Author's Note: Hey guys! Welcome to my newest story, The Invisible Children. It's a Next To narwal fanfic about a girl who has no friends and doesn't really get along with her parents so in a way she's invisible. But she moves to a new town in the beginning of the story where she meets an unlikely friend and thus the story begins. Please excuse how much narration there is, I can tone it down if needed. I would have had this up earlier but I accidentally deleted the file, but here it is! Here's a character breakdown just because I put in a few OC's

Sam and Grace Buifut: Amelia's parents. They have good intentions at heart but have difficulties connecting with their daughter. Bought the Goodman's house knowing full well of its history.

Amelia Buifut: (You'll see why I named her that in a little while) Only child of Grace and Sam. Had a friend, Casy that she had to leave behind when she moves. Gabe becomes her only friend and she his.

Gabe Goodman:(I think you all know his story but just in case) The deceased son of the Goodman's. Chose to stay behind in his house when they all left. Becomes Amelia's only friend. (P.S. I have Aaron Tveit in mind for him. In case you wanted a visual).

Chapter 1: Stranger Than Fiction

"Oh come on sweetheart, think of it as a new start. For all of us."

"Yeah! Amelia, look at it this way. I know it was hard for you to leave Kacy behind but this will give you a chance to make some new friends at a new school!" It's not that easy dad.

"You wouldn't understand. He was the only friend I've ever had dad! And now you've taken me away from that."

Parents just don't understand how hard it is. You can't just take a kid away from their home and expect them to be ok and start over with everything again. That's not how these kinds of things work. Especially when your me.

"Oh! Look, look ,look! There it is. Our new home. Oh Sam its adorable!" Adorable? Please, I don't see anything adorable about this place. It looks exactly like every other house on this street. My god, I hate the suburbs.

"C'mon Amelia, time to get out of the car. If you want you can choose your room first. You can have any one excep- never mind. You can have which ever room you choose."

"Yeah. Ok thanks dad." Like that will make everything so much better.

I go to the trunk and grab my things, and head for the door. I can tell my dad is about so say something else so I do it in a hurry. I make it to the front door in a matter of seconds and inspect the front lawn. There are weeds beginning to grow, and it looks like it hasn't been watered in over a year. I push on the front door and it opens with ease. The inside of the house looks a little gloomy, and the sheets on all the furniture isn't helping. There's not much down here except for the kitchen, living room, dining room and a little hallway with some doors so I head upstairs.

There's four doors up here so I may as well check each of them. The first two are locked, so I go for the third one. It opens easily and I find it's a bath room, that's a relatively good size. The last door is at the end of the hall, and is also the only other one that's unlocked. I push on the door but it gets stuck. Like something is holding from the other side. I take a step back and push on the door. It bursts open and I fall in.

The room is a good size. A little bigger than my room in our last house. There's light streaming in from one of those window that sits above one of those benches that are built into the wall. The only other things in the room are a desk and a mirror in the corner. The walls and ceiling are a baby blue, like the colour people use when they are expecting a child. The mirror has a sliver if its glass showing and I swear there's something in it behind me. I flip around but whatever I thought was there is gone now. Weir-

"Dammit Sam! Be careful with that! It was my mothers."

"Well it would help if you did Grace!" My parents' voice take me out of my trance. Better go down and see what my dad did this time.

"Hey dad, the room at the end of the hall is mine. I already dropped my bags in there." My dad looks to my mom with a look of hesitance before speaking to me.

"H-honey. Are you sure that's the room you want? I mean afte-" My mom nudges him before e can finish.

"Of course you can have that room Amelia. Just grab the rest of the boxes and then we'll head out for some celebratory dinner. Ok hon?"

"Yeah uh ok mom." Weird. Oh well. I just hope the rest of this year goes by quickly.

2 Months Later:

Praise the lord, its summer! I mean not that I had to do much in the last two months of school. They practically had me do nothing. Most of the classes I was taking at my other school aren't offered here so there was nothing I could do. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining, but two months of, "Oh look its the weird new girl, Amelia Buifut. She has no friends. Lets avoid her at all costs." Yep story of my life.

Well since it's the first day of summer I may as week celebrate, by cleaning my room. You know your popular when the most exciting thing you can do is clean your room! It's not too messy so it shouldn't take me that long to clean. I mean, there's only a few things in it. There's my dresser, my desk, my bed, and that mirror. But the desk and mirror were already here, so they don't count as mine. Oh! You know what always helps while you work? Music! Am I right?

I mean not to mention that I am, and will be home alone for most of summer. Thank you again Sam and grace Buifut for being such incredible parents. Really I applaud you. What type of parenting is that? I'm sure you thought it would be a great idea to leave your 17, almost 18 year old daughter at home by herself while you go to Alaska. Awesome. Well anyway, I think music would help to sooth my troubled mind. I pull out my laptop and put on my classical music playlist. It's always intrigued me, that classical music I mean. All the emotion and colors in one song. It's like a story. Some about love and others about death, and some about both.

Before I know it my room is clean an- Hey! My music stopped! What the hell? Maybe the battery died or something. It shouldn't have, I just charged it last night. Ugh whatever. It's a sign maybe. I should take a shower now. I strip down and put a towel around myself and grab another one along with my toiletries. Damn! I knew I shouldn't have watched The Wizard of Oz last night. That song Judy Garland sings is stuck in my head. Why did I even watch it? I hate that movie. I turn on the bath and wait a few minutes for it to warm up. I step inside and relax into the bubbly heaven. My god, i would stay in here for hours if I could. Just sitting, and singing, and not having to worry about anything at all. But alas, all good things must come to an end. I hop out and walk back sown the hall to my room.

I drop my towel and put on the clothes I laid out, a blue sports bra, my underwear, and a pair f sweat pants. I mean I'm home alone, and it's not like I have anyone to impress. Trust me, I've had one guy ever ask me out, and it was through a text message. It was all good before we met in person and he suddenly didn't want to date me. It's not like I'm incredibly ugly but I'm no supermodel either, I'm decent. I have hair dark brown hair, that goes a little below my shoulders; soft facial features, and hazel eyes; my body type is average, so there's nothing special about me. I guess besides the fact that I have no friends and people don't like me, my only other flaw I have is a scar on the left side of my face running from my eyebrow to about my mid cheek. I got it when I was 7, and I fell and sliced my face on a vase I had broken. My parents think I should try to get rid of it but it's apart of me now.

Can I just say though, I do very much like being home alone. I can basically do whatever I want and not have to worry about anyone judge-

"You know, you have a lovely voice," What? I spin around but no one else is here.

"Wh-what? Who said that?" Please don't be a rapist, or a serial killer, or my dad.

"Over here," a voice from behind me says. I turn to be met by one of the most attractive guys I've ever seen. But I'm too flustered and freaked out to notice that right now.

"Who are you?! WHat the hell are you doing in my room?!" I make a start for him but he dodges me and hops out the door. I slam it shut behind him, not that I've really gotten rid of him. He's probably still somewhere in my h-

"That's really the way to treat a stranger Amelia. What kind of host are you?" Wait what? I just locked him out!

"Wh-what? But I-but you…I just…" Is all I can manage to get out before everything turns black and I fall to the floor.

Author's Note: Soooo what do you think?! Sorry there's a lot of narration and not a lot of dialogue but I didn't want to rush her meeting this mysterious person. And Amelia doesn't really enjoy talking to her parents. Well as usual please read and review. Your thoughts are always welcome as long as they are constructive. Please no hate. I'm willing t change just about anything except the fact that its a Gabe/OC story and Amelia's name. I did it for a reason, which will be revealed in a later chapter. Well anyway, let me know what you think!