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*note: 2013/02/18 Changes have been made to each chapter because I messed up on what time I wanted to have this fic set in. Nothing big has changed, just some minor details, such as Lust is now dead. I really needed her dead and for the fic to be further along in the original plot because otherwise I would have had way too many filler chapters. It is now set around the time after the Fifth Laboratory, just before the part where Ling fights the Fuhrer and finds out he is Wrath.*


The sky above Central city was a black, swirling abyss of clouds and lightning and freezing rain. Little pellets of ice and sheets of water pelted the abandoned streets and clattered echoingly underneath the booming thunder. Through the frosting bay window in his dark, mostly empty living room, Roy Mustang watched the world outside howl and scream, thinking idly how appropriate this weather was for the current condition his and his friends' lives were in. Wincing slightly when wind slammed into the wall opposite him and made the house creak loudly, he pushed away from the window, walking back to his black leather chair and creaky wooden desk to finish up his paperwork.

He had only gotten out of the hospital from the injuries he'd gotten while fighting the Homunculus Lust at the Fifth Laboratory, and they were already piling paperwork on him. His seared-shut wound still hurt when he moved the wrong way, and he was exhausted, but he had no choice. He had duties to attend to if he ever wanted to make it to Fuhrer.

Tired black eyes glanced at the clock, and he groaned when the hands showed 3:54 AM, ticking and tocking over again as if just to taunt him. He was far too tired for this shit, but knew it needed to be done for tomorrow- he'd slacked off enough already.

Almost mechanically, his fingers grasped the pen he'd tossed away earlier and he began automatically signing the papers, not even paying attention to what they were about, just wanting to get them done and maybe get some sleep before he had to go in to work at one tomorrow. Or later today, he supposed, groaning again when the clock hands showed 4:05 AM.

Thunder boomed, wind howled and his house moaned, but he did his best to focus on his paperwork. When he was getting down to the last half of his stack- which meant about a hundred or so more papers after this one- he thought he heard a soft tapping near the front door. Stilling the pen, he glanced back, wondering who the hell would come so early in the morning. No one sane was up this early. Then he remembered that he was in fact up this early, and sighed. Well, it certainly felt like he was going crazy.

There was no more tapping, so he turned back to his desk, supposing he'd just imagined things. Five or so papers later, he heard it again, more prominent this time, and knew he wasn't imagining it this time- there was definitely someone at his front door. He pushed the chair back, flinching at the loud screech it made on the wooden floor, and headed to the window. He peeked around the corner. It was too dark to make out any features, but he could see the shape of someone curled up against the screen door, one fist tapping at the glass.

The sight was slightly creepy, and the colonel felt his heartbeat pick up. Really, he couldn't blame himself- so much was happening lately that everything was making him paranoid, the littlest sounds making adrenaline pump through his veins and things in the corner of his eye making his heart skip a beat. He walked back to his desk and opened a drawer, taking out one of his gloves, and slipped it on as he headed over to the door.

Just in case, he told himself.

One squeaky floorboard under his feet whined, and he jumped slightly, then cursed himself for acting so damn foolish. Making sure he had a nasty glare on his face- because really, it was quarter after four in the fucking morning and he should be asleep- he opened his front door.


As soon as he heard the familiar grumpy voice, his glare turned into something more like an annoyed scowl and he frowned. Crouching down, Roy said, "What the hell are you doing here? Do you realize what time it is?"

When he didn't get an answer, his frown deepened. "Fullmetal."

Gold eyes slowly looked up and met his, but there was something wrong. The colonel's stomach did an unpleasant twist- there was definitely something in Ed's eyes that usually wasn't there. Or rather, a lack thereof. The ever-present burning flame in those bright gold eyes was snubbed, and they looked dark, empty, hollow. For a moment, Roy was so shocked, all he could do was stare, his mind whirling. He wondered why he was having these feelings- this feeling of dread and horror, like he could tell something horrible had happened just by staring into those empty eyes for a few seconds. He wondered why it made something terrible gnaw in his gut, and why it wrenched at his heart to see Ed like this- it almost physically hurt him. Then he realized Ed was curled up there in the pouring rain, drenched to the bone, and hastily reached to grab his arms.

"Come on, stand up, you'll freeze to death out here."

A droplet of water slid down Ed's face, and Roy wasn't sure if it was rain or if it was something else. He decided he didn't want to know, because he didn't know if he could handle a crying Edward. Hell, he didn't know what to do- the kid had showed up on his doorstep in the ungodly hours of the morning, looking like he'd just seen hell again. He didn't have experience with this sort of thing- especially since the worry was a lot more intense than a paternal worry. His heart was pounding and his hands were shaking, and Ed hadn't even told him what was wrong yet.

"I can't," Ed whispered, so quietly Roy could barely hear it over the pouring rain.


Ed squeezed his eyes shut and ground his teeth together, choking on a sob. "I can't stand, Mustang."

Immediately, Roy's eyes snapped down to the boy's leather pants, to check for a wound. There was nothing to show he'd been injured. His brow furrowed. "Why not?"

Ed's eyes met his, and they were desperate. "Help me. Just help me. Colonel— Roy, damn it. Please."

