Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Only Black in Name

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Severus growled low and feral. With one more snap of his hips the elder stilled as his cock exploded in Regulus' mouth, filling his orifice with semen. The younger swallowed as much as he could and moaned around the length in his mouth at the delicious taste of his love's seed.

Regulus continued to lap at his lover's cock, cleaning Severus of any remaining semen and quite enjoying himself in the process, if he was honest with himself. Once Severus began to soften he pulled away and looked back up at his love, with a smile he tugged the large male down to lay with him.

After a few murmured spells from Severus they were cleaned of any remains of their orgasms and completely nude, entwined together. The two lovers settled in for a quick nap and exchanged a few lingering kisses before they both slid off to answer sleep's irresistible call; the thoughts of Horcruxes, insane Dark Lords and Dumbledore escaping them for the moment.

~*~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 3*~*~*~*~*~*

Regulus and Severus adjusted their traveling cloaks, readying to apparate from Spinner's End to Hogwarts; they'd owled Dumbledore two days ago to setup a meeting. The aged Headmaster responded quickly setting up a meeting for tonight. Hopefully, they could iron out any issues and begin spying for the Order and bringing about the end of their insane Lord.

They had expressed the need for discretion in their letter, requesting that only Dumbledore be there. However, they expressed a willingness to accept Sirius' and James' presence if necessary; the old man agreed to meet them with his two lackeys present. Not that the two Marauder's presence at the appointed meeting would deter the two Death Eaters from conducting their business with the old coot. They both wanted this done and finished with by midnight tonight.

Regulus glanced at the clock over the hearth, noting it was already nine thirty; their appointment was for ten pm. They would be apparating into Hogsmeade as no one could apparate into Hogwarts directly; except for Dumbledore and that was only due to the use of his Phoenix familiar, Fawkes. Once they arrived in the little wizarding village they would need to walk the twenty minute journey to the castle on foot.

Moving forward the Black heir pressed a quick kiss to Severus' lips for luck before pulling up his hood and wrapping his arms around the taller man's middle; "Do you want me to apparate us or do you want the honors Severus?" The older male shifted, pulled on his hood and with a quick turn they were gone.

The two males appeared in the side alley next to The Three Broomsticks, quickly they made their way out of the alley and toward Hogwarts. Neither spoke to the other and enjoyed the quiet peace of the night.

Regulus, for his part, was thinking on how much things were going to change after this meeting, if Dumbledore agreed to their request for asylum. Regulus had a feeling the old codger would. Having to high ranking Death Eaters as informants was too good an offer to pass up.

The Black heir had already transferred quite the sum of galleons to his own separate vault; one his mother couldn't touch, and set it up so ten percent of the Black family's investment profits were shifted to his private vault every week; about four hundred galleons worth, quite the good deal if you asked him. His mother would, hopefully, never know that her precious Reggie was swindling her blind; this subterfuge pleased the second Black son immensely.

The couple also selected a home to move to once their little deal was finalized with the Headmaster; a non-ancestral cottage located in The Vosges in France was chosen. The location of the house ideal; it was isolated, placed on a few acres of land, quiet and no one had lived or visited there for over sixty years.

As far as Regulus knew the property was forgotten and unwanted; no doubt his mother would have found it too lowly to visit since it only boasted three bedrooms and two baths with no formal living or dining room. However, a potions lab and large library were housed in the structure.

The isolated and almost unknown location fit his and Severus' needs to the tee and Regulus would be quite happy to sign the deed to the house over to his older lover. At least if anything happened to Regulus Severus would have a home and his private vault to survive on.

That was the one thing the Black heir never told his lover about. Regulus knew if he told Severus he was his sole beneficiary to Regulus' accounts the potions apprentice would have argued with him. He had no desire to fight with his partner so he didn't mention it and if push came to shove he would be dead when Severus found out; it was very hard to argue with a dead man after all.

