Greetings. I have never written Star Trek fan fiction before so this is quite new to my list of writings. This is also the first time I have written in a while, so forgive me if I do not seem to have given such a fantastic collection of characters justice.

I am a big fan of the show. And I always felt Christine Chapel and Spock were meant to be together. So this is my attempt at how they might get into that romance. If I develop a fair following, I would like to continue the prospect of writing a few more stories with these characters.

This story was inspired by a two different stories I read before. One was more of a Kirk/Spock thing and the other was more focused on friendship over romance between Christine and Spock. I forgot the authors names now but in one of the A/N I will be sure to write them out so they may also be enjoyed by fellow readers and properly recognized.

I hope you all enjoy this story. Live Long and Prosper.

Warning: There is some graphic details in here through descriptions. Viewers discretion is advised.

Captain's log: Stardate 5897463.3; The U.S.S. Enterprise has now entered into the Chariotic Nebula System and is about to enter orbit around Charity Alpha 6. My crew and I have been called upon by the Chruscik, a group of elders that lead the planet's people, for counsel on a topic that has yet to be known.

Kirk, dressed in his usual gold and black uniform, sat in his usual station, glancing at the planet they have reached through the main viewer.

"Take us into orbit, Mr. Sulu."

"Aye, Captain."

"What do we know of Charity Alpha 6, Mr. Spock?" The Vulcan in question turned from his post and glanced from his computer.

"The planet's population consists of 179 tribes to date. Each tribe has nearly 5,853 family units, though I cannot guarantee the exact numbers, although I can try-"

"No need for that, Spock. The point is clear enough. Just carry on with their lifestyle, their politics," Kirk replied, exasperated; he never understood how Vulcans thrive on the smallest of details. He had to make a note on teaching Spock to loosen up on such small details. The Vulcan merely raised an already arched eyebrow. He was not quite sure how to respond to his commanding officer's statement. After a moment he settled on a reply.

"Indeed. Each has their own element and beliefs. The overall common unity of these tribes is similar to what Earth's people once call 'Pagan Beliefs.' The following of various gods that provide for their needs."

Kirk looked at his first officer with a surprised look on his face.

"Pagan Beliefs, Spock? You mean like the Egyptians and witches with brooms?" He chuckled. The Vulcan merely raised an eyebrow in inquiry and then continued as though he did not hear his commander's comment.

"Although they are beneath the usual standard for federation protection, they have the ability to see things that others can not from the naked eye. This allows them to know who and what we are without our need of informing them. I believe you're people refer to such beings as…psychics," this received another look from Kirk, but the Vulcan ignored him and continued,

"They are led by the Chruscik, a community of elders that run each and every tribe. They speak for their people and are what keep the peace between the tribes. Because of their level of authority, they are viewed as the leaders of this planet."

"Much like the United Nations Earth once had, Spock?"

"That is one way you can view it, Captain. Although, technically-"

"Thank you, Mr. Spock," The captain replied shortly as he rose from his seat. He ambled over to Lt. Uhura's station. "Any word from the surface, Lieutenant?"

"None, sir. But then, Charity Alpha 6 has not even developed that kind of technology."

"She is wight, Keptin," chimed in Pavel Chekov, one of Starfleet's best navigators. Kirk gave him one of his 'did I ask you?' looks. This left the Russian to quickly turn back at his post, squirming under his commander's gaze. Sulu couldn't help but smirk at his longtime comrade from his post at the helm. Kirk resumed his questioning.

"Is there any indication as to why they need our help?" He looked at his first officer. The Vulcan replied.

"Nothing at this time, Captain."

"Hmm," Kirk grunted in contemplation before he continued.

"Then we should bring medical staff along in case there is anything we can do medically."

A few minutes later a large landing party had reached the service. This party had consisted of Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Nurse Chapel, and two security officers.

Because of his superstitions, McCoy was against going. He found the idea of dealing with psychics much too unsettling for his tastes. This left a vacancy in the party at which his head nurse, Christine Chapel, happily volunteered.

Although she was quiet about it, she had always wanted to see Charity Alpha 6. They were rumored to have had a beautiful landscape with a wide variety of herbs that she could use for future study. As also being a bio-researcher, she thought if she could examine the plants from the planet, she could find ways to help more people.

