"Ok.. Done!!" Mina put down the sheets of paper that she had to fill out. "Now let me see her Darien!!!" Mina said anxiously.

"Fine.. she's in room 314.. down that hall and to the left. Three of you at a time!!!" Darien said slightly afraid for his life. Mina being excited and she could easily become dangerous with those powers of venus. Without hesitation Mina took off running down the hallway. Moments later a man desperately trying to keep his cool walked in. "Scary woman.." Darien said watching the five boys follow her.

"Excuse me." The guy said obviously fighting for sanity at the moment. "I'm looking for my daughter Mariemaia. She was admitted here a few moments ago…" He stopped himself short of adding 'with my girlfriend.'

"Yes, Please fill out a few forms. And I think you'd be pleased to know that she's doing well as well as her hero." The young looking Doctor said. Without hesitation he filled out everything at a rather fast speed. He looked over the forms and ran his fingers through  his hair. He felt like a nervous wreck again, just when things were starting to go smoothly for him something like this happens. Once he saw that things were correct and in the correct order he returned them.

"I'll take you there!!" A Young girl with Dark hair with purple hightlights said. "I was going to go see, Hime anyway." She said making Treize replay what she said in his mind, but he shrugged it off once he recognized the girl as Hotaru Tomoe a.k.a Sailor Saturn.

"Oh god.." Mina visibly  paled at the sight of Serena. The Crystal had absorbed itself into her body and was trying to heal her as quickly as possible but she was a little too weak to do it. Mina was ready to fall but Heero immediately held her up.

"I  know.. it isn't a pretty sight." A gentle voice said next to them. "Dr. Shields told me she'd be fine after a couple of weeks being unconscious." The group saw the young girl with  many bandages around her head reading a book.

"What happened??" Duo demanded from the red head.

"That I cannot tell you." Mariemaia said.

"Why not?!?" Duo asked.

"Because.. what happened is fuzzy now. I almost barely remembered the conversation all of us had before Miss Serena and I walked away. For a little while I couldn't remember my name." Mariemaia said. "According to Dr. Mizuno I am suffering temporary   memory loss." She said going back to her book. Just then the door peeked open and innocent eyes peeked in followed by an older man.

"Mariemaia.." He said gaining the girl's attention.

"Tousan!!!" She grinned at the man who looked a mess to the human eye. "You are Tousan right??" She cocked her head to the side.

"Mariemaia." He sighed and nodded his head gently. He made his way over to the girl and she hugged him. Gently she pushed his hair that was wild back to look kind of neat. It wasn't perfect, but it was enough to bring a shocked looked to Duo and Heero's face.

"Treize?!?!"  Duo exclaimed making Mina look at the man who was currently involved with his daughter. Treize stole a glance at the two boys.. then at the girl who laid beside them in terrible condition.

"How is she??" He asked plain and simple.

"She'll be fine. She'll  be unconscious for a few days but she's healing quickly by means I'm sure you know about." Mina said simply. She broke out of Heero's hold and held out her hand. "I know this is the worst way possible to meet you but, I'm Mina.. Serena's half sister." She said.

"Treize Khushrenada…" Treize said taking her hand. Before anyone could blink a gun was to Treize's head and the safty was immediately clicked off.

"Heero!! Stop that!!" Mina scolded taking his gun, Heero glared at her in turn but said nothing. "You and me have to talk now!!" She pulled him out by the ear. Treize looked on oh so slightly amused. But his small smirk disappeared when he noticed Mariemaia was asleep then he noticed Duo Maxwell sitting next to her bed holding her small hand in his own.

"I hope you wake up soon. You and Mina are the only family I have and you're probably the sanest out of you two." He said. "Hell I'd be waiting for one of you childish pranks just to gurantee you'll be ok.." He said kissing her forehead gently and looked at Treize. "I'm sorry about Mariemaia." He said gently.

"She'll  be fine." Treize said. "Thanks to Serena of course." Treize said with a deep sigh. Duo looked up to the ceiling.

"Listen.. If she trusts you then so do I.. Things of the war are things of the war and I guess we all had to grow  up some more." Duo said and left the room. Soon in the place of the three whom  had been in there Quatre Winner, Trowa Barton and Wufei Chang had walked into the room. At first none of them took notice of Treize and he made no movement to let them know of his presence. She wasn't lying when she said she lived with the gundam pilots. He stroked Mariemaia's hair. Within moments The young girl who had led him into the room had bopped into the room happy as ever then she went over to where Treize was sitting.

