Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Only Black in Name

Notes: A/U, OOC, Yaoi and the story takes place in the Marauder era during the December of 1979. Regulus is eighteen years old in this fic and he took the Dark Mark at sixteen. Severus is nineteen and is a Death Eater as well. Also, Severus loves Lily like a sister in this fic so no heartsick Sev for us but Lily still dislikes him for calling her a mud-blood.. Enjoy Lovelies!

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~*~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 1*~*~*~*~*~*

Regulus gasped in absolute agony, the potion was writhing and tearing into his gut. The only thing he could think to do was drag himself toward the eerie green hued water and drink; the Black heir knew this had to be the Dark Lord's plan. Regulus knew in his pain hazed mind that as soon as he touched the water the Inferi lying in wait would surge up and come for him.

He found he didn't care at the moment, getting the pain to subside was the only thing clearly present in his mind. Plunging his hand in the water he formed a cup and brought it back out and gulped the cool liquid greedily. The young man only had a moment to enjoy the feeling of the water sliding down his throat before a decayed hand reached for him.

The hand was now attached to the arm and upper torso of a decomposed reanimated corpse, and more were coming out of the deep lake in the cave. Regulus was frozen but the water was slowly helping his mind clear; when he came here he was resigned to die but now that his imminent death was staring directly at him in the form of a dozen corpses he wasn't so inclined to die.

Swallowing reflexively, he grasped the locket and shoved it into his robes, before he called out in a croaked voice for Kreacher. The aged elf popped in without a problem, quickly the loyal elf grabbed his master and with another pop they were gone. They reappeared in Regulus' bedroom at Number Twelve but the young man knew he would die if he didn't get help right away.

He knew there was only one man who could assist him. That man was Severus Snape; Death Eater, Potions Apprentice and Regulus' still beloved ex-lover. Blinking his tired eyes to focus himself; the young raven turned grey eyes to Kreacher and crooked out one more set of instructions; "Kreacher, take me to Severus Snape at Spinner's End. Tell him what the potion I drank does to you. Help him in any way you can."

With his message conveyed Regulus lost consciousness and drifted off into comforting blackness.

The Black heir awoke in pain but it was bearable, nothing in comparison to what he endured in that cursed cave. The cave! It all came back to him, the chugging of the disgusting potion, the switch with the faux locket and the pain, the absolute pain, he felt. But he was alright now; Kreacher had come and rescued him and brought him to Severus'.

Taking a deep calming breath, wincing when his chest tightened, Regulus began patting down his robes and breathed a sigh of relief when he felt the heavy locket still in the inside pocket of his robe. Now that he wasn't out of his mind in agony he noticed the thing pulsed with dark and disturbing magic.

Regulus himself dabbled in the Dark Arts, he was a Black after all, but the energy radiating off the locket Horcrux was positively depraved. He had figured out his Lord's secret quite a few months ago; mostly thanks to Lucius big mouth, the experience Kreacher endured a week ago and his own intelligence.

He also knew he had to destroy the damnable thing and help put an end to his now former Lord. At one point Regulus thought being a Death Eater would help make their world better. That by serving his Lord they would bring back the Old Ways and stop the erosion of their traditions. He was blind and naive but now he saw what his Lord truly was; a murderer, a madman, someone who took pleasure from others pain.

Regulus was a Black, he had his pride and he would not follow a sadistic snake faced bastard. Not anymore, to hell with what his mother wanted. He would like to see her stand before the torturer and bow to him. A brusque laugh poured from his dry lips at the thought of Walburga Black bowing to anyone.

She was such a horrid woman to both him and Sirius. Contrary to popular belief he didn't hate his brother for leaving. After a while he began to understand why Sirius had to leave; their mother was making his older brother's life a living hell, shooting hexes and cruel words at Sirius at every turn.

Walburga never really loved Regulus, to her he was a second spare son; he knew that now. She merely transferred all her hopes and views onto him once Sirius left the family. His mother looked at him and saw a perfect heir, not taking into account that Regulus may not want to be a Death Eater or want to marry some highbrow pureblood bint.

But when Sirius left he was still young and so hurt by his brother's abandonment that Walburga took advantage of his weakened state and twisted him to suit her needs and wants. He understood that now and that was why he felt no guilt for his treachery toward his former Lord or sadness at going against what his mother would have wanted him to do.

From this point on Regulus would live for himself, not for some insane woman who happened to bear him. His father was dead and if he was still alive Regulus doubted the man would have been much help. His father, Orion Black, spent as much time away from his wife as possible, often leaving for weeks at a time for some business trip or another.