Although it didn't stop her from feeling nervous being around Spock, whom she still had a crush on. But she made sure to focus on her goals and the mission. This did help keep her mind from wandering towards the tall, dark companion beside her as she dematerialized onto the planet's surface. As she rematerialized, she found her patience to be well worth it.

Although Charity Alpha 6 was never deemed as a class-M planet, it gave the notion that it should have been. They were in a meadow where no words would suit for the justice it deserved for its beauty. There were plants of blues and green grain meshing together in all sorts of hues that were swaying in the warm breeze like they were waves on the ocean. Bushes that looked much like bonsai trees sprouted at various points looked like, from a distance, rocks where the 'waves' crashed down upon them.

Christine went to the nearest bush and began to analyze it with her tricorder. At first, she didn't find much out of the ordinary, until she noticed a few indigo colored flowers at it's base. Their appearance was much similar to Earth's forget-me-nots. She moved her tricorder over to analyze them. The readings she found were phenomenal to the point where she couldn't help but gasp in amazement. Uhura joined her.

"What is it, Chris?" The ebony colored woman asked.

"The readings on these plants are phenomenal. With proper study, these might be used in curing many diseases. After we finish up here, I want to take a few samples back to the ship."

"That would be most unwise, Nurse Chapel."

The person in question nearly jumped out of her skin at the voice of the Vulcan, who stood quite close to the two ladies. Once she regained her composure she gave him a scowl.

"I wish you would stop sneaking up like that."

"That was not my intention to startle you. However, it is most unwise to take samples of any of these plants. As Charity Alpha 6 as yet to be approached by scientists to properly determine if these plants are safe to be utilized in medicine. We are also at the disadvantage of-"

"What are you three doing, lazing about?" cried Captain Kirk as he waltzed up to his comrades, "we have a diplomatic mission to complete."

This caused the Vulcan to pause at his CO's choice of words.

"Captain, I am not familiar with this 'lazing about.' If you are inclining-"

"It was a joke, Mr. Spock; a human emotion."

The Vulcan paused again in contemplation. He then nodded.


"Alright, team; let's see what these psychics' need our help with."

They soon met several members of the Chruscik at the edge of their civilization. Their shapes were hidden in heavily draped clothing. All that could be determined was their mouths, which were shaped much like the beak of a flamingo. Their voices also had a serene sound to them. When they sang in harmonic unison in prayer, it sounded heartbreakingly beautiful. They learned that the people of Charity Alpha 6 were growing sick. And some even died. None of their methods were working. They needed medical assistance, or lest die out into extinction before the scientific exploration vessel's arrival.

They were led into parts of a nearby tribe's city by three of its members. The people of the planet were hard to distinguish, as most of them were also shrouded in similar clothing to their elders. But for the few that showed themselves, they were not what the Starfleet crew at all expected. Even Spock, with his great wealth of knowledge, was to say the least bit surprised.

Although he would only label it something more along the lines of 'curious,' because: "Vulcans do not display any kind of emotion."

Those who allowed themselves to be openly evaluated were something of a mystery. Was it even possible for these beings to exist? Obviously, as one kicked his hoof into a cart during a reflex test. For the most part, they were humanoids. Some had more bodily hair than what was deemed acceptable by human standards. And each male had a set of bumps exactly three centimeters higher than their eyebrows. Their ears would twitch at the slightest of sounds, which made it difficult for Christine to check them for any abnormalities beyond what she had seen. And although they showed to be mostly human, they still had no solid differences below the waist. For most of them had short, furry tails and a pair of hoofs for feet. The only solid difference was that the females would be smaller than the males, and they didn't have any bumps on their heads like the men.

These beings, however, were shown to be not sick at all compared to the ones that were shrouded in the doorway shadows draped in their consuming robes. Christine found this quite odd, but opted to sweep it away for later analysis and carried on with her work. Her first priority was to help the ones that were sick. But everything that Nurse Chapel carried seemed to be useless. After some counseling, she took various tissue samples from several members of the infected and the healthy. She was then given samples of all the herbs that the one tribe used on a daily basis. She noticed the forget-me-not plant was not among them.