"Mina-chan told me to give this to  you Trieze-san!!" She held out a sandwich and a bottle of water, not noticing the shocked looks from across the room. "She also said 'She won't take no for an answer. The Ai no megami wouldn't let the love of her sister's heart go hungry. Hime-chan would have a fit if she did!!'!!" Treize smiled a small bit at the girl.

"Tell Mina I said Arigato." He said ruffling Hotaru's hair gently.

"Ok.. but can you do me a favor?? When Mariemaia-san wakes up tell her that  I said sorry for throwing her canvas behind the bushes that day but it had to be done because Trista-san wanted it to happen!!" Hotaru said walking out of the room. Treize blinked at what the girl said. She was practically responsible for him and Serena meeting again. Then he took another glance at his dauighter who was sleeping peacefully.

"No… No..   you died!!!" The voice of Wufei Chang was whispering over and over. He was staring at Treize like he was a ghost from the dead.

"Please don't get hysterical. Serena punched me when she did." Treize said trying to lighten up the mood but sadly it failed miserably.

"Heero Yui  I'm disappointed with you!!!" Mina said breaking the silence between the two.


"Yeah like you don't know. First and formost regardless of the history you have with Treize that gives you no right to point a gun at him when not only he's here for his daughter but for Sere as well!!!" She said.


"Don't whatever me!! God don't you know what its' like to be in love??" She asked him. "I mean when your heart really belongs with that  person its painful to know they're hurt.. even worse if you're already having some 'problems' and the last thing you need is for someone to be getting on your case over some things from the past." She said and sighed when things went back to being silent. She blinked in shock when Heero moved to sit next to her.

"Mina." He said making her look at him in more shock. "You can't tell me that I don't know what it's like to be in love. As far as I can tell your 'Ai no Megami' powers don't let you receive feelings sent towards yourself." He said. "That or you're a great performer."

"Heero, What are you talking about??" She said with a perplexed look gracing her face.

"You really don't know.." He said more of a statement than a question.

"Stop talking like Trista..  in riddles!!" She practically whined.

"I'm never good with words." He said.

"Heero we all know that but-" She started to complain but  he just leaned in and kissed her not really thinking about the consenquences at the moment, all he knew was that he had to  complete this personal mission he sent himself on and the last words that rang through his mnd was… 'Mission Complete..' To say Mina was shocked is an understatement. She was stunned and that didn't even begin to comprehend what she was feeling.. all she knew that Heero Yui was kissing her and she did the next thing logical.. kissed  him back.

"So you risked your own life by leaving the hospital sooner than you should have??" Quatre asked. They had eventually gotten Wufei to calm down and the guys were all talking like civilized people. Sure the situation wasn't the greatest but it had to be done now otherwise there would would be too much confusion and anger and questioning of sanity later.

"Yes, I was trying to  Stop Mariemaia before things got too far. Apparently I  had been too weak and too late. I'm glad you had stopped her." He said.

"Well after finding oput her whole plan was the real Oeration Meteor we had to do something." Trowa said.

"I understand." Treize said and sighed and glanced at Serena with an ache in  his heart. The nurse poked her head inside the door.

"Visiting hours have ended you really should be going now." She said and the four men nodded. The Gundam  pilots left the room leaving Treize. He leaned over and kissed Mariemaia on her forehead.

"Just another day or so and you'll be home again." He whispered and stood next to Serena's bed. He stroked her hair for a moment and kissed her lightly on the cheek. "We'll talk.." He said and walked out of the room not noticing the soft smile that played on her lips.

"So.. anyone else but Me is hungry??" Michelle asked gently trying to bring some relief to the crowd of people.

"Hai…" chorused around the room.

"Come on Cheer up for Keneko-chan's case. She hates to make anyone upset with her. She'd rather us all smile and we all know she'll be alright." Amara said and sighs came from all over.

"It's true though.. What's Rule number one about  being a senshi??" Mina asked.

"We never stay dead!!!" Hotaru said making everyone laugh. Treize pushed his way through the crowd and headed to his car. The group fell silent for a moment and watched him leave.

"Why does it seems that he's more worried about Keneko-chan than he should??" Amara asked.

"Uhmm.." The inners found something interesting to look at while Mina explained.

"Because uhmm.. He's in love with her." Mina said squeeziing Heeros hand waiting for a reaction.