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Greenwood the Great TA 194

A knife pressed against Aemir's neck. She could feel the man's stale breath against your neck.

"Well, well, well. Look at what we have here, Elrond's very own Sea Jewel." Aemir pushed his hand (and the knife) away.

"What do you want from me?" She silently cursed herself, not the best question.

"What do I want? I want you. And your brother, one of them, for you will be very valuable, but not yet. At the beginning of the next Loa, you and one of your brothers will meet me by the High pass, at the borders of Rivendell."

"Why on Earth would we do that?" The man laughed. He is Insane, she thought.

"Because I will kill your sister and the other brother if you do not."

"Impossible, you'd never get past the guards."

"I did here." Aemir went cold.

"Remember what I said, young one." And then he was gone. Shakily, she gathered her things and walked back to the palace.


Gelintaur took a deep breath as he looked in the mirror. He hadn't been able to speak with his father at all today, for he was held up in trade meetings. Gelintaur put on his mithril circlet. He hated wearing anything that symbolized his power, but it was a must for this kind of thing. A door opened behind him, and his brother, Almir, immaculate as usual.

"Is there something wrong?" He asked, turning to face him.

"No, just coming in to see how you're doing." Gelintaur looked at him worriedly, his brother never had time for anyone, and wasn't usually one to "visit" people. He looked at his brother with concern.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yes, well, have you noticed anything… abnormal? Are the trees saying anything?

"Well, yes actually, trouble brewing in the North, smoke on Tarag Orod." Almir sighed.

"I'd hoped I was wrong, I saw it while riding this morning."

"You don't seem too concerned."

"Well, it's probably nothing to worry about." Almir tried to be reassuring. Nothing to worry about!? Gelintaur had been freaking out all day, and was ready to explode. He didn't say anything, but could tell Almir knew he was nervous.

"Well, you should tell father tonight, but I'm sure it's nothing serious." He nodded his head in farewell, and left.


King Thranduil was enjoying the afternoon on the balcony of their room, which overlooked the sunset when he heard a knock on his door.

"Enter," His wife called. It was then that Thranduil witnessed his second youngest son dash into the room looking frazzled, trip over the door frame, and be sent sprawling onto the ground right in front of them. He and Lothaen both got to their feet.

"What is it?" "What's Wrong?" They exclaimed at once.

"Tree... Told me... Trouble... North... Tarag Orod." Gelintuar wheezed, and Lothaen and Thranduil sat down looking relieved.

"Don't do that Gelintaur, you had me worried that something happened to our guests, or your siblings." Lothaen chided.

"Thank you though," Thranduil added, "I will look into it." Gelintaur nodded, then exited.

"What do you think it is?" His wife's voice interrupted his thoughts. He smiled reassuringly at her.

"Oh, I'm sure it's nothing, but it merits a patrol at least, I will send Foegmande's company, he was headed in that area anyways." Lothaen nodded, lost in thought.

The Grey Mountains, A Week Later

Uquen torso erupted in pain as the orc rammed the dagger into his side. He gasped, and swung his sword, decapitating the beast. He yanked the dagger out of his torso, and thrust it to the ground. It was a deep cut, and he felt himself sink to his knees. Suddenly, a dead orc body hit him in the back, and he fell to the ground.

All around Uquen, the battle was raging. He could hear clashes of swords, and screams, of elf and orc alike. He knew that it was hopeless, his company was hopelessly outnumbered. Gazing around the best he could, he could see his best friend, Siniath, dead on the ground, with a sword protruding from his chest. Uquen closed his eyes in mourning. Behind Siniath, he could see their commander, Foegmande, also dead, though Uquen couldn't figure out how. Through the corner of his eye, he saw Firith, the elleth that Siniath had been worshipping from afar for the past century get surrounded. She fought for a while, but an orc finally disarmed her, and grabbed her by the shoulders and broke her neck. Uquen closed his eyes, weakened by bloodloss, and grief. Suddenly, it was silent. Only the footsteps of the surviving orcs could be heard, checking bodies. Suddenly Uquen felt himself being yanked upwards by the neck. He struggled to breathe. The orc dropped him on the the ground, and he couldn't mask the howl of pain that erupted from his lips.

"Listen to him squeal!" An orc cackled. "Pass me that will you." Uquen opened his eyes to see the orc towering above him, holding a spear. "It's time we sent our elvish friends a message!"