Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Only Black in Name

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A low mewl came from Regulus bruised lips at the feeling of being filled with such warmth. Shifting he relished the way his lover's hot seed moved around inside of him. They moved against each other in slow movements, each riding out their climax before they were overcome with exhaustion.

Rising up once more Regulus turned around and flopped, gracefully of course, onto the bed next to his equally sated and flushed partner. Between heavy breaths the younger spoke; "That was...amazing. I forgot how good this could be." A tired "Hn" was Severus' response, with a light chuckle Regulus called for his wand and with a wave cleaned them, and the bed, of their mess.

When both men were clean again they settled under the blanket; Regulus snugging into his lover's muscled chest. Before he fell asleep the younger man tilted his head and kissed Severus' chin; "I love you Sev." The older man moved his head and placed a soft kiss to Regulus' crown; "Love you too, Reg." After hearing those words the Black heir knew no more.

~*~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 4*~*~*~*~*~*

The two former Death Eaters were making quick progress in making their new French house a home. Severus already commandeered the Potions lab, setting up his many cauldrons and ingredients in their proper places. Regulus, on the other hand, was sorting through the library, searching for another reference to Horcruxes or anything similar.

So far the Black heir was unsuccessful but he would not give up hope in finding a solution to destroy the blasted locket. He knew there had to be a way to do it; he just needed to find it. Severus was already experimenting with different plant based acids and animal venoms, hopefully one of these agents, or a combination of them, would be strong enough to kill the soul festering inside the beautiful locket.

It was shame that something so steeped in history and lore as Slytherin's locket would be destroyed due to his own heir's mania. But if the price of it destruction was the death of their former Lord's soul then so be it.

Regulus was wondering when they would be summoned to their Lord's side again; no doubt the man was planning something despicable in the near future, probably some muggle hunting or torture. It sickened him to have to do it but to decline joining in was a sure way to bring suspicion onto yourself; suspicion was the last thing he or Severus needed right now. So they would reluctantly continue being good little Death Eaters, for now.

He truly hoped that they could succeed in taking down their ex-Lord and his sycophants soon. Every day the snakelike man grew more and more insane, demanding his followers to do more and more depraved things; most of the Death Eaters had no issue with rape, torture or murder. The last time Regulus was called he was forced to watch Rowle rape a twelve year old muggle girl.

It made him want to wretch; this horrid event with Rowle and his stumbling on his Lord's secret was what set the Black heir's plans in motion. But now at least he and Severus were trying to make amends for their past ill deeds by spying and destroying Horcruxes; the ones they could find anyway.

Dumbledore still had not owled them their missive on the date and time of the next Order meeting but they anticipated it would be any day now. Not to mention they would need the charmed books to communicate with the old man; once the books were given the anti-owl wards would be erected. No one would be owling them and both their masters had ways to contact them aside from standard owl post.

Sighing he continued to flip through a rather in depth book regarding dark rituals and wards. However, no mention of Horcruxes was made at all. When he went to flip the next page a torturous burning feeling rocketed down his left forearm. The sound of breaking glass sounded from the Potions lab, alerting Regulus to the fact that Severus was being summoned as well.

Breathing deeply to help assuage the burning pain the Black heir stood and made his way to their bedroom. Once inside he opened their wardrobe and opened the hidden cabinet. Regulus pulled out both his and Severus' Death Eater robes and masks. His older lover walked into the room and dressed himself alongside Regulus.

Once clothed they looked at each other and nodded; today they would see their former Lord for the first time since aligning themselves with Dumbledore's Order. Regulus hoped to Morgana that they could pull this meeting off without alerting anyone to their change in allegiance or their distaste for the acts they were ordered to commit in the service of the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Both men left their room and walked to the front room; this was the only section of the house that allowed them to apparate out of. After one more long look into Severus' onyx eyes Regulus slipped on his mask and focused on the image being forced into his mind through the Dark Mark. With his destination in mind he turned on the spot and apparated into the location the meeting was taking place in.

Once he arrived he glanced around and took in the portraits hanging on the wall in the receiving room; the paintings featuring platinum blonde hair and cold grey eyes tipped Regulus off to the fact that they were inside Malfoy Manor. Once Severus arrived, only a few moments after him, a house elf popped into the room and guided them to the meeting room.

Both men followed silently, their footfalls hardly making a sound in the cavernous hall. Finally, they made it to a set of large dark wood double doors. Once they stopped the house elf gestured for them to enter and popped away; the little creature looked quite frightened and Regulus didn't blame the little creature for her fear.

The Malfoys and the Dark Lord were not kind masters and abused those they felt beneath them. The poor little elf was probably terrorized daily for some imagined slight committed against her masters. Reinforcing his Occlumency shields he pushed open one of the heavy doors and entered the room, Severus following closely behind him.

Their Lord sat on his thrown, watching them enter with burning crimson eyes. When both men kneeled before him the snakelike man began to speak; "Ah Regulus, Severus, my most faithful. I have a task for you, something I think you will both enjoy. You see someone has become quite a thorn in my side and has only become more of an incredible nuisance as time goes by."

"I would like you two to take care of this problem. You, Severus, have been tormented and bullied by this man. As for you, Regulus, this man abandoned you and your family for his little lion friends. If you have not figured it out the man is none other than Sirius Black. Think of this mission as a gift; you both can have your revenge on the man who made your life hell or left you for a family of despicable blood traitors."

Regulus' heart stopped when his brother's name was spoken. Yes, his brother had abandoned him but he would never wish him dead nor would he ever wish to harm him without reason to do so. However, to deny his master's orders was tantamount to treason in the Dark Lord's mind. He had no way of declining; "It will be done my Lord. I will take great pleasure dispatching my foul sibling and removing his stain from the House of Black."

The Dark Lord seemed pleased by Regulus' words and turned to Severus for his response. The potions apprentice didn't disappoint their Lord and Regulus had a feeling that his lover would gladly murder Sirius for his part in Severus' torment during Hogwarts; "It will be done my Lord. I will take great pleasure it torturing the blood traitor until he has no idea who he is and only after he cannot scream anymore will I finish him."

The crimson eyed monster smirked happily and dismissed them with a wave of his hand. When they were about to leave their Lord's voice rang out; "Do not disappoint me Severus, Regulus. I would hate to have to punish you for your failure. I want this task completed quickly." With his words finished the Dark Lord stood and strode out of the room through a door in the back.

Regulus breathed a quiet sigh of relief; the meeting was quick but it felt like several hours. Their Lord may no longer be their master but the man was damn scary and unhinged; no one knew when he would snap and lash out, slinging Crucio after Crucio at them for some imagined offense. The two ravens slipped out of the room and moved to the receiving room.

Once inside they apparated back to their sanctuary in France. Regulus removed his white mask and looked at Severus' unmasked face; "Dumbledore needs to contact us soon. We need to inform him of our former Lord's goal." The potions apprentice nodded and began to remove his heavy Death Eater robes, Regulus followed suit and took both their robes and bone white masks back to their bedroom.

When he came back out of the bedroom he noticed Severus was nowhere in sight and figured the man was back in his lab; either his lover was working on something for his Potions Mastery or tinkering with viable serums to kill the Horcrux.

Deciding he may as well do some more searching for mentions of Horcruxes Regulus went back to the large library; hopefully the distraction of research would push the new orders from his former Lord out of his head. Sirius must have done something big to anger the Dark Lord, never before had his older brother's name even been brought up in a Death Eater meeting; Regulus wondered what it was his fool brother did?

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