But knowing his proud lover like he did it wouldn't shock Regulus if the other brought him back from death to hex back again. The sight of the Hogwarts' gates brought the Black male out of his thoughts. He reinforced his Occlumency Shields, knowing Severus was doing the same, and settled in to wait patiently for their guide to find them.

Conveniently the idiot was right on time; Sirius Black wearily approached the high metal gate, surveying the two cloaked figures with hard grey eyes. Regulus let his brother look his fill but Severus lost his patience, in a low hissing voice the potions apprentice bit out; "Done looking Black? Open the damn gate so we can get this over with!"

Sirius stepped back, eyes wide and slightly shocked before he choked out, ever so eloquently; "Snivellus?" The second Black son snorted in derision; "Open the gate Sirius. We have business with the Headmaster and my companion and I do not wish to be late."

The eldest Black brother looked hard at Regulus' cloaked figure but said nothing, though a haze of confusion clouded over his those vigilant grey eyes. Sirius pulled his wand and waved it about in a few complicated sweeps and bows while murmuring lowly in Latin so the two visitors would not here the exact words spoken.

After Sirius finished speaking the gates swung open enough to admit the two Death Eaters. No one spoke as they traversed the Hogwarts grounds and into the castle; Regulus looked around the familiar walls of his old school with a feeling of nostalgia, remembering all the times he and Severus snuck away to spend free time together.

Finally, the unlikely trio came face to face with the Griffin guarding the Headmaster's office. Regulus noticed Severus stiffen slightly, most likely his lover was remembering less than fond memories of being within this very office during his less than stellar school years.

Shaking his head minutely to clear his thoughts Regulus stood straight and when the Griffin shifted after Sirius spoke the password; "Mike and Ike's", stepped onto the rotating stairs.

Once the spiral stairs reached the wooden door they stopped, allowing the three riders to step into the circular and cluttered office. Once inside Severus and Regulus stepped in front of the old man's large desk. Sirius went to stand behind Dumbledore on the right while his best friend James Potter took the left; it seemed the two morons thought the two visitors would hurt their beloved Headmaster.

Regulus always knew the Marauders, especially his brother and Potter, were not the brightest bulbs in the bunch. Didn't they know that Dumbledore would never have agreed to meet with them if he was not sure they were sincere in the wish to abandon the Dark and join the Light?

Of course not. To James Potter and Sirius Black there was only light and dark, black and white; it was a shame they had yet to conclude that their world was murky and cast in varying shades of grey. Regulus had learned these lessons and more in the most disgusting way possible but that was not the point of this little gathering. He had no care at the moment to educate his brother or his moronic friend about the intricacies of life.

The esteemed Headmaster started the meeting in the same old overdone grandfatherly tone he always took with his students, quite annoying if Regulus could say so himself; "Ah my dear boys! How good of you to come. Your letter intrigued me greatly! Now why don't you remove those hoods and have a seat so we can talk properly."

The two hooded males cast glances at each other before reaching up to remove their hoods, both quite enjoyed the gasp of disbelief that came from James and the wide eyed look of shock from Sirius; didn't his sometimes dense brother realize it was Regulus when he had spoken earlier at the gates?

Once again the Black heir had to remind himself that Sirius was not the sharpest knife in the set; "Thank you Headmaster; Severus and I are quite grateful that you consented to see us on such short notice."

The aged man nodded, still smiling benignly; "Think nothing of it Mr. Black. As I said I am most interested in what you have to say. Your letter was vague but it did mention your dissatisfaction with Voldemort, among other things."

Neither Regulus nor Severus flinched when the Headmaster said their Lord's name; they were made of stronger stuff than that. The same could not be said for James and Sirius. The potions apprentice rolled his eyes in exasperation at his two former bullies before he took up the conversation, reaching to hold Regulus' hand in his own.

Regulus allowed it since he knew his lover needed the support and they were both amused at the disgusted looks Sirius and James were sending at their joined hands. "Indeed we are, as you say, dissatisfied with our Lord. The man is not what he portrays himself to be."

