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It was two young female ensigns, giggling as they ventured to their respective posts for the late night shift. Their deck was before Spock's, but he wished to know what these ensigns were going to say.

'If what they say is false, I will need to correct them as soon as possible. I will also need to report this to the Captain.'

The idea sounded logical enough, but one other name was mentioned when he heard his own, Christine Chapel.

"I heard he jumped in front of her at the very last minute."

"No way, I wouldn't have thought he could go out of his way to help her!"

"From what I heard, she was carrying something important."

"Oohh." The smaller ensign spoke.

She had brown hair and brown eyes. She was fairly gaunt for a woman of her age, making Spock question if she had any eating disorders that still plagued the human race.

The other, a rather round woman with more curves than necessary, had auburn hair and green eyes. She seemed to have been the younger ensign's junior, as she looked to be a few years older.

He saw that Christine was a perfect foil between the two in front of him. She wasn't overly thin like the one, but she wasn't overly heavy either. She was quite aesthetically pleasing. She had a fair amount of curves in the right areas so that she could function normally without worry on being weak or without strength.

As he strode along his mind went into more of her features until the two spoke up again.

"I kinda feel bad for her."

"Why's that?"

"Well, he's a Vulcan, and he doesn't have any emotions. Or at least, he acts like he doesn't have any. But even so, she goes out of her way for him."

"Do you mean?"


"But why?"

"I don't know. If it was me, I'd move on and try to date somebody else."

"Like who?"

"Well…like…Kevin Riley in engineering."

"Oohh! He's so cute!"

"I know!"

"But isn't he…"

Spock couldn't listen anymore. He definitely needed to report to the Captain over this gossiping issue with the crew, especially amongst the female members.

'Simply illogical.'

That's what he kept saying over and over until he felt a huge pang in what was supposed to be his tail.

Spock hated the burden it caused him. Whenever a crew member, in their carelessness, would step on it he would be in sufficient amount of pain. But thanks to his Vulcan mindset, he managed to control his yelp into silence.

It took more energy than he found necessary; but he also had discovered that this new physical form was harder to control. Throughout the day, he had felt animalistic desires that cats were known for having. The lust for hunting rodents, the joy of playing with unused string…

'No, I am a Vulcan, logic outweighs emotion.'

And so the cat turned to see the culprit walking away at a brisk pace. What he saw made his heart almost stop.

It was the one person whom only moments ago he had thoughts of. It was Christine Chapel. And she was walking in the opposite directions of her quarters.

Christine couldn't take it any longer. She was beyond exhausted. But sleep never came to her. After reaching her quarters she ripped off her clothes and showered.

The hot spray did little to relax her. Her mind had been racing after her failed experiment attempt. Her already tense shoulders made her seem more rigid than she was. But by then she had felt the same way as her body exerted. She stood there among the water droplets in deep thought. Every time she closed her eyes, her mind brought up images of what happened on the planet.

She could hear her name being called, his name, she could see it so slowly happening as he ran to her, placing himself into the brunt of the fire.

She could still feel his eyes boring into hers. Those beautiful, dark, mysterious eyes.

She couldn't help but shiver as those eyes stared through her soul, baring every vulnerable thought and feeling.

Before she realized it the water had long gone cold. She shivered more as she turned everything off and wrapped herself into a warm towel. It was then she noticed herself and looked at the lonely mirror.

What she saw disgusted her self.

She saw the tired, desperate woman that had her heart on her sleeve. Always throwing it towards the one person she knew she could never ever have. I

t was only a matter of time before Spock took in an attempt at the Vulcan art of Kolinar. And then he would be a flawless machine of logic. Emotions would then absolutely make no sense or purpose for him. What she felt would mean nothing to him. Emotion wasn't logical. Emotion was unnecessary.

Scoffing she covered the mirror and got herself some of the plomeek soup she had made the night before.

Although she did have fish every now and then, she had been a vegetarian for many years.

When Roger had come into her life with his Texan background, she had to adapt. Roger was a good man, but he was very strict in his habits. His upbringing made him a proud steak and burger kind of guy. When they dated, she found it an interesting feature.

But as the years passed and the grocery bills gone up, she realized how burdensome it was to maintain her lifestyle with a man who would never compromise over eating vegetables. So she gave up her way of eating unless she was eating alone. But even then, it was never easy.

After he died, she began her life again as a vegetarian. And for the most part, it was easy to fall back into.

But every once in a while, when she had a tofu salad and Uhura had a steak fajita for lunch, her mouth would water at the scent of the juicy meat.

But she held strong.

And as she researched other means to change up her diet, she found that the Vulcan diet was the most appetizing. She found the plomeek soup to be the most beneficial and easiest to make.

Once in a while, she would ask Spock on some recipes he found to be the best. And the ones he'd recommend she'd try as soon as possible and would very much enjoy them.

Many people thought that she only liked Vulcan food and was a vegetarian because of the Vulcan she admired on the ship. This wasn't completely false. But she had chosen this lifestyle long before they ever met. It was just easy to go back to it than to dwell on the unhealthy meals Roger liked.

As she finished the last of her soup, she received a message on the conn. It was Uhura, trying to see if her good friend needed company.

The message was awkward though, she could see it in Uhura's body language. Uhura was only trying to be nice because of what happened. Her thoughts went back down to those harpies and the attempt on her life.

She began to feel sick, once she placed a friendly decline to her friend; she vacated the little contents of her stomach into the Starfleet issued toilet and rinsed her mouth to get rid of the horrid taste. Although delicious, plomeek soup was not something one would wish to vomit. It left a bad aftertaste as a result to rival a serious case of bad breath.

