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Characters: M&M

Genre: Humor

A/N: Happy birthday, Matt! And sorry about the slow update. I'm working pretty extensively on that AU.

It had started slowly. Like, you know how the storms that start the slowest always last the longest? Yeah. Mello didn't see it coming when it started.

He began to suspect something when Matt was parading around the house, singing Japanese. And then when he started using those strange words, such as "Jereeta," "Spumanoh," and "Proo-Oz." Mello just brushed these things off most of the time.

When he really got curious, though, was when Matt used the term, "Sweden Finland."

"Matt..." he said hesitantly, looking up from his laptop, "you know that Sweden and Finland are two separate countries, right?"

Matt blinked. "Well, yeah. I can't really ship it if they were just one person."

"... What the hell are you talking about?"

"Hetalia, of course," Matt articulated. "Haven't you been listening to a word I've said all month? Haven't you seen my Italy mug? Haven't you noticed me using your high-heeled boot as a beer mug?"

"... No...?"

Matt sighed. "Figures."

As in GerIta, Spomano, PruAus (which I don't ship, but my girlfriend does, so it gets honorable mention), and Sweden/Finland. Get with it, people.

... Boku Latvia. XD