"Both Regulus and I joined the Dark Lord to change things, make a change for the better. As you know many of our magic and ancestral rituals have been abolished and many branches of magic banned for no reason other than fear and misconception. Both of us believe in the cause whole heartedly but we do not condone the abuse or the slaughter of innocent people."

"To that effect we have decided to renounce our Lord and spy for the Light so our former Lord can be taken down. However, we want it known we do not agree with your views, we do not and will not be friendly with anyone. You will respect our views and we will respect yours, basically agree to disagree."

Dumbledore nodded, sorting through exactly what Severus said; "I see. Well I am glad you to have decided to turn away from Voldemort's barbarism. The man is quite persuasive when he wants to be but in the end he is ruthless and cruel, even to his own followers." The two Death Eaters nodded, knowing all too well how ruthless and cruel the Dark Lord could be if displeased.

James, of course, could not shut up; "Professor! You can't really believe they will be loyal to you! They're probably trying to infiltrate the Order so they can report back to their precious Lord!" Regulus snorted in amusement; "Why would we need to do that? Our former Lord has already infiltrated your little Order; why do you think we requested that only you, Sirius and Dumbledore be here?"

James and Sirius didn't seem to have an answer and the Headmaster seemed content to let the four young men battle it out. Severus answered Regulus' question, his voice full of venom; "We asked for you three to be here as you three, as despicable and loathsome as I find two of you, are the only ones we trust not to be the traitor within the Order."

The two Marauders looked properly scolded but still held an air of petulance about them, like a child who was just told off by his parent but still thought they hadn't done anything too wrong. Dumbledore cleared his throat; "Yes, yes, you mentioned a spy within my ranks. Tell me do you have any clue as to who it is?" Regulus shook his head; "No, we don't but there are ways to tell."

"You see the Dark Mark is like a beacon, identifying us as brethren to others like us. If Severus and I were to visit one of your meetings when everyone is present we could point out the traitor to you. Or you could always go the Gryffindor route and force everyone to show you their left forearm. Have Moody check them with that eye of his just in case they're glamouring the Mark."

Dumbledore looked thoughtful for a moment; "The next meeting I want you two there and ready to identify this spy. When you do signal to me who it is and we will move in to capture them. I want this business wrapped up soon; too much is at stake for any valuable information to make its way to Voldemort."

The two spies agreed but said nothing. They waited for the Headmaster to continue speaking, both knowing the old windbag wasn't done; "Now since you are working with the Light we need to figure out a way to contact you. I believe giving you both notebooks spelled with a Protean Charm would be appropriate."

"When I write anything in my book it will appear in your copy. Your book will glow subtly but only to your eyes; once I give you both the books I will need to do one more spell so the book will only respond to your magical signature. That way no one but you will be able to see it glow, open it or read what is written inside. I know it seems extreme but one can never be too careful in these times."

Regulus acknowledged the old man's words with a nod; "Indeed, when will you be giving us these books? And until then how will we know where and when to arrive for your Order meeting?" The Headmaster answered quickly; "I will have the books ready by the Order meeting and I will owl you with the specifics as soon as they are ironed out."

Severus spoke next; "Owl one missive and address it to both of us; Regulus and I are living together now so it will be easier that way." Sirius choked and James looked green but Dumbledore was beaming at them; "Ah my boys I am pleased the two of you finally saw sense and got back together!"

The second Black son just internally rolled his eyes, wondering how inobservant the Headmaster was? He and Severus had been holding hands for quite a long while. However, Regulus said nothing to that affect and let the Headmaster continue smiling like a loon, eyes twinkling maniacally and all.

Severus for his part stayed silent, face blank and eyes unreadable. The youngest Black almost chuckled, his lover truly was a closed book when he wanted to be but Regulus could see the subtle hint of irritation in those ebony orbs. The potions apprentice hated it when people spoke about things that did not concern them, especially when those things involved Severus himself.

Deciding to move away from this explosive topic Regulus spoke again; "Well then if that is all Severus and I must be going. We have much to do and little time to do it in." Dumbledore looked ready to let them go but Sirius just never knew when to shut up, much like his little friend James Potter; "Regulus you can't mean to live with this greasy bastard! I won't allow it!"

