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Chapter 1: Hostile living environment

It was early in the morning; the colors of the dawn were just beginning to paint the sky, and yet snoring could still be heard throughout the Dursley household on Privet Drive. The Dursleys themselves had not risen to enjoy the soft light of morning, or the songs of waking birds. This, however, did not mean that no one was awake in the home at all.

You see, Harry James Potter was very much awake and busy in the kitchen of that little home on Privet Drive. His hands moved mechanically as he prepared breakfast for his "family" on that lovely morning. His actions seemed focused, but in fact his mind was very far away. His mind was all the way back in that dreary graveyard. You know, the one where poor old Cedric died, the one where Wormtail cut his arm, and what else...oh yeah, the one where VOLDEMORT WAS RESURRECTED!

"Ouch!" Harry hissed as his hand brushed the hot pan that held the abnormal amount of bacon.

He rubbed the burnt spot and quickly tossed some cold water on his hand. Then he stilled to make sure he didn't wake any of the house's occupants (which was very unlikely because they were heavy sleepers). When the snores continued he returned to the task at hand, a bit more alert then before.

It had been two weeks since he returned the Privet Drive for the summer, and he already couldn't wait to go back. Yes, going back would mean that he would have to deal with the next fiasco Voldemort would cause, but he'd take the snake-faced Voldemort over the land-whale Dursleys any day. Mr and Mrs. Dursley, well, they weren't very nice to the raven-haired teen that was their nephew. Their son Dudley was just as bad if not worse. Harry's Uncle Vernon would get physically violent with him, while his Aunt Petunia was verbally abusive towards him. Harry's cousin Dudley was a bit of both and he had an entire gang to help him out.

Dudley was acting strangely this summer; he'd give Harry strange predatory looks that the fourteen year-old was unfamiliar with. What Harry didn't realize is that as the years went by he was becoming a lot more pleasing to the eyes. He had lost most of that baby fat, his frame thin but muscled from quidditch playing; although, if you picked him up, he would still be considered underweight. His hair reached his shoulders, staying slightly tamer, but now instead of a bird's nest he hair had more of a "just shagged" look. Harry's eyes were a mixture of light and dark emerald flecks; he liked to think the bright flecks represented the good things he had seen and the dark flecks represented the hard times. Nowadays though, it seemed like their were more dark flecks then light ones.

Where was I?... Oh yeah, Dudley!...Basically he was becoming a freaking creeper.

Thump Thump Thump

'...They're awake.' Harry thought depressingly

Later that evening

'Can't these lard-asses do anything besides eat?!' The teen wondered moodily, watching disgusted as the two Dursley males devoured the supper he was forced to slave over. He glanced at his aunt who annoyed him just as much. While the other two ate greedily, she would eat almost nothing. It was as if she didn't like Harry's cooking. Harry snorted at the thought, 'No she's just pissed that my cooking's better then hers. That, and she's on that constant 'don't ever eat' diet.'

When dinner was finished, the Dursley family moved to the living room to enjoy some television. Harry washed the abandoned dishes before heading for his room, not noticing that he was being followed. He was in the front hallway, heading for the stairs when he was whacked in the butt by something flat. He yelped and whirled around to look up at his cousin who was smirking at him, "Did you just spank me?!"

"So what if I did?"

Sometimes he really wanted to punch his cousin, just like Hermione did to Malfoy in third year. With that in his mind he stormed off before he did something that would invoke the wrath of his uncle. As he reached the top of the stairs he tried to pick up the pace towards his room. In doing so, before he could reach his door, he bumped into the new end table that his aunt had placed upstairs earlier that week. The table wobbled, but that wasn't the bad part. The vase that had sat upon the end table was knocked to the floor. Harry flinched at the loud smashed that followed.

"BOY! What did you do?!"

The teen couldn't bear to look back as he heard heavy footsteps behind him. He kept his eyes shut tight in fear of what was going to come next.


"It was me Dad, sorry!" Came an unexpected reply.

Harry looked up from his spot on the floor to see Dudley leaning by the top of steps. He could hear hear Uncle Vernon grumbling with disgruntled confusion, " Just be more careful!" The over-sized man went back to the living room where his programs awaited him.

Harry eyed his cousin suspiciously before quickly pushing himself up and running into his room. He made to close the door when a foot jammed itself doorway. Dudley pushed the door open the rest of the way and sauntered inside. Harry, unsure of what the larger boy was up to nervously backed up. "What do you want Dudley?"

"Now dear cousin, is that any way to thank someone who just saved you from a nasty arse kicking?" Dudley asked in a mockingly sweet tone.

"I-I'm sorry,...thank you, Dudley." The green-eyed teen said softly before turning to attend to Hedwig.

He was suddenly grabbed from behind and thrown onto the bed. Harry yelped as he hit the hard, lumpy mattress. "That's not what I had in mind Harry." Dudley jeered as he hover over his smaller cousin, using his hands to trap him on the bed.

"W-What did you have in mind then?"

A weighty hand found his hip and began to move higher, pushing the over-sized T-shirt up. Harry pushed the hand away "What are you doing?!"

"Demanding a little compensation." Lips smashed painfully onto Harry's. The younger of the two boys struggled fiercely, pushing and hitting the bulkier boy's shoulders. When Dudley pulled away he demanded a willing kiss.

Harry gaped at him, "We're cousins!"

"I don't care! I suggest you just give me what I want or I'll tell my dad about the other item you broke."

"I didn't brake anything else!"

"Not yet." Dudley smirked (and yeesh, he made Malfoy look charming) "Now pay up, cousin."

Harry whimpered and reluctantly shifted closer to the larger teen. 'This is so wrong!' he thought. He shakily placed his lips on his childhood bully's mouth. A hand found the back of his head, his lip was bitten and a tongue was forced into his mouth. It was like that for a few moments before Dudley let him go, licked his lips, and left the room.

Harry curled up in the corner of his bed, shaking. He felt like crying as he realized this summer may be the worst one yet.

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