Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Only Black in Name

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"I knew I would be dead by then but when my death was staring me in the face I couldn't go through with it. I wanted to live, damn it. I have had so much taken from me, so much decided for me. I want a normal life with the person I love, the one I had to give up to satisfy my mother's insanity."

Here he heard Severus gasp, turning Regulus focused determined grey orbs onto the older's onyx eyes; "Yes, Severus that person is still you, always will be you. That is if you still want me after what I've done." The taller man stayed perfectly still for a moment before a small sweet smile broke out on his chiseled face; "I do still want you. How couldn't I? But we need to get some things done before we can move live happily ever after."

Regulus chuckled at his returned lover's maudlin remark. Reaching forward he snatched one of Severus' hands and help it tight before settling more comfortably on the bed. Once settled the Black heir cocked a sculpted eyebrow, letting his lover know he was ready to begin plotting.

~*~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 2*~*~*~*~*~*

Severus leaned forward and began to detail what he believed they should do at this point; "Well Regulus, the way I see it is we have to first figure out a way to destroy a Horcrux. Did the book you mentioned explain anything about their destruction?" The smaller male shook his head in the negative; "No, it merely said it needed to be something extremely powerful and potent."

Severus grimaced in irritation; "That is no help whatsoever! Alright we'll have to research this and see what we can come up with. In the mean time we should look into securing our safety. You and I are now working against our Lord and we have to make sure we will be protected should the madman actually fall. I have no desire to be locked up in Azkaban, even with you as my cellmate."

Regulus laughed lightly at Severus' snarky comment; "Indeed, love. As much as spending eternity with you in small room with little interruptions appeals to me I would rather not have the constant presence of Dementors to entertain us." Severus just rolled his eyes and squeezed Regulus' hand, letting the younger know now was not the time for too much joking.

The Black Heir rolled his grey eyes and let his face take on a more serious expression; "Alright, I agree with you. We have to figure out how to destroy the locket and when we do maybe we can smuggle out and destroy the Horcrux Lucius has. As for securing our freedom we can't go to the Ministry. Those idiots will interrogate us mercilessly and then lock us up without a thought."

"I think Dumbledore would be our only option at this time. He can provide us shelter and immunity if that snake face ever meets his end." Here Severus' face pinched up in dislike of the old Headmaster. Regulus just squeezed his hand to break the other out of his darker thoughts; "I know you don't like the man Severus, I'm not too fond of the old coot either. But he powerful and has enough pull to keep our arses out of Azkaban."

"Also, the man has been around for a long time. He's seen, read and heard a lot more than we have in his years so maybe he knows how to kill a Horcrux. I don't want to tell him about the Horcruxes up front but if our research on how to destroy them doesn't go well we may have to look into getting some help. In the end I want our former Lord's soul carriers gone so someone can kill the snake."

Severus nodded, grudgingly in acceptance; they both knew this would be the best way to make sure they survived the war; "So let me get this straight, for now we will research the destruction of Horcruxes on our own and if we don't find a way to in let's say a month we will go to Dumbledore for assistance in the matter."

"In the meantime we should get your finances in order. Regulus you are still the Black heir and with that title you still have access to your vaults. I suggest you writing to Gringotts and setting up your own vault, separate from you family, and transfer as much money over to it as possible without Walburga noticing."

Regulus snorted in amusement; "Walburga won't notice anything; she would never deign to speak to goblins. It was always my father and then me who dealt with Gringotts and in doing so I have an excellent relationship with our vault manager, Ironcaw. They'll do as I ask with no questions and of course will continue to send me the monthly vault statements and any other financial information."

Severus smirked in delight; he despised Walburga Black with an intensity unrivalled even by her sons. Walburga was the one who threatened to disown a newly turned seventeen year old Regulus if he didn't stop his relationship with a half-blood mongrel; half-blood mongrel was the bitch's nickname for Severus and those like him.

The potions apprentice was still a little sore that Regulus had listened to her but he could forgive his smaller lover for it. It is always easy to say you would do anything for the one you loved but when the choice of your lover or your family is in front of you it is much harder to walk away from your family then one thinks.

Severus would forgive Regulus for his poor choice as the man was here now, planning to take down their former Lord with him and steal from his own mother. If that didn't say that the Black heir was serious about them he didn't know what would.

The grey eyed male shifted and began to speak again; "So when should we go to Dumbledore and beg for asylum? Mind we won't tell him anything about the Horcruxes yet. The old codger will only be a last resort for us in regards to them."