Severus' lips curled away from his teeth, looking quite feral, but Regulus stood and spoke vehemently before his lover had a chance to verbally lash out at his idiotic older brother; "How dare you! You have no right to tell me what I can and cannot do! Who the hell do you think you are?"

"You have no right to order me to do anything, not when you abandoned me in that house, leaving me alone with that woman! I may understand why you left and I don't blame you for it but I will never forgive you. You left me there alone and then you turned your back on me once again at school. You, Sirius Orion Black, have as much business telling me what to do as a Werewolf does playing with silver knives."

"So kindly keep your nose out of my business; who I love and want to be with is none of your concern. So kindly keep your words and opinions to yourself and if you ever disrespect me or Severus again I will curse you to the hell and back; don't forget Sirius I was and still am a Death Eater."

"I know spells that would make you piss yourself if I just explained them to you." When Regulus was done chewing out his brother he was breathing hard and glaring at Sirius. The Black heir cocked a sculpted brow almost daring his sibling to say something, to give him a reason to act out on his threat; the eldest Black son said nothing, seemingly cowed for the moment.

Seeing his lover was not relaxing Severus rose from his seat and wrapped a comforting arm around the younger male's slender waist, murmuring words to help his little lover calm down. Regulus knew the taller man was not doing this to irritate his brother or Potter but out of desire for him to stop being upset.

Taking a deep breath the second Black son leaned into his partner's warmth and felt himself calming down but he did not stop glaring at his brother. Severus spoke for them; "Headmaster, Regulus and I must ask that no one knows we are working with the Order until we have found out who the spy is within your group. If it got out that we have turned against our Lord we will be hunted down and killed."

The old man stood and pulled his wand; "I think an oath is in order. All of us will swear not to speak of this meeting to anyone who is not here. It would be quite pointless to not speak of it between ourselves though since we all know what is going on."

"However, we all must use discretion when we do mention this night, Voldemort has ears and eyes everywhere." The four young men nodded, all of them pulling out their wands and taking their turn to swear the Secrecy Oath to Dumbledore.

Once they were finished Severus and Regulus moved to leave the office; no one moved to stop them and the two now former Death Eaters left Hogwarts without an issue. Once they arrived at Hogsmeade they sequestered themselves into a dark alley and apparated back to Spinner's End to begin packing all of Severus' things.

Regulus' possessions would be collected and brought by Kreacher when they arrived at the house in France. Tomorrow the two lovers would be going to Gringotts to finish up transferring the deed over to Severus.

Once done with the goblins they would portkey to the property to begin warding the land and exploring the house; if anything needed to be cleaned or fixed they would see it was done. Maybe acquiring another house elf would not be amiss, Kreacher was old and could only do so much and Regulus didn't want his dear mother to realize something was wrong.

Walburga was a self-involves shrew but even she could be observant and would notice if Kreacher didn't come immediately when called. It was sad that his dear mother would notice the elf missing before she noticed her own son was gone. Pity, but the longer Walburga didn't notice Regulus' departure the better off they would be.

Unfortunately, the Black heir knew he would have to make an appearance at Grimmauld Place every now and then to keep his mother content. Content but not happy and he was only doing that so she didn't disown him and cut him off from the family vaults.

At this point those vaults were the only thing related to the Ancient and Noble House of Black that Regulus wanted to be involved with. Many would think him cold and selfish to feel this way but it was the farthest thing from the truth. He loved what his family used to stand for but over the last few generations the once proud Black family had succumbed to mania and become mired in the misguided beliefs of pureblood supremacy.

Regulus was proud of where he came from, enjoyed worshipping the Old Ways and celebrating the gifts of Mother Magic but he would not allow himself to be brainwashed to believe that just because he was pureblood he was better. Yes, his position in the magical world deserved respect but not if he didn't comport himself in a manner that deserved it.