As they were escorted out to the nearest clearing to teleport out, Christine noticed one of the bonsai bushes she noticed earlier. And at its base, was the forget-me-not plant. She bit her lower lip. Spock told her it wasn't a good idea. There hadn't been a scientific expedition on the planet yet to see what was and what wasn't safe. But then her mind went to the sick people of the planet; causing the nurse in her to feel the need to cover all areas of possibilities. With her new-found conviction, she trudged off to the side of the landing party towards the indigo colored plant. She bent down to quickly check her tricorder and still found the same readings she found before. With a contented smile, she delved her hands into the soft soil and began to gently remove it by the roots. To say the least this mostly went unnoticed until...

"EEEEeeeek!" "Thief!" "Miserable Wretch!"

She looked up. In a moment, the robes of what might have been a peaceful race melted away to reveal what many would illustrate as Homer's hideous harpies from The Odyssey.

Their bodies, from their shoulders down to their knees, were a perfect copy of the human female anatomy. But they had no such pleasing features. To begin, there were no feet on these creatures. They had long, three-pronged talons. The talons were sharp to the point where there were indentations into the ground with every step they took.

Their skin was like white leather, wrinkled and pale. No respectable woman past her prime years would ever consider herself to allow her body to show such skeletal details. If there was any ounce of fat on them, it would be the two mounds on their chests hung like pendulums. Their arms, although slender, were hardly distinguished between the spans of their wings. The thin films of skin that made one question in wonder how they make such creatures to fly were spanned out over the vulture heads in a position of dominance.

It was then the beak took new form with the connected body. And when it opened, the once sweet song was replaced by loud, horrid shrieking. They caused everyone to cover their ears in anguish at the painful sound. When they had finally stopped their cries, the black eyed harpies glared daggers of hate at the naive maiden. They soon began to chant in turn as their bodies and eyes started to glow a red hue.

"Punish Her!" "Punish Her!" "Punish Her!"

At that moment, security officer Ensign Christopher stepped away from the group and pulled out his phaser. But before he could raise it up to fire the harpies turned on him and blasted them with their red light screech. In a red flash of light he was vaporized into dust.

With their last attack foiled, the harpies began their attack again. But this time, the light was yellow. They started to chant again. Except, this time, there were only two that did it.

"Punish Her!" "Punish Her!" "Punish Her!" "Punish Her!"

The team tried calling out to Christine, but they fell on deaf ears as the lead harpy started to sing. It was merely vocalizing. But whenever a harpy vocalizes, a spell is being spun. And while the two harpies chanted away in the background, the lead harpy sang her song while staring intently at their prey. Those eyes became black orbs that soon had Christine lost in a swaying stupor. She mentally resisted, but her body wouldn't obey. She was lost in the spell; an open target for their final attack. When the moment came, the lead harpy stopped her song and joined her sisters in the attack. This finally freed the medical science officer, only to still be out in the open with no means of escape. Seeing no way out to escape her fate, Christine braced herself for what was expected to come. Only…

"Look out!" "Oh no, Chris!" "Spock!"

In a moment she felt her world beginning to crumble as the flash of light that was once aiming for her was soon hidden away by the blue blur of a science officer's uniform. Of the five humans remaining that arrived on the planet, only two wore the blue science uniform. Of those two, the one that fell was only half human.

The plant that caused all of this, suddenly forgotten, slipped the golden haired woman's hands as she reached for the falling Vulcan; hoping to ease his fall. It was neither a success, nor a failure, as she fell underneath his weight. His head was cradled in her slender arms, as his lean frame crushed her more delicate figure.

He was still conscious, although barely, as she looked at him with an already tear-stained face. Her mouth was suddenly dry. A lump that magically appeared made it hard for her to swallow, as only one thought came to her mind that she needed to voice to the man who stole her heart.

"…Why?..." It was only a whisper to everyone's ears. But to a Vulcan, it was as clear as day.

"…It was…only…logical…"

He seemed to have difficulty breathing. But when she looked him over with her trained medical eye, she saw no sign of injury. But then, Ensign Christopher didn't show any signs of injury when he died. But this was different. Spock was still alive. Before she could say another word or think another thought she saw that Spock was becoming paler, almost translucent.

He was beginning to disappear.