Feeling little else to do other than to sleep, Christine retreated into her bedroom.

But sleep never came.

Her mind played that scene again and again as she relived every breathing moment of what happened. But as each time the scene replayed itself, the injury to Spock grew steadily worse.

One dream showed him getting a blast-like mark on his chest, and then bleeding to death as Captain Kirk failed to reach the Enterprise. In another he completely disappeared.

She woke up with a start, her heart pounding against its ribcage. Her eyes were swollen from all the silent tears she carried in every dream.

She looked at her clock and realized it had only been four hours since she was ordered to her quarters.

Less than an hour since she turned in for the night.

Not wanting to go back into the world of nightmares, Christine found she had could make better use of her time doing something else.

Eat? Her stomach tightened. Not after last time. Read a book? Or maybe an old puzzle? No, she couldn't concentrate with Spock's condition in the back of her mind.

She glanced at the clock again.

If she knew Leonard, he'd be I his quarters right now. The Captain as well. She bit her lip.

There was no way she was going to sleep tonight. And what Leonard and the Captain wouldn't know wouldn't hurt them.

Doctor M'Benga usually never said a word to Leonard when she pulled the occasional all-nighter. Maybe he'd think this was just another routine work binge for her.

She felt her conviction rise as she quickly dressed in a clean uniform and fixed her hair so it was regulation. She washed her face and was out the door.

Of course, the first officer had to be making rounds at this time of night.

After she realized her mistake of stepping on Spock's tail, she walked quickly towards the labs. Hopefully, he didn't see her. She prayed Spock didn't notice which direction the culprit went, and then she would be in the clear.

She knew if she stayed and apologized, Spock would somehow tell the Captain and this time, she knew, she'd be confined to quarters with security personnel at her door.

'After he is cured, then I will apologize properly.'

She walked past the entrance to Sickbay and into the lab. Everything was just as she had left it. She sighed. It was time to work.

Unfortunately, her attempt at ignorance had only guaranteed the Vulcan's attention.

He began to follow her as soon as he regained his composure. He did lose track of her at the one corridor by the turbo lift.

Instead of going left, he went straight as another female with similar stature and hair color went into the turbo lift. It was during the break period where the overnight crew took the opportunity to eat and rest.

Spock had been blocked by a group of male ensigns when the science officer turned out of the very corridor Christine went into, thus not noticing the switch.

He had just managed to slip into the turbo lift before the doors closed. When he turned around he found he had followed the wrong female science officer. Taking the time to think, Spock went through several possibilities of Christine's location on the deck he had just vacated. But again he was interrupted by the boisterous Dr. M'Benga and Lieutenant Uhura.

"Deck 8" He bellowed.

He then leaned closer towards his female companion, as they were the only people in the turbo lift other than Spock.

"Shall we continue this date in my quarters, Lieutenant?" Uhura smiled weakly back at him.

"I'm sorry Jay," as that was her nickname for him, "but I think I'll try to go see Christine, she seems down lately."

"Nurse Chapel? I saw her heading to the labs on my way to see you." Uhura looked up.

"Really? Last I spoke to her she was in her quarters."

"Well, she must've remembered some last minute work she needed done for Dr. McCoy. It's not the first time she's pulled an all nighter. She said it had to do with the samples you collected today." Uhura looked astonished.

"She didn't tell me about that…."

She trailed off and then had a subtle moment's epiphany with a low 'oh' passing from her mouth. It was then followed by a small sigh.

"What's the matter, Nyota?" M'Benga asked; worried if he did anything wrong.

"Is it something wrong?"

Uhura shook her head.

"I think I know what's going on with Christine."

Both Spock and Dr. M'Benga had their full attention on her as she spoke.

"Well, call it woman's intuition, but I have a feeling Chris is having a serious case of a guilty conscience."

Spock tilted his head in wonder.

'Nurse Chapel? Guilty? Guilty of what exactly?'

M'Benga was a bit more skeptical.

"A guilty conscience? Chris? Nyota, do you hear yourself? Why would she have a guilty conscience? She is the most selfless woman I know." Uhura only shook her head.

"You weren't there, Jay. You didn't see what happened on the planet. You didn't see what Spock did."

The good natured doctor looked at her with a puzzled look on his face. Uhura sighed and continued.

"Look, Chris has had feelings for Spock. And he's never returned her feelings. But then he jumps in front her and takes a serious hit meant for her. Chris is blaming herself for his misfortune."

Before the doctor could retort, they had reached their destination and began their walk down the corridor.

As they turned off into one, the doctor noticed a black cat walking out of the turbo lift and began trotting down another corridor towards sickbay.

"Nyota, you never told me what actually happened to Spock."

"He ended up being turned into a black cat."


"He was in the turbo lift wasn't he?"

"Uh-huh…" Uhura smirked at that response.

"Know what, Jay? I think I would like to finish that date in your quarters after all."

She then held his hand and began to walk a little faster. Her smirk soon became a full grin with every step.

Author's Note:

Okay, I know I'm probably a bit off on several things about Christine and Roger. But for the story I needed to show the independence and selfless behavior Christine has. So if I am offending anyone, I'm sorry. Also, I'm aware I might've misspelled a few things like Dr. M'Benga's name and that it was never clearly stated that he and Uhura were a couple. But I thought it was fitting for this story.

One More Thing; those two stories that inspired me? Here are the titles and their writers. I hope you enjoy them.

The Labyrinth - Aconitum-Napellus

Black Cat – boothandbonesolve

Reminder, Black Cat is a suggestive Spock/Kirk slash.