He was not Lucius Malfoy, flouncing around and demanding the world to kiss his feet just because he was a Malfoy. Regulus was once like that at his worst, when his mother's hold on him was at its strongest.

But he had broken away from that way of behaving once he truly saw what the Dark Lord was all about and actually realized that he looked like an arse demanding everyone to acknowledge him just because he was the Black heir.

Footsteps alerted him to the fact that Severus left the entrance foyer and he was now standing there, staring off into space, looking quite stupid all by himself. Sighing, the young raven took off his traveling cloak and made his way to Severus' potions lab to begin packing up his lover's ingredients, making sure not to damage anything. Some of these ingredients couldn't be shrunk or exposed to sunlight so special arrangements had to be made for their transport to their new home in France.

Regulus noticed his lover enter the lab and begin to pack his utensils and cauldrons. The two ravens fell into an easy rhythm, quietly packing and sorting through the collection of items within the room. The Black heir was glad for the monotony of the work; it soothed him and silenced his mind for the moment.

Two strong arms around his waist alerted him to Severus' welcomed presence; "How are you feeling love?" Regulus merely smiled and turned his head to peck his lover's cheek; "I'm fine, just sorting through it all. Hard to believe that not even a week ago I stole a Horcrux, almost died, would have died actually if it wasn't for you, and now I'm fully healed. Then I reconnect with the love of my life and have turned against the Dark Lord and we're spying for the Light. It's so surreal isn't it?"

A hum was his answer as the taller man began to nuzzle his neck; "Indeed, it is surreal but I'm pleased it all happened and we'll get through this together. If we can't figure out a way to destroy the Horcrux we can always ask the old coot for help, as much as I don't want to."

"But I also wanted to...thank you for standing up for us like that to your obnoxious brother. It meant a lot to me that you would do that for us, that our relationship means that much to you." Regulus shook his head; "Of course I would. I adore you, love you and want to be with you. To hell with anyone who has a problem with it. They can keep their opinions to themselves or they can meet the end of my wand."

A deep chuckle sounded in his ear, making the younger male shiver in delight. Severus always sounded so sexy when he laughed; it always sent Regulus' heart to beating faster and his mouth to water. Leaning back into his lover's warmth the smaller male ground his ass back into the cradle of his partner's hips, enjoying the feeling of the awakening hardness pressing against him.

"Let's go to bed, Reg." The younger merely nodded and let Severus apparate them straight into the older man's large bed. When Regulus' back hit the mattress his lover was already pressing hard kisses to his neck, pulling little gasps of pleasure from the smaller man beneath him.

Regulus was delighted with the attention his partner was paying to him; after tonight they both needed release and a way to escape their new reality for just a few moments. That their escape was pleasurable was just another perk for the two former members of Voldemort's Inner Circle.

The shift of his shirt being pulled away from his slim chest brought Regulus back to the exciting activity he and his lover were indulging in at the moment. Lifting his hands he threaded them in Severus' long raven tresses, pushing the man's mouth harder into the flesh of his neck, wanting the man to suck and nip a bit harder.

The older silently obeyed his wishes and began to lavish Regulus with harder bites and suction, making his way from his lover's delicate neck to his pronounced collar bones. The sensations were delightful for the Black heir and he found he wanted to feel his lover's toned flesh against his.

Removing his smaller hands from Severus hair he moved them to the buttons of his lover's shirt and began to undo them. When the last button was unclasped he pushed the garment off those strong broad shoulders and looked upon his prize. To many people Severus was not attractive but Regulus adored him.

He simply loved all of Severus Tobias Snape. From the top of his silky black head to the bottom of his slender feet. Regulus didn't give a damn if anyone would ever understand why he craved for this man; if they couldn't see it then they were plain blind.

Wanting to worship his lover and show him how much he loved him the smaller male shoved Severus off him and onto his back. The younger man moved to straddle his love's hips, a smug smile playing on Regulus' lips. He made a shushing noise when the elder man was about to speak, Regulus wanted to show his beloved with actions how much he treasured him.