Fuck it. Explanations could wait. Ed was clearly horribly distraught, or else he would never say please. "Alright," Roy said calmly, trying to placate the blond with a soothing voice. "Alright," he repeated, hooking his arms under Ed's shaking ones and lifting him into an upright position. Ed crumpled against him, a pained sob escaping through clenched teeth. Roy bit his lip as he helped Ed limp over to the couch, setting him gently onto the cushion. Ed's fingers dug into his arms the moment he sat down and he whimpered, flinching away. Alarmed, Roy instead helped him into a lying position before hastily kneeling beside him.

"Edward Elric, what the fuck is going on?" He hadn't meant for his tone to be so sharp, but couldn't help it.

Ed covered his face with his hands, pain twisting his mouth into a heart-breaking grimace that made Roy feel slightly nauseated. Thunder cracked, and Ed flinched, sobbing. "C-cold," he said through chattering teeth.

Fuck- Ed was soaked. Growling in frustration, mostly at himself for being so scrambled, Roy said, "Come on, then, let's get you out of those clothes."

Ed's wet eyes met his again. "I don't want to get up."

"Fine, I'll carry you." With slight difficulty, Roy lifted Ed into his arms, muttering apologies when Ed would gasp in pain whenever he handled him a certain way. As he started walking up the stairs with heavy, big steps—Ed was heavy for such a shrimp— Ed clenched his fists into the colonel's white T-shirt, which was now drenched, hiding his face in the man's chest. His cheeks felt slightly warm, but Roy gruffly said, "You know, you're going to tell me what happened."

Ed didn't say anything for a moment, and Roy was half-worried he'd passed out. Looking down, he said, "Ed?"


Roy narrowed his eyes. "Don't you fucking think you can show up on my doorstep this early in the morning like this and nearly give me a heart attack and probably make me grow a few gray hairs and then say you can't tell me what's going on."

Ed was trembling. It may have been from cold, but it didn't seem that way. He swallowed audibly, hiding behind his wet bangs. "I can't tell you," he whispered, voice weak. It sounded like he was about to lose it and break into tears.

"Fuck that— Look, I know I haven't been much else than an ass to you, really, but you can tell me stuff— I'm here to help you, Edward. You can trust others, you know." By now they were at the bathroom, and Roy set the blond down onto shaky legs, holding him to make sure he didn't crumble. His eyes and voice soft, he said, "You don't have to do everything alone."

Ed shut his eyes, an expression like pain flitting over his face. "I know," he whispered. "I know I can trust you, Mustang, it's just— I can't, I can't tell you— It's— Damn it—" His voice trembled and then broke, and suddenly, he entire body was shaking and tears were falling down his already wet cheeks.

Roy barely gave it a second thought before pulling Ed in for a hug, wrapping his arms around him and holding him close to his chest, and then Ed was sobbing, fingers clutching desperately at the back of his ruined white T-shirt. It was silent except for the howling storm outside and the heart-wrenching sounds of Ed's sobs, and Roy found himself panicking, deep down inside, because this was so wrong. Of course, he'd heard Ed cry before— like after Nina had been killed, and when he'd found out the secret of the Philosopher's stone—but this was different. It was like Ed was breaking.

After a while longer— minutes, hours, Roy didn't know nor care— Ed's sobs slowed and reduced to sniffles and shaky breaths, but he didn't let go of Roy, still holding onto the man tightly like it would kill him to let go. Roy was slightly surprised at this, since Ed usually made a big stink when Mustang was even near him, but didn't resist. It became quiet once more, Ed just standing there and Roy's stomach churning grossly as he tried to think of what could have possibly made Ed like this.

Finally, he quietly said, "Listen, Edward, I can tell something really bad has happened. If you really don't want to tell me, then I accept that, but know that I will listen if you need me to." Ed nodded into his shirt, and Roy smiled a bit. "For now, though, you need to get out of those clothes. You're going to get sick."

Ed nodded again, pulling away with a slight flush. "Right," he muttered.

"Can you stand?"

Ed shifted a bit and then winced. He grabbed the counter. "If I lean on something."

"Good. You should shower, too— heat yourself up." Straightening up, Roy began backing away. "I'll grab you a shirt and pants, okay? They'll be a bit big, but they'll do until your clothes are dry."

Ed swallowed, mouth open like he wanted to say something. It closed, and he bit his lip, and then blurted, "Why are you doing this?"

"You showed up at my door. What was I supposed to do?"

"You— you could have told me to go home. Refused to let me in, or even just left me on the couch— I know you have more important shit to do. Why go through all this trouble?"

"Because," Roy said seriously, "I care about you, and I don't let people I care about suffer."

Ed looked like he might smile, but instead just swallowed again, and murmured, "Thanks."

"Don't worry about it."

Roy was turning to leave to let Ed shower, when a choked, "Wait, Mustang," made him pause. He looked back. Ed was a delicate pink, and he looked extremely uncertain, but that flame in his eyes was flickering to life again.

"Thank you," he said, steadily despite his sheepish appearance. "I mean it."

Roy couldn't help but smile softly. "Like I said, Edward. Don't worry about it."


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