Hello all! This is my first song fiction in what will hopefully be a long line of shuffle stories. I put my ipod on shuffle and the first song that came up was Music or the Misery by Fall out boy. If you haven't heard the song I recommend you go listen to it. It's good. Any-who….enjoy the story!

"Are you ready young master?"

"As I'll ever be."

"Good. Now place your hand there, I put mine here, and…." He paused looking around the Ball room of the Phantomhive manor. "Bardroy! Come start the music for us if you will."

A few seconds later Bardroy came in, paused at the sight before him and broke into a wide grin. "You two sure are getting comfy with each other aren't ya?" he looked at the pair locked in a dancing position. The young boy's left hand was perched lightly on the butler's waist, and their other hands met in a soft grip held in a waltz position. The butler in question was bent over ever so slightly as to help the boy feel more comfortable; his left hand placed on the others shoulder.

Bard walked over to the record player and placed the needle on the record. After looking at the pair one last time and flashing a cheesy grin he stomped out yelling behind his shoulder "don't have too much fun!"

Ciel looked up at Sebastian, his cheeks a light pink. "Must we do this now? One of my servants now thinks I am in love with my own butler…how humiliating…" he said angrily looking down at his feet.

"Not to worry my young lord. I will sort things out with him later. For now, we have a dance lesson." The music started playing a sweet melody that seemed to brighten up the room. It was a beautiful violin and cello routine that swayed softly like a couple on a dance floor. It was truly an amazing track.

Ciel's eyes widened. He asserted his gaze over to the record player and quickly looked back up at Sebastian.

"No…no not this song," he whispered angrily at himself. "Never play this song in my presence again Sebastian. Do you hear me?" his voice rose to an angry yell as he pushed Sebastian away and turned towards the player. He pushed the wood gramophone with brute force sending it into the ground and into pieces. The music crackled and broke, and finally stopped.

Ciel fell to his knees in front of the broken record player, his head in his hands. His audible sobs echoing throughout the room.

"Never…Sebastian….never….please…" he mumbled words between sobs. Sebastian kneeled down next to the crying boy and placed a hand on his back. To Sebastian's surprise, the boy welcomed it by leaning into the butler's chest. Sebastian wrapped his arms around the boy in desperation to get him to calm down.

"It's ok master, we will dispose of the record as soon as possible. It's ok…it's ok…"

Ciel looked up at Sebastian. And mumbled an 'I'm sorry' very quietly.

Sebastian only nodded in response.

A few hours later the boy was up in his study, fully recovered from the emotional afternoon that had taken place that day. Sebastian walked in and placed a tea cup in front of Ciel, motioning for him to drink.

"I am so very sorry, my young lord. I had no idea that song was so hated by you. It is my fault and I want you to hear my sincerest apologies."

The butler bowed and turned to leave when Ciel sighed and spoke up making him stop in his tracks, back still facing the boy.

"When I was eight years of age, my mother and father would dance around the house to that song. They were so happy. I would sit and watch them gracefully swing around and around. My mother would pick me up and swing me around, too. That one song still haunts me."

Sebastian looked over his shoulder. Ciel was staring into the tea cup, his face blank and full of sorrow.

"It was not your fault Sebastian. It was mine. I should have disposed of that record long ago."

Sebastian turned to look at Ciel who was now staring straight ahead at him. "I was overcome with grief and sadness, and acted with those emotions fueling me. I acted childishly. Forgive me, Sebastian."

Sebastian dropped to one knee and bowed his head. "Of course my lord. I will dispose of the wreckage and see to acquiring a new Gramophone." Ciel merely nodded.

He got up off of his knee and headed for the door that led to the hallway when Ciel's words once again stopped him.

"And Sebastian," he looked back at his young master awaiting his words. "Thank you."

Sebastian nodded, and smiled kindly before heading off down the hall.

Which came first, the music or the misery?

We're high-fashion, we're last chances.

Which came first, the music or the misery?

We're high-fashion, we're last chances.

Hey! What did you guys think? This is my first ever song fic, and I think it turned out pretty good. I hope everyone was in good character. Well you know… R&R and stuff xD also if you have any suggestions be sure to PM me! Thanks lots!