Lowering his head he began to kiss every piece of pale skin he could reach, paying special attention to Severus' erect nipples; lavishing the twin peaks with his tongue and teeth and quite liking the little gasps and groans coming from Severus.

Having paid enough attention to his love's chest he shimmied downward again and undid Severus' pants and tugged them off along with the man's underwear. Unfortunately, they both seemed to still have their boots on, not deterred in the least Regulus slipped off his and his lover's heavy dragon hide boots, letting them drop to the floor with a loud clunk.

Task complete the smaller male went back to stripping his lover, and himself, of their lower garments. When Severus was nude before him Regulus surveyed him with a hungry glint in his grey eyes, licking his lips in anticipation. That look of hunger was reflected right back in Severus' dark eyes.

Wanting to try something new the younger male turned, facing away from his love and re-straddled his partner's hips. He spread his legs wider and leaned forward, exposing his entrance to his lover's eyes.

Two strong hands grasped onto the plump flesh of Regulus' bum and spread his cheeks wider, bearing him furhter to Severus' eyes. Feeling slightly embarrassed but no less wanton the younger male summoned his wand and cast several spells in succession; the first a cleansing charm on his entrance and passage. The second was a lubrication charm for three of his fingers as well as his entrance.

When he felt the cool slick liquid settle on the rim of his rosebud he shuddered in anticipation. He loved the intimate act of stretching his body open for Severus' cock. They very rarely used magic to do it, not unless they didn't have the time to spare and both needed a quick fuck to get them by until later.

Severus' hard cock was now digging into thigh, making small beads of pre-cum leak from Regulus' slit. It was all so erotic to the younger male, shifting a bit he brought his lubed fingers to his hole and massaged the sensitive puckered skin, moaning at the sensations his touch created.

His lover's hands gripped his arse harder, almost painfully but the harsh grip only brought more pleasure to Regulus' body. Slowly, he plunged one of his fingers into his tight passage, gasping at the feeling of being filled after so long; after he and Severus separated he had never touched himself in this way again, it just seemed wrong to him.

He hoped his love was enjoying this little show he was putting in for him. Judging by the way Severus was grinding his equally leaking cock into his thigh was a good indication that he was. No one else would ever see Regulus acting so slutty or untamed, this sight was only for Severus; the man he loved and trusted above all others.

Once his finger was inside him to the knuckle Regulus began to pump the appendage in and out of his body, swirling the finger inside him so it massaged his inner walls, coaxing them to relax and admit more. When he felt his muscles soften a bit he sunk another finger inside, mewling at the feeling of being stretched and began to scissor and twirl them, loosening his body further.

Regulus knew two fingers were not enough to open his body for Severus' large cock but he found he didn't have the patience to wait any longer. Quickly he removed his fingers and wiped them off on the blanket and moved to sit higher on his knees, his back still to Severus.

Reaching behind him Regulus grasped his love's flushed erection and moved it until it nudged the lubed skin of his barely stretched entrance. Severus' hands moved to his slim hips, helping him to remain steady as he sunk slowly onto that wonderfully stiff cock.

He couldn't help the slight grimace of pain that flitted across his face but luckily Severus could not see it. It was a painful but it felt so damn right and Regulus wouldn't stop it for anything. When he felt his lover's pubic hair brushing his arse the younger male stilled and breathed deeply. He rested his hands on his thighs while forcing his body to relax and accept the man he had wanted, and dreamed of, for so long.

Those hands that were once settled on his lithe hips moved to rub soothing circles into his lower back while murmuring soothing words to Regulus. When the smaller man felt his inner muscles relax he began to rock his hips in a circular motion, making the hard flesh inside of him brush his inner walls pleasurably.

Those hands were once again back on his hips, encouraging Regulus to move upward. Letting his older lover dictate his movements he grasped his thighs and once again rose higher onto his knees until only the upper portion of Severus' thick member remained inside of him before he sunk back down, throwing his head back and moaning when that delightfully hard length hit his prostate.

