Okay, so I've only written a few fanfictions myself (mostly Alex Rider), but I'm a huge reader and reviewer! This is my first shot at writing a Merlin fanfic, and it's mostly to try and ease the sting of the Season 5 finale (still trying to decide if I like it or not….). I suppose I'm getting over it by looking towards the future. As said in the summary, it's based on Merlin's travels through the ages; searching for the Once and Future King, finding a few familiar faces along the way, and the stories occur with them. Be kind, and please review!

I suppose I should also say: spoilers for Season 5 finale!

Disclaimer: I really wish I owned Merlin, because then I wouldn't have ended the series, and I definitely changed the season 5 finale. Alas, I do not own BBC's Merlin.

As Merlin walked away from the Lake of Avalon, tears still pouring freely down his face and sobs still ripping from his throat, he thought of what Kilgharrah had told him. The Once and Future King…would return once the world needed him again…and they would all come to be once more. Merlin choked back another sob.

He would see Arthur again at some point, if the Great Dragon was telling the truth.

It didn't help Merlin much at the moment.

The warlock continued to walk on. Returning to Camelot didn't appeal to him in the slightest. All he would see were moments with Arthur giving him a friendly shove, ordering him to pick up his dropped armor, screaming his name from a floor down…no, Merlin couldn't return to Camelot.

There were small tugs of pain at not saying good-bye to Gwen, Leon, Percival, Gwaine, and above all, his mentor and guardian—Gaius. However, the overwhelming agony of losing his reason for living was too much.

Merlin stumbled through the trees, and as the days wore on—the scenery changing from forest to desert to the sea and to forest again—his gait became steadier and more languid. He believed it what Kilgharrah told him. He and Arthur would meet again.

The two sides of the same coin would be reunited.

By the way, I figure Merlin didn't know about Gwaine's death by the end of the episode. Again, please leave a review if you have the time!