Hey you guys this one is Falling Inside The Black by Skillet. This song is awesome! :D It was a request from sebby4evr! Anyway, Hope you enjoy! (Important Authors Note at end don't miss it xD)
"Well if it isn't the Earl Phantomhive. you seem to be always getting into trouble, don't you? For good reason too. You are used as a direct threat to the Queen. We take you, she finds out, instant panic on her part. Oh well. she will have to deal won't she?"
The man looked into the cage and at the earl. Ciel grew very uncomfortable. He highly dislikes cages, for they remind him of that month…
The man chuckled and left the room, leaving Ciel all alone.
He looked around the room that the cage was housed in. The walls were made of cement and it was dark and cold. Ciel hated it.
He tried to remember back before he ended up in this cage, before he was kid napped again, and he just couldn't remember. It was like one minute he was looking over some files for a case and drinking tea, and the next he was here…he was missing something and he knew it. And Ciel hates when he is missing something.
He grimaced to himself and hugged his knees tightly to his chest.
This damn cage is too small.
He hated being the Queens guard dog. But he knew he had to do it. That's what Phantomhive's do. They keep the Queen safe from rumors and fakes.
He sighed. How many times must I get kidnapped? Is this really the price to pay as the Queens Guard Dog? He shut his eyes. Where is Sebastian? Shouldn't he be here saving me? W…what if something happened to him?
Ciel shook off that thought as soon as it entered his mind. The thought that the one person (demon) he had always counted on rescuing him was dead shook him to the core. He would be left in this place to die.
He hugged his legs tighter and shook his head. He couldn't afford to think like that.
The small window that had earlier been pouring in sunlight was now getting darker and darker, causing the whole room to become dark and lightless.
It made Ciel feel alone…
Although he would never admit it Ciel always really feared being completely alone. He knows he never really has been, for even when his parents died he still had Elizabeth and Madam Red even if Sebastian never came into his life.
He dreaded the thought of not having anyone to turn to when he needed help. He didn't want that to happen…he didn't want to be alone in this cruel world.
So where was Sebastian? he had to be coming. Ciel knew Sebastian wouldn't let his meal get stolen…
Ciel shivered.
He hated that. But he knew it was true. The only reason Sebastian still saves him is because he is his meal. Nothing more. And even though he still has people in this world who care about him, sometimes he wishes Sebastian truly did care.
The room was dark now and Ciel was becoming hungry and cold and tired. He felt himself suddenly become scared, like there was something in the dark corners of the room watching him.
Don't leave me alone, Sebastian.
His heart started racing. He suddenly became more desperate.
He is dead. He encountered another demon and was killed. He won't come to save me. I won't be alive by the end of the night.
Ciel's mind raced with scenarios that made his head spin.
"Sebastian…where are you? Can you hear me?" Ciel whispered into the darkness, as if his butler was standing there waiting for his call. "Sebastian come save me. Now Sebastian!" he said again into the darkness, being careful to not be too loud.
The cage seemed to restrain him, and he started breathing louder. Why did he feel so afraid? He'd been kidnapped many, many times before. What had gotten into him?
He just wanted to be safe, and out of this cage. He felt as though he was being swallowed up into the blackness. "Sebastian! save me! Sebastian!" he brought his hands up to the cage bars and shook them, yelling and screaming. "Sebastian! Sebastian! Sebastian!"
Light leaked into the room and Ciel turned his head to the door. As the door slowly opened, a silhouette of a tall, slim, sharp dressed man appeared.
Ciel felt a smile form on his lips.
The butler raised his blood stained gloved hand up to his chest and bowed.
"I am here, my lord."
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