Without much thought Regulus rose once again and slammed back down, howling to the ceiling when that sensitive bundle of nerves was smashed once again. The Black heir set a hard pace and quite enjoyed the torment being inflicted on his prostate on every downward stroke.

Severus was not idle either, every time Regulus sunk down onto his cock he thrust his hips upward, filling his tight lover fully with his length and reveling in the moans, screams and whimpers he was invoking from his smaller partner.

Regulus was no covered in alight sheen of sweat, the muscles in his legs were pulled taught in exertion as he rode his lover into the mattress.

Severus' shifting caught him off guard and his fast rhythm was thrown off. The taller raven sat up, wrapping his arms around Regulus until their chest and back came into contact. The new feeling of his lover's equally sweaty flesh touching his sent another shockwave of pleasure through him.

Leaning back the younger allowed his weight to settle onto his love's strong chest while his hands moved from his thighs to entwine around Severus' neck, holding his partner's head to his shoulder and neck. Taking the invitation the older man began to kiss and suck on the bared flesh before him.

Grinding his arse downward Regulus' eyes rolled back in their sockets when the head of Severus' cock pushed against his prostate, pressing that over sensitive gland maddeningly. A deep chuckle floated into his ear; "You look lovely like this Regulus. I love it when I'm inside you; you're so tight around me. I love you."

The younger man just nodded dumbly before he resumed fucking himself on Severus' cock, not caring that he was whining and moaning like a three sickle whore, he loved being fucked by his lover and made no apologies for enjoying himself.

The older began to roll his hips, shoving his rigid length again and again into that lovely little hole. The taller man savored the sweet noises his little companion was making; it was always nice to know Regulus enjoyed this just as much as he did. They continued to crash together, moving in perfect harmony as if they never stopped their love making, like they hadn't not been together like this in over a year.

Regulus felt his orgasm coming, the continuous abuse to his prostate was pulling him quickly toward his end but he wanted to cum with Severus, wanted to feel his lover pulse and empty his seed inside of his body. Turning his head he pressed his lips to his lover's and thrust his tongue inside Severus' mouth.

The potions apprentice's slick muscle came to meet his and their tongue slipped against the other's, causing them both to drool a bit. The kiss was not sweet or soft, it was a meeting of tongues and lips; both men were trying to express their overwhelming feelings at that moment with the movement of their mouths and tongues.

Regulus pulled away gasping for air and looked at his lover; Severus looked flushed and delightfully undone. The younger swept back in quickly and began to kiss his lover breathless again, the movement of their hips had not stuttered or stilled the whole time they were kissing.

The Black heir was in euphoria, mind blessedly blank, as his lover's stiff cock battered his prostate over and over again. With one more hard stroke Regulus' orgasm finally hit him, exploding outward from his groan and scorching through his body. He felt his balls tighten and his slick passage flutter around Severus' still thrusting length.

In one perfect moment everything stilled before Regulus slammed his bottom down on his lover's intruding cock and came hard, spattering his semen across their legs and onto the already soiled blanket. A low growl swept through the air before Severus snapped his hips up and emptied himself into Regulus' willing body.

A low mewl came from Regulus bruised lips at the feeling of being filled with such warmth. Shifting he relished the way his lover's hot seed moved around inside of him. They moved against each other in slow movements, each riding out their climax before they were overcome with exhaustion.

Rising up once more Regulus turned around and flopped, gracefully of course, onto the bed next to his equally sated and flushed partner. Between heavy breaths the younger spoke; "That was...amazing. I forgot how good this could be." A tired "Hn" was Severus' response, with a light chuckle Regulus called for his wand and with a wave cleaned them, and the bed, of their mess.

When both men were clean again they settled under the blanket; Regulus snugging into his lover's muscled chest. Before he fell asleep the younger man tilted his head and kissed Severus' chin; "I love you Sev." The older man moved his head and placed a soft kiss to Regulus' crown; "Love you too, Reg." After hearing those words the Black heir knew no more.

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