Severus looked thoughtful for a moment; "You will need strict rest for day or so but that's okay. It's Yule in a day's time so I doubt Dumbledore will be around to speak with us. Not mention our meeting with the man must be well planned and in secret. We both know the Order has a spy for our Lord within it, we just don't know who it is."

Regulus bit his lower lip; "But I think there are a few people we can trust to know about our change in sides. Now don't interrupt Severus, I know you hate them, but my brother, Potter and his muggle-born wife are trustworthy. You know they'd rather chew off their own hand then assist the Dark Lord in anyway."

The taller male nodded but looked quite pained; Regulus knew his lover hated his brother and James Potter with everything he had. Those two had made Severus' life a living hell for so many years and it seemed it was for no apparent reason; well not that Regulus could ever figure out a good reason for their tormenting Severus. So what if the man was in Slytherin. So was Regulus and James and Sirius had never bothered him too much.

Did it really matter so much to the two Marauders that Lily was friends with Severus? They were only friends as Severus was gay and Regulus could happily attest to that fact. Was James Potter that insecure that he couldn't stand that his little muggle-born obsession was friendly with another male?

It was pathetic; all the reasons why they picked on Severus were pathetic and Regulus was embarrassed that one of his lover's tormentors was his very own brother. But right now both of them would have to put their dislike in Regulus' case and utter loathing in Severus' behind them for the time being.

The Black heir may not hate his brother but he was disappointed in the way he treated his lover and he would not stand for Sirius to treat Severus in such a way anymore. If it came down to a duel then Regulus would stand proud in defense of his love.

However, it was unlikely that this would happen. The potions apprentice would probably have kittens if Regulus defended his honor like some damsel in distress. Just the thought of Severus needing to be protected like a woman made the younger laugh a bit, earning him a raised eyebrow in question from his lover; "Sorry, I was just thinking of something but I want you to know I won't allow Sirius or anyone else to treat you badly anymore."

The taller raven just rolled his eyes and moved onto another topic; "Now we have a plan for the Horcruxes as well as a backup plan if we should fail to find a way to destroy them. You will write Gringotts today and set up what needs to be done for you to be financially alright just in case your mother finds out about your change in view."

"Also, when you write Gringotts see if there is an empty property available, preferably one that no one would think to look for us in. Many Death Eaters know I live here in Spinner's End and I don't want them to stumble on us at an inopportune time and if I change my wards it will set off alarm bells with our former allies."

"When you find the property, and as long as it's not an ancestral home, we can transfer ownership to my name so you mother cannot find it any longer. Once it is transferred we can ward it to the teeth and make sure no one but us knows where it is and how to get there." Regulus nodded in agreement to his lover's plan. The younger took out his wand and summoned a piece of parchment along with a quill and ink. It wouldn't do to dally now, not when there was so much to do.

When he was done with his missive to Gringotts he called for Kreacher. Once again the faithful house elf popped into the room; "Master Regulus calls for Kreacher." The Black heir smiled at the little elf; "I did. Kreacher I need you to take this letter to Ironcaw and once that is done bring me the copy of Magic Most Evil from the Black library. Do not tell my mother where I am or what I am doing."

The loyal aged elf bowed and popped away with Regulus' letter. Severus sneered; "Magic Most Evil? Really? That's the book you found the passage about Horcruxes in?" Regulus snorted; "Yes Severus it was. Is it my fault they didn't come up with a better, more creative name for it?"

The taller man just shrugged and went back to his thoughts. Regulus was being swept away in his own mind, swarming with questions and thoughts. Was this really happening? Was he really turning against his Lord and actively working against him? He was about to steal and lie to his mother. He had already started his forbidden relationship with his lover back up.

It was surreal but for the first time in a long time Regulus felt like he was dong the right thing. So he may have to work with the altruistic fools known as the Order of the Phoenix and tolerate being spoken about with hate behind his back but it was worth it. It would always be worth it as long as he had Severus with him he would survive.

Blood status meant little to him, it really never had but when you live with Walburga Black you had to dance to her tune or you would have your legs broken. For Salazar's sake he was in love with and would gladly bear a half-blood's spawn. That would really send the pureblood circles into a tizzy; a pureblood heir to an Ancient House marrying and reproducing with not only a half-blood but a man to boot.

Regulus didn't see the big deal really. What did it matter if they were two men or two women? As long as children could be birthed, and thanks to a potion they could, it really shouldn't matter if they have two mothers or two fathers but pureblood society was always behind the times and reluctant to change their ways.

Well Regulus was sick of bowing to their idiotic views and courtesies. He loved a man who happened to be a half-blood. Did it matter that his lover had a horrid abusive muggle as a father? No, it didn't. Severus was powerful, intelligent, loyal and to Regulus he was downright sexy. What more could the Black heir ask for in a partner? Not a bloody thing!

