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I have liked FEM! Harry for a while now, and I have written one or two in the past… So I figured I'd try my hand at it again… With a bit of BBC's Sherlock mixed in.

Yes, I know... I am Evil.

Chapter one; The Love blessing

The Ardor Blessing; By Malinda Morfais

When a young wizard, Normally in their late teens, has lived a life sorely lacking in love and kindness, but still manages to grow up with a pure heart and body; they could be gifted by magic with the Ardor blessing. This blessing changes that Wizard's body into a young female body that is both healthy and very fertile. The Ardor blessing, or Love blessing, is also known to change the body in other slight ways as well. Making the person more graceful, attractive, and softer. Everything from skin to hair, all the way to the bones could be adjusted by the blessing. This seems to happen so that the blessed could more easily attract a lover or husband.

Also, the Blessed person's magic becomes more palatable and wild, and can at times reach out to those the blessed is considering bonding with. This will stop when the blessed bonds with one person, where the magic of the Ardor will divide itself between the blessed and the bonded. Until bonded, the Ardor will reach out, over and over again until the blessed finds someone suitable. The longer the blessed waits to bond, the more desperate the Ardor will become.

After the bonding happens whenever the blessed is ovulating they can, like many part-creatures, go into a sort of Mini-heat. This is to make sure that children are conceived. But as stated, this only happened after a bond has been made.

Being blessing is not to punish a person, or to force them into marriage and childbirth as many assume. Being bonded and married to one blessed is considered an honor, and a blessing on its own. Because of the rarity of this blessing, many people have tried to misuse or take advantage of the blessed, mostly pure blood families looking to add more strength to their house. This should not be allowed. The blessing is to give the person a second chance at a life full of love, happiness and family that they have been denied before... To be protected and cherished as they should have been in the first place. NOT so they could be used as breeding mule and power source for old bloodlines.

This is why the blessed are more often than not protected by the law and magic its self, to insure they bond with a person of their choice.

Magic was horrified.

She had watched in sorrow and dismay as Harry Potter grew. From the Heart-breaking night Lily and James died at the hands of the dark lord. To the lonely, Loveless nights Harry suffered alone as a child. Thinking himself unwanted and uncared for... Neglected and verbally, physically, and emotionally abused for years on end. Magic hated it.

When he was 11, Hogwarts joined in her horror. In fear they watched him struggle the next 7 years, helping when they could. At the 3rd floor corridor, Hogwarts did what she could. Magic also helping to keep him alive after the Spirit of the Dark Lord rushed through his body… 2nd year, Hogwarts assisted him as much as she could in the chamber of secrets. Making sure that the sorting hat and the sword of Gryffindor appeared. And Magic, Sending in the Phoenix of the Headmaster just in time to cry in his wound. Though Albus though it was because of him, the two knew better... They let him think that.

Third year saw fury from them both. Those disgusting demeantors on Hogwarts grounds! They could barely stand it! Magic herself was even more angry over Sirius's imprisonment and the hate and fever in which others hunted him down. All the while, Peter the rat was running free. When Harry blasted hundreds of demeantors away, saving Hogwarts and Sirius, using time travel to do it, Magic and Hogwarts laughed. With both Mirth and Pride they watched those disgusting beings get their due. They giggle about still, till this day.

Fourth year and Fifth year did nothing but prove Magic and Hogwarts right about what they thought of the young man. And 6th year and the Battle of Hogwarts earned him not only the respect that he had earned, but the right for them to finally repay him for all that he had done for them. He had saved Hogwarts more than once, and now the whole of magical England. The balance would be restored, and all will be well again.

It was time to set things right for their little one... It was now time for someone to look after him.

He would thank them for it later.

After the final battle was over, Harry walked himself up to the Gryffindor boys' dorms. He was feeling free, content and quite proud of himself... And felt a bit weird. A warm, bubbling feeling was swarming in his middle, and seemed to be growing. Weather it was the combination of Voldemort finally being gone, being back at Hogwarts, or being a real bed for the first time in MONTHS Harry would never know.. Maybe all of them.

Harry was tired and feeling quite pleased with himself. He simply decided to force himself to ignore weird brewing in his mid-section. He crawled in his bed, and promptly passed out. He slept better than he had in years, deeply and soundly. He had not a clue as to how much things were going to change when he woke.

It started with a blue-white glow that surrounded him. It shrouded him completely from head to toe and wrapped itself around him like a warm blanket. It was a thing of energy and magic, but it looked so solid and unbreakable it was confusing.

Then came the re-shaping and re-forming of his body. He continued to sleep peacefully as his skin was softened, scars faded, and body changed from male to female. His hips were shaped into lovely curves. Breasts formed where there was once a flat chest, and his rib cage was tucked in and raised; forming a high waist.

Next was the surge of energy that seemed to wrap and whip about Harry's entire person. As if Magic and Hogwarts itself seemed to be adding their own power into the charge. The power floated in and out, swirling and spiraling around the sleeping form. It was quite a sight indeed…

And last, came the changes to his face. The scar on his forehead had already faded away. But now his cheekbones become more prominent and moved higher. His chin smoothed and came to a feminine and heart-shaped point. His eyebrows thinned and shaped, and his eyelashes and eyelids changed as well.

Suddenly the savior of the wizarding world had become a great beauty. Having been gifted by both Magic and Hogwarts with the Ardor blessing...

A few moments later and this magical spectacle ended just as quickly as it began.

The floating dust around the room settled. The room became silent. The magic coming out of the sleeping form became palatable but calm. And Harry, having undergone an amazing transformation, just sighed and smiled contentedly... Still very much asleep.

Magic and Hogwarts took one gaze over their handwork. They admired the new form of this young woman. The new body of their savior.

They beamed in pride together at a job well done, then disappeared from the room, having other work to complete now.

Nether had any idea what they had set into motion.

Maybe Sherlock/Harry? Maybe John/Harry or Lestrade/Harry, even! Let me know!