Another Harry Potter Story

By: Twisted Novelist (original story By: J.K. Rowling)

Hollowed Wounds, Rewrite

Writer's Notes: So I have decided to rewrite this with a little more passion and changes to it. There will still be bashing of the Weasleys but it will not be Hermione that Harry falls for. After all I have been wanting to try some very specific hook ups and I think it might twist your head around.

Prologue: Letter from Myself

Hogwart's Third Year Ending

Harry Potter only had a week left of Hogwarts before he had to go back to his family, if you could call them that. He was walking the halls as he had just finished most of his studies early and had the rest of the time off to relax when he ran into a dark haired beauty, literally.

"What? Watch where you're walking you imbecile!" she yelled after realizing she was on the floor.

As her friend lowered her hand so the girl could get off the ground she muttered "Blundering ape more like it."

Harry quietly mumbled something under his breath before he stood up.

"I'm sorry, what did you just say? You are an ape?" the dark haired girl asked scathingly

"I said I'm sorry for running into you but I guess I should have said be lucky I didn't hit you harder" Harry retorted while walking away.

Daphne Greengrass stood rooted in shock, no one had ever dared to say such a foul thing to her before, excluding Malfoy who she had hexed immediately afterwards. She wasn't going to stand for this as she was the Ice Princess of Hogwarts, everyone knew that. She spun on her heel as she drew her wand. Harry kept moving as he wasn't aware that there was a wand pointed at him. She fired a stunner over his left shoulder to warn him. Harry stopped in his tracks but made no move to turn around.

"I'm sorry were you looking for a fight? I don't think even you could spoil my good mood" (no ownership necessary.)

"Oh, well I guess that fame has gone to your head then, or is it that you get kicks from being chased by the Dark Lord's assassins?" the dark haired girl said with a grin.

Harry turned around to face the girl without a smile on his face. "Why?" he asked.

"Why what? You don't like being called on your fame feeding?" she said tilting her head to the side "Or did I uncover the game you and Voldemort play?"

"You know nothing, and here I thought you might have been smarter than Hermione, Daphne" Harry said. This had caught the girl by surprise as she did not expect him to know who she was.

"But, how did.." Daphne started.

"How did I know? Hermione hasn't stopped talking about the black haired Slytherin that can rival her in almost all our classes. I am however not impressed that you haven't figured me out yet" Harry finished as he drew his wand.

Daphne didn't know what to do. The fact that he knew more about her then she anticipated put her in a bad position in this fight. She did have her friend which could more than make up for her not knowing his fighting style. She was not willing to back down from this but Snape had walked around the corner at that moment and if he saw them fighting then they would end up in detention and she didn't want any of that.

"Maybe next time Potter" she said before she hid her wand and walked away.

Number Four Privet Drive

Harry had made it home at last. He had to take a taxi from the train station but it was all good because he knew he had set his godfather free. He had taken a shower and felt refreshed. As he entered his room he noticed a scroll on his pillow that wasn't there before he left. He walked over to it wand in hand, he had to be safe about this. The scroll had writing on the outside that read: 'To Harry Potter age 14 yrs, from Harry Potter age 27 yrs'.

Was this a joke, Harry thought. There was no way that Harry could send himself a letter through time, could he? No, this had to be some kind of prank that involved approaching someone . He had received a few of these kind of letters after arriving at Hogwarts. He even remembered the one from Susan Bones, she tried to play it off that she didn't know what he was talking about when he brought it to her attention. This one on the other hand was different, as it wasn't an actual letter but a scroll. How it got on his bed was another mystery.

Harry didn't know how to check for traps or curses and he was always being called bull headed by Hermione for the same kind of things he was about to do. Harry reached out to the scroll and picked it up. Maybe he had just died, or maybe it was a trap from Voldemort but either way he had found himself in a white room. He knew there was likely a spell on that damn thing but he really was a daring Gryffindor through and through.

It didn't take long for something to happen as he saw someone materialize right in front of him. It was him! But older, much older. He had facial hair and wasn't wearing any glasses.

"Hello Harry, I'm guessing by now you want to know what you just did wrong. The truth of the matter is that you have done nothing but cause a small ripple in time. I would let you speak but this message is only one way so hear me out" the older Harry requested.