A pop sounding near the foot of the bed brought both of them back to the present. Kreacher bowed and placed the book at the foot of the bed before popping back out; apparently the little elf had other business to attend to. Regulus wasn't really interested though, it was probably something to do with his shrew of a mother.

Severus reached for the book and handed it to Regulus to sift through. While the grey eyed male found the correct page the taller man got up and left the room; only to return a few minutes later with two potions. The Black heir grimaced in distaste when he saw the two vials of liquid; "Do I have to Sev?"

The onyx eyed man just rolled his eyes once again; "Yes, Reg you do. The blue one is for your stomach. The potion almost ate straight through your gut and the red is to flush out any of the potion still in your system; it is unlikely any remains but it is to be safe." The smaller raven pouted but did as he was told and drank the foul liquid.

It was disgusting but apparently necessary. Once Regulus was done Severus banished the vials somewhere, probably the kitchen and sat down on the bed next to him. The Black heir scooted over, letting his lover lay down next to him. When they were both lying down the smaller male rolled onto his side and snuggled into Severus' side, placing his head on the other's firm chest.

Severus for his part wrapped a strong arm around his smaller partner's back, holding him close. Once settled and snuggled Regulus opened the book to the marked page and they both read the section about Horcruxes, during their reading both men looked thoroughly disgusted with what they were reading; it still made Regulus nauseous and he had read it several times before.

Regulus would never get used to reading about the creation of a Horcrux; it was truly wretched and just wrong. Severus looked a bit green when he finished and hugged Regulus closer; "That is disturbing in so many ways. But you're right the details on a Horcruxes destruction are very vague."

"But I have a few ideas. I am a potions apprentice and as such I have access to some very caustic ingredients. Maybe I could cook up something that is strong enough to destroy that thing. I may need some money to buy the ingredients, some may be expensive, can I count on you to loan me the money?"

Regulus just shook his head, an indulgent smile on his pretty face; "Severus, my money is your money. Use what you need, love. I trust you with my life so I think I can trust you with my money besides you have too much pride to take more than was necessary. Oh, do you want me to take care of paying for your mastery?"

The taller male shook his head; "No, for right now let Lucius keep paying for it. If he decides not to continue then I will take you up on the offer." Regulus just hummed to show he heard. "May I see the locket?" The Black heir nodded and fished the thing out of his pocket.

When Severus' hand touched the vile thing he immediately pulled it away with a hiss; "That feels revolting! How can you stand to touch it?" Regulus gave him a bland look; "Sev, I grew up with Walburga Black. I have been around dark objects all my life. Though this is the darkest I have ever felt before. It feels wrong, like it's unnatural and shouldn't even exist."

The taller raven bucked up his resolve and took the cursed locket into his hand, studying it closely. The locket was beautiful; it was gold with emeralds inlaid in the shape of a serpentine 'S' and hung on a sturdy gold chain. After his inspection was done Severus placed it on the bedside table and put small but strong ward around the locket so no one but them could see it or feel it. It wouldn't do for another Death Eater to stumble upon it and figure out what exactly it was; it was unlikely but not impossible.

Once the damn thing was warded Severus lay back down and pulled his little lover to him, placing a chaste kiss to Regulus' plump lips. However, Regulus had other plans, he had been without his lover for too long and he would be damned if he was going to settle for just a simple kiss.

Taking control the smaller raven thrust his tongue into Severus' hot mouth, mapping out the once familiar territory and moaning at the slightly bitter taste of his beloved. Merlin, Severus always tasted so damn good to him and like hell was he going to stop. Eventually, the taller male got over the surprise at his normally submissive partner taking control and began to participate ardently in their heated kiss.

Regulus mewled when Severus' slick tongue came out and began to twin and slide against his own muscle. After a few moments the older man reasserted himself and forced Regulus' tongue back into his own mouth, where the larger male began to explore the younger's cavern. It was so damn good but like all things it had to end. They parted reluctantly, both gasping for breath and flushed. It was amazing to think that a kiss could push them this far into sexual euphoria.

Severus recovered first, pushing the smaller male onto his back and moving on top of Regulus' body, slipping further down until he was in between the younger's spread legs. With a hungry look the older man pulled down the other's pants and underwear in one movement and tossed them onto the floor somewhere; Regulus couldn't really care he would find them later.

When his lower body was exposed to that heated onyx gaze the grey eyed male shuddered and thrust his hardening cock forward, begging Severus for release. The taller man chuckled; "Impatient are we?" Regulus threw his pride out the window and babbled out his need; "Severus's been too long, so long without you."