Regulus knew his father just wanted to get away from the poison that was Walburga Black. While Orion Black was no prize as a father he did at least care for his sons and wanted them to at least enjoy living but the man always caved to Walburga's whims, probably to shut her up. Unfortunately, this often left his sons to deal with their unstable mother all alone.

The two brothers still sported the scars from their dear mother's displeasure. The creak of the bedroom door opening brought Regulus' grey eyes to the door and the sight of Severus Snape entering the room. The man looked exhausted and haggard but to Regulus' eyes the man still looked gorgeous.

The potions apprentice sat down on the chair near the small bed and gave Regulus a hard look; "May I ask what you have been up to? After all you show up at my home at three in the morning with a house elf and on the verge of death; I think I deserve some form of an explanation."

The Black heir looked at the ceiling, deciding how much he trusted Severus. In the end he resigned himself to tell his former lover everything, hoping the taller man wouldn't give him over to the Dark Lord for treason; "I recently found out some information about our Lord. It was disturbing to say the least and I knew I needed to destroy it so the monster would be closer to death."

Regulus' throat itched and sent him into a small coughing fit, a glass being pressed to his lips was a blessing. Drinking the cool liquid down quickly, he sighed in pleasure when the glass was removed; "Thank you, Severus. As I was saying I went last night to do something that enable our Lord's destruction."

Severus sat silent, eyes slightly wide, as he processed Regulus' words; "You want to destroy our Lord?" The grey eyed male nodded; "He's a monster Severus, you know this to be true. Tell me will you turn me in and let him torture me, kill me? If so please tell me now. I'll leave and you will never see me again."

The older man shook his head while pinching the bridge of his prominent nose. Regulus could see that the man was waging a private arguement inside his own head, apparently he decided to trust in Regulus; "No, Regulus I am not going to turn you over. Since this is a time for being honest I can confess that I am to becoming tired of our Lord's hateful rhetoric and baseless cruelty. I did not sign up to torture muggles for sport. I wanted to make a change not murder innocent people for fun."

Regulus nodded to show his agreement and support for his ex-lover's words; "Now Regulus what did you discover about our Lord that was so disturbing that you had to risk your life to destroy it?" The smaller raven bit his lip and organized his thoughts; his mind was still a bit foggy from his life theatening ordeal earlier.

"I discovered that the snake faced madman made Horcruxes, yes plural Severus, to ensure he would remain alive even if his body dies. It does explain why he looks so inhuman and is teetering constantly on the verge of eternal madness. Anyway, I first got the idea from Lucius; you know how he brags endlessly about his position with our former Lord."

"Well the idiot mentioned something about a diary that contained a piece of our Lord; that the book was sentient. Well that got me to thinking as I have never heard of anything spell wise that could do that. So I dug around a bit in the Black library and found the information about Horcruxes; it was the only thing that made sense and explained the things this diary could do."

"What I found out about Horcruxes was disgusting Sev, totally disgusting. You have to split your soul and to do that you have to commit cold blooded murder. Once the soul is split you rip the broken piece from your body and entomb it in an object. Our Lord used a diary and a locket to my knowledge but he could have made more."

Taking a breath Regulus glanced over to Severus and if the situation wasn't so dire he would have laughed at the look on the older man's face; gaping like a fish was the most appropriate description.

Figuring it was best just to continue as Severus didn't look like he could produce a coherent thought at the moment Regulus went on; "A week ago he summoned me and asked to use my elf. I didn't deny him but before I sent Kreacher to him I told the him to follow our Lord's orders but once our Lord left he was to come back to me."

"Well Kreacher did just that and told me all about the cave he was taken to and the potion he was forced to drink. I knew once I heard about the locket that it was another Horcrux and I needed to destroy it. I resigned myself to die and instructed Kreacher to come for the locket in the morning."

"I knew I would be dead by then but when my death was staring me in the face I couldn't go through with it. I wanted to live, damn it. I have had so much taken from me, so much decided for me. I want a normal life with the person I love, the one I had to give up to satisfy my mother's insanity."

Here he heard Severus gasp, turning Regulus focused determined grey orbs onto the older's onyx eyes; "Yes, Severus that person is still you, always will be you. That is if you still want me after what I've done." The taller man stayed perfectly still for a moment before a small sweet smile broke out on his chiseled face; "I do still want you. How couldn't I? But we need to get some things done before we can both live happily ever after."

Regulus chuckled at his returned lover's maudlin remark. Reaching forward he snatched one of Severus' hands and help it tight before settling more comfortably on the bed. Once settled the Black heir cocked a sculpted eyebrow, letting his lover know he was ready to begin plotting.

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