's hand and placed the bracelet on it.

"If you need me, tap the bracelet with your finger and say 'Come find me' and I will come and get you, okay?" Getting a nod in reply, Severus patted Harry on the head and started heading down the isle.

An hour later saw Severus finally finding the section for the Albion students. It was at the very back of the store, and was sorted, unlike the rest of the store, according to year. This allowed Severus to take from the shelves the books that Harry would need without asking assistance from the shop attendant, who would no doubt, ask why a Hogwarts Professor was asking about the Albion Wizarding School.

Helpfully on the wall was also an updating supply list for Albion students who did not bring their supply list, which added to Severus' great fullness of the school. Severus had tried for many years to have something like this placed in Flourish and Blotts for the off chance that a student lost their supply list. Unfortunately Dumbledore believed that it was not necessary, and the matter ended there.

Severus pulled all the required books for 1st year Albion students, as was surprised to note that there was over 10 books, Hogwarts only required 6 at the most, of course, the other books were books Severus was planning on getting for Harry anyway, including 'Potions for Muggles: everything you need to know about Potions and why things are as they are.' (A.N. If you have a better name, tell me in the comments and I will pick the best and change it later). First year students who did not have this book would not understand that there were different properties involved between cutting or crushing an ingredient. Though he only hoped Harry liked potions like he and Lily did, he would encourage him to find something that he wanted to do, instead of living to his standard.

A buzz in his head notified Severus that Harry wanted him, so he headed to where he could feel the tracking device lead him. He came upon a scene which pulled him short. A brunette with frizzy hair was looking down slightly at Harry as she asked him questions, many from the books which Severus held in his hands.

"Harry, who is this... friend of yours?" Severus sneered at the girl. Harry looked down slightly and shrugged his shoulders. "Well in any case, we must be going, have you got your books?" Getting a nod, Severus lead Harry to the counter, ignoring the smart aleck brunette.

The brunette unfortunately followed Severus getting more and more upset when he ignored her.

"Girl, I have no time for you at this moment, you have upset my son, and I have somewhere else to be that does not concern you, please find your parents and leave us alone." Severus calmly stated to her.

He watched as the girl crumbled into herself and left the store crying. Sighing to himself, he looked at Harry and saw only admiration in his eyes. Obviously he had been trying to get the girl away from his before Severus had arrived.

"Come on Harry, lets pay for these books and leave." Smiling softly down at his son, Severus placed a hand on his back to steer him to the counter. He payed for the books and let himself forget about the annoying brunette. Hopefully he would not see her again. After all, it was unlikely that she would be going to Albion with them.


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