With a satisfied smirk the older man took Regulus' erection into his mouth, sucking lightly on the head of the smaller male's cock while swirling that talented tongue around the sensitive slit. The younger was in ecstasy and began to shallowly thrust his member into his lover's waiting mouth, wanting the man to take more of his rigid length into his orifice.

Severus obliged his lover and sunk lower onto his begging cock, switching between sucking and licking the underside of Regulus' swollen length. Moan and words of encouragement poured out of the younger's mouth as the pleasure mounted inside of his sensitive body.

Regulus knew his orgasm was coming, he could feel the pressure building and tickling inside of him. Severus picked up his pace, bobbing his head quickly while sucking on the cock in his mouth. Swallowing the pre-cum down in hungry gulps and groaning at the once again familiar taste of Regulus. The Black heir was writhing now, pumping himself into his love's mouth with reckless abandon.

His balls were tightening up and resting against his sweaty body in preparation for his imminent orgasm. Regulus' release was hoarding over him and he couldn't hold out for much longer, as much as he wanted to last he couldn't. When Severus brought his hand up and stroked the sensitive skin behind his testicles Regulus arched and screamed his lover's name to the ceiling.

His orgasm finally fell on his, crushing him in its intensity as his slim hips stuttered and his cock jerked. Severus sucked greedily, ingesting everything the younger man had to give. Regulus felt boneless and sleepy after his mind-blowing orgasm but he reawakened when he felt Severus shift and the other's still hard cock brushed against his leg.

Leaning forward the Black heir latched into his love's arm and tugged him upward and next to him. The older was now kneeling next to Regulus' head and the younger could see the defined outline of Severus' straining cock through his tight black pants. Feeling rather bold the smaller male unclasped his lover's pants, reached inside and pulled his partner's erection out of its confines.

He felt satisfied when he heard Severus loudly groan when his cock was allowed to spring free from its clothed prison. Regulus shifted onto his side and brought his face up to imposing length that was his lover's erection. Without another thought he licked from base to tip, swirled his tongue around the leaking cock head before repeating the motion several times.

Severus was breathing hard, groaning and growling loudly, his handsome face flushed as the pre-cum leaked steadily from the slit. Regulus felt immensely pleased with himself. Severus was a hard man to unsettle and here said man was panting and making noises like a Knockturn Alley whore and it was all from and for Regulus.

Emboldened by his lover's response Regulus took the large cock into his mouth and sunk onto the length until the mushroom head hit the back of his throat. The younger male suppressed his gag reflex and took his lover fully into his mouth and throat, swallowing reflexively around the head while his tongue caressed the thick vein on the underside of Severus' cock.

Regulus began a slow pace, enjoying the feeling of his love's thick length inside of his mouth and reveling in the taste of his love's pre-cum. He moaned when Severus' long fingers sunk into his long black hair and grasped the silky strands, holding Regulus' head still as the older began to thrust his hips, fucking his younger lover's mouth.

The Black heir stilled his movements and allowed his mouth to be used. He continued to lick and suck the length being thrust into his mouth, moaning every time he tasted more of his lover's pre-cum on his tongue. Severus' thrust were coming harder and faster and the younger relaxed his mouth and throat completely and let his love chase his orgasm.

A rough voice cut through Regulus' sex hazed mind; "Look at me. I want you to look at me with those pretty eyes while I fuck your mouth." The smaller male shivered, he loved it when Severus talked like that. Obeying his sometimes overly dominant partner Regulus opened his grey orbs, looked up and into the face of the man relentlessly fucking his mouth.

Severus growled low and feral. With one more snap of his hips the elder stilled as his cock exploded in Regulus' mouth, filling his orifice with semen. The younger swallowed as much as he could and moaned around the length in his mouth at the delicious taste of his love's seed.

Regulus continued to lap at his lover's cock, cleaning Severus of any remaining semen and quite enjoying himself in the process, if he was honest with himself. Once Severus began to soften he pulled away and looked back up at his love, with a smile he tugged the large male down to lay with him.

After a few murmured spells from Severus they were cleaned of any remains of their orgasms and completely nude, entwined together. The two lovers settled in for a quick nap and exchanged a few lingering kisses before they both slid off to answer sleep's irresistible call; the thoughts of Horcruxes, insane Dark Lords and Dumbledore escaping them for the moment.

Well there we have it folks. Next chapter more plot and a bit more slash! I know I said three parts but it will probably be longer; I don't rush through a fic ever.

I know the book they found the information on Horcruxes in Magic Most Evil and if I'm wrong will fuck it. I'm going with it!

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