The meeting was wrapped up, and the two ministers shook one another hands before departing. Mycroft felt in better spirts already, and was more hopeful then he had in months.

There were still problems to be fixed, including major problems with the breaks of the statue of secrecy... But things were moving in the right direction, and would continue to do so. It helped that Shacklebolt was a man that likes to see things get done and get done quickly. Mycroft believed he was going to enjoy working alongside him.. He watched everyone depart one by one with a smile.

It was only when Miss. Potter and William Weasley started to leave, that Mycroft stopped them.

"My Apologies, You Ms. Potter and Mr. Weasley... But might I have a moment?.."

Bill turned and looked to Harry. Harry nodded to him as if say it was alright, before turning her attention to Mycroft. She kept Teddy cuddled carefully in her arms. Almost as if she was afraid someone would stanch the infant away from her at any moment. He had to word this carefully, or like a frightened kitten, she would bolt. That wouldn't serve anyone well. Step one would proceeded, but with caution.

"I recall what you said about Hogwarts early.. That the wards are down and it is quite unsafe. Pardon my forwardness, but I must ask... Where is it you planning to stay for the rest of the Summer? Is it safe there? And is there space for the child?..."

The look of shock on Mr. Weasley's face and the new young ladies was telling. and Mycroft was sure he struck the cord he had wanted with them.

"Well... I suppose you could go back to number 12." Bill stated, looking back to her. Harry shook her head.

"It would take a whole week just to but it under a new secrecy charm, and I don't even know that charm yet. Also, I'm not letting Teddy step foot in there. That place is crawling with Dark Magic."

"Back to Hogwarts, then?.."

"No, Mr. Holmes is right. The wards are down, and people might still come after me. And a dorm room is a poor replacement for a nursery. Do you think your mum will mind if we stay at the Borrow for a few days?..."

Bill frowned, and looked very sad.

"She wouldn't mind at all, but... Harry, We're still rebuilding it from Bellatrix and the others burned it down... We've only built it half-way back up."

The look of Horror and sadness that passed over her face right she remembered that night was even more heartbreaking then before... Mycroft shoved that feeling away as well as he pushed on to step two of his plan.

"If I might make a suggestion?..."

Bill looked to Mycroft and nodded. "Sure, we're listening."

"I have a temporary safe house right here in London, that is free for your use. It's a three bedroom apartment, already stocked and furnished. If you wish it, I can have you there in a hour. Ms. potter, You, and another guard if you so wish can stay there for as long as you need. You might be safer in a Non-magic district anyway, And it is not to far from the Ministry of magic and Diagon Alley. Also, because it is mine, you can feel free to put any wards or charms on it that you like."

Harry nearly sighed in relief, and looked back to Bill.

"That's probably our best bet. We have to keep Teddy safe."

"I have no problem helping you find longer-term housing as well. In fact, I know of a landlady an apartment building who is looking to Rent a basement apartment just outside central London. We can go a see it tomorrow, and if you like it, we can start setting it up right away."

"Sounds like a plan... What's the address?"

"221c Baker street. The Landlady is Mrs. Hudson."

They took her to the safe house, and made arrangements to show the New Ms. Potter the apartments after Sherlock and John had there own tour of 221b. Mycroft was elated at the timing.

He was, how ever, less then pleased when he asked about the current state of the apartment.

He arranged for a repair and cleaning crew to be there first thing in the morning, and a painting crew to show at 1 or 2. By the time they were set to see the apartment, it should be more then suitable for the young lady and her new tiny companion.

For now, She was safe and sound in a undisclosed place in London. And Mycroft couldn't help but give a sigh of relief and having achieved that much.

The stage was set, the wheels were in motion, and all was moving slowing in the direction Mycroft wanted it...

Soon, it would be time for Step 3.

If everything worked out the way Mycroft hoped it would Sherlock would be safe, the Young girl and the little boy would be more then protected, and the gap blocking him from the wizarding world would be bridged.

Operation Sister-in-law was now underway.