"You are currently approaching your fourth year at Hogwarts, you saved our godfather from a horrid fate and yet you feel like there is more danger coming. That gut of ours never lies Harry and you need to trust it more often. Even though it never lies it can however be deceived and that is the main reason I am here, to destroy Ginny Weasley's web of deception before it starts. I come to you now because this was the earliest sign of movement on her part. Yes I how you saved her in the chamber of secrets but it was during my fourth year that she managed to slip me a potion that would cause an attraction to her" the older Harry revealed as he paced back and forth.

"You need to find a girlfriend quickly and if that doesn't stop her then you will need to get married. I know this sounds drastic and a lot to ask but I hope you can believe this is necessary, after all you are me and I am you. I will have to leave the rest in your hands but I wish you luck and for the record... this never happened" the older Harry spoke with a wink before everything disappeared.

Harry soon realized he was back in his room void of anything magical. He was starting to wonder what it was all about and if he should mention this to Sirius. But now was not the time though as he was starting to feel fatigued. Harry laid down on his bed and almost instantly fell asleep.

Greengrass Manor

Mr. Greengrass was going through some old documents as he tried finding the contract between the Malfoys and his youngest daughter. Lucius had reminded him of it this morning for some odd ball reason. Knowing Malfoy, he was likely to attempt finding some way to seal the deal sooner than what was originally expected.

Flipping through the papers he found a Marriage contract that he wasn't expecting. It was for his oldest daughter Daphne along with the first born male of the Potter family. He soon remembered the meeting for the contract vividly and he had only accepted because the Dark Lord was threatening to kill the family. Greedily he had put a clause in the contract that would give the Potter's wealth to the Greengrass clan if they died. On the other hand if the boy survived then he would be responsible for raising the child. However he had never found the boy and wasn't intrusted with the Potter family fortune either.

He was silently debating on whether or not to approach the boy regarding the contract when his daughter loudly barged into the office complaining about some idot. It turned out Daphne had run into some boy in the halls of her school and he in turn had apparently said some things that got under her skin. She never mentioned the boy's name so it made him wonder who would be capable of irritating his daughter in such a way. She had long perfected the Ice Princess persona so much that it had started to become part of her natural attitude.

He contemplated bringing the contract to her attention but thought better of it, with her in such a mood it would only lead to an explosive confrontation. Besides, he would need to determine if the contract was still valid and if the boy would be willing to accept the conditions.

Granger House

Hermione was home once again and once again she was alone. Her parents were off in Africa on another charity mission to help the locals. She walked up a flight of stairs and opened the first door to her left. Her room was made up of dark green wallpaper and bronze trimings. She had a plush queen sized bed and two towering book shelves as well as an oak desk. She even had a comfortable reading chair in between her book shelves. One could easily say her parents were loaded as she lived as close to a princess's life as any rich family could manage.

She walked over to her school chest resting at the foot of her bed and pulled out a stone that was light blue in color. She rubbed it over her wand causing the stone to glow with light. After it was done she cast a simple light spell. Like the last three times she had done this, there was no owl from the Ministry of Magic. She had learned that this stone would remove any enchantments once it had been rubbed against said item and since then she had been using it to take off the age spell that notified the Ministry of underage wand magic.

Hermione was the one of the smartest girls of her age. She had always found a way around the rules and she did it without people finding out. She walked to her desk and started writing a letter. It would be nice if she actually stayed in contact with Harry this summer.

Number Four Privet Drive

Harry didn't know what to think about his freshly revealed information. Ginny was supposedly a manipulating bint that only wanted what all other shallow witches craved. She wanted to capture the famous boy-who-lived, not get to know Harry Potter. He thought that she was different but it was his heart that was fooling him. He now needed to do something that he thought he would never have to resort to. He would need to obtain a fake girl friend so that he could hopefully cease other girls advances. He could try asking Hermione to be his girl but something told him that others would just get jealous and try to simply harm her in response. He didn't want to recklessly put his best friend in that kind of danger.

Almost as if on cue, a regal brown owl came in through the window and dropped a letter. It was from a Mr. Greengrass. As Harry curiously opened the letter and started reading he smiled widely. He quickly realized he may just have been handed the golden ticket out of this mess and if he was thinking of the correct girl then she would be the perfect decoy against any others.

Visibly relaxing Harry reflected that almost every girl in the wizarding world in some form or another had a huge crush on the famous Harry Potter legend and most of all the boy-who-lived title. Harry had long been on the receiving end of requests from various girls asking him to go on a date. Hopefully that would all change soon.