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Authors Note: This is my first LOTR fanfic, as well as my first multi chapter one, so please bear with me as I get more used to it. And, I know the first chapter's short, but the others will be longer. The story takes place when the twins and Legolas are teenagers.

Imladris TA 295

Elrohir exchanged a glance with his golden haired companion, once again wondering if his courage would fail him. Once again, he scanned the piece of paper.

My dearest brother,

I know that this will probably be the hardest thing you will ever do, as it is one of the hardest things for me to do, but I know that, given the chance to save those I love, such as you, gwanur nin, I would do it without hesitation, as I know you would do for me. This is why I ask you, for my sake as much as Ada's, Nana's, Arwen's, and so many others, that you will not pursue in our task.

Aemir and I have both come to terms with the fact that this quest will cost us our lives, but we hope that you, and our family and friends will understand too, and find it in your hearts to one day forgive us.

As meleth ullúme, cin gwanur,


Elrohir knew he wasn't great with words, but he hoped it conveyed the message. Slowly and silently, he walked over to his twin, and pressed the paper into his hand, keeping it in his own for a few seconds, before walking over to his sister, who looked about to cry. She looked at Elladan, and then at her own twin, who had fallen asleep on the floor. Aemir took a few breaths, trying to steady herself, before nodding at Elrohir. It was time.

As meleth ullúme, cin gwanur: With love always, your brother,

Gwanur nin: My brother.