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Chapter 9: Amelia

Let me tell you, things were not easy at first. In fact they were quite the opposite. Gabe was, well he was always on edge it seemed, and moody. And for the first few weeks after he…you know became… undead. Well to be honest I was and am nervous that he might leave me or something and now he's just so unpredictable. It's probably just a silly fear, but who can know. I mean now that he's human, and gorgeous, and perfect. I just want everything to be alright. But there are jut so many ups and downs.

"Amelia!" Gabe's been living with us for the time. Just until we figure out how to handle his…situation. And yes, my parents know what happened to him. That was quite an awkward


"Amelia, where are you?" I could do one of two things right now. Tell him where I am and risk missing the be-a-u-ti-ful new Supernatural. And I really don't want that. As much as I love Gabe, I gotta say this show is just to perfect. So I do believe I will let him find me on his own. That should take a while.

"Ameilia, there you are!" Orrr not.

"I was thinking that maybe we could go out for drive today." He looks so adorable with those big eyes. Ughhhh.

"Today? Hmmm, Gabe I dunno if I can tod-"

"Oh come on! You know just as well as I do that you spend too much time sitting on that couch."

"That is because Dean and Sam are just too beautiful to ignore." I grin broadly at him and he smirks. He knows he's going to win. It's nearly impossible to say no to that face. He ruffles his hair and crosses to me, blocking my view.

"You know you'll enjoy it. How bout we go the lake?" Now that, that is not even fair.

"Ugh, fine. But when we get back I get to watch this, and no bothering me!" He jumps out of the room grabbing a bag off the kitchen table and rushing to the door.

"Great let's go!"

"Now? But I don't have anything ready!"

"But I do! I got all together last night." He knew! He knew all along. Goodness that boy.

I smile lightly at him and kiss him before making my way out the door.

"You silly boy. Alright, but you're driving." He groans but shuts the door and follows me out.

The drive was beautiful, but quiet. We had been talking about a movie we'd watched recently and he became quiet not saying anything until we made our destination.

I jump out of the car immediately. The lake is shining and so welcoming. The air is warm and crisp. What an idea.

"Gabe! Come on!" He remains in the drivers seat, just staring out at the water, a distant look in his eyes. This is exactly what I mean. Ups and downs.

"Yeah uh in a minute Amelia." I try and brush it off jokingly.

"Guuuaaaabe but I came down here just for you." I walk around to his side of the car, keeping my distance.

"I know Amelia. But I…." He drops off. You what? I don't even care. I did not miss my show for this! Yes, it is that serious.

"Gabe, please. Just get out of the car. You'll feel better. Please." I'm basically pleading now, which is pitiful.

"No! Look not right now! I don't understand why everyone is always on my case about everything!" He's out of the car and yelling now. It's never been this bad before. "And you! You are on top of it all the one expecting the most of me! Gabe do this, Gabe do that, Gabriel why don't you do this?!" He's getting closer, pushing me to the edge of the lake.

"Gabe…please you're scaring me."

"Quiet! I'm tired of your incessant nagging and complaing1 You expect me to be so perfect. Well do I look perfect to you now!? You know nothing of my life, You don't know what I've been through! And I know, ohh do I know, I see the way you look at other guys. Wishing that they were me. I know you want me to be perfect! To be normal! But I can't be Amelia! I just can't!" How can he think that at all?

"Gabe, please listen to me." I take a step forward, but he shy's away. He's fuming now, there are so many emotions in his eyes.

"Please look at me."

"I just….I can't do this." Oh my god.

"Can't do what? Gabe please. Please you need to hear this. I-I had no idea that you felt that I was, was trying to fix you. I know you're not perfect, I'm not either. I would never ask that of you. It's true that I don't know anything that you've had to deal with, and I may never understand." I take another step forward, his head is in his hands now and he back sitting in the driver's seat. "What other guys do you see around me? Because I honestly have been worried that you're going to leave me. I mean you're everything a girl could want. And I've been worried that I wasn't enough for you…" I trail off, not knowing what else to say. He looks at me with so much desperation, it's heartbreaking.

"I can't go on like this, pretending like we're okay. I'm sorry. Please just get back in the car we'll talk about this on the way home."

"Gabe I really don't understand this sudden change. We were doing great. I mean sure there have been some ups and downs but that happens in every relationship. Nothing is perfect." He tries to close the door but I stop him. This is not ending here.

"No we are not going home yet Gabe. I don't want this to end here. Now I have no idea where you got the notion into that head of yours that I want you to be perfect. Gabe, I-I love you. And I wouldn't change anything about you." I suppose there's really nothing left for me to do to get him to understand so I grab his arm and pull him towards me. His eyes look off somewhere else. I pull him closer and closer until we're inches apart. This has always worked before, please let him see what I mean. I press my lips gently to his, eyes open looking at him in his. I close mine to emphasize my feeling, moving my lips against his cold unmoving ones.

"Come back to me, please." I press my lips against his more forcefully, willing him to respond. Finally, he does. Small almost unnoticeable reaction at first, then more confident. He raises his hand and runs his hair through my fingers. My Gabe is back. I smile into the kiss, my laugh breaking the silence. He pulls away slightly to talk but I pull him right back in. Only when I think I've gotten my point across do I let him say his piece.

"All I can say to is how sorry I am. But that can not suffice for the the terrible things I said to. Not just today. I, understand now how horribly wrong it was of me to assume such things of you. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." He grabs me and pulls me into a hug rubbing my hair and mumbling incoherent things. I untangle myself and run to the passenger side hopping into the car.

"Nothing to forgive, c'mon let's go home." I give him a small smile and a peck on the lips, grabbing his hand and giving it a squeeze

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