if the stars are watching

A HariPo drabble

by mew-tsubaki

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It's a cruel thing he does, and yet he expects Ronan to be the one to beg forgiveness.

Bane is an active personality—aggressive, some might say—and he doesn't deny it. He prefers it, in fact, because he likes that he's always been that way. He's always been the same old Bane, unchanging and static. It's a reliable fact from which he takes much comfort.

And yet, he torments Ronan.

He finds Ronan whenever the older centaur happens to be alone. He speaks brusquely with him about the day's goings-on. He lets the conversation idle and fall into silence, enough so that Ronan wishes to fill that empty void.

Bane doesn't know what he's doing. Ronan is a smart centaur, and Bane knows there's more to Ronan's allegiance to Magorian than those two would ever let on, and yet Bane turns into a panting man (man, because only two animals can show true love, unlike those humans) when Ronan lands in his grip.

Ronan is weaker than him, and can be dominated and tamed and be everything for Bane that Firenze could not.

The thought is like a pail of cold spring water in the face. Just like that, Bane backs off Ronan, leaving Ronan longing for something that Bane knows well he shouldn't be giving.

Before he turns to go, Ronan speaks, and his words catch him off-guard. "If that is all you ever have to do with me, then you have changed, Bane. You are weak."

Bane's pride makes him want to prove Ronan wrong, but the dark-colored centaur canters off. He cannot face the reality that he has changed, that he is being unfair to Ronan for not actually loving him, that he is being unfair to himself for not seeing the change sooner, and that he is wrong for ever thinking that banishing Firenze was a good thing.

His heart aches, and he yearns for what is not there as he glances up at the stars, looking for hope, answers—anything.

But the stars keep quiet, and Bane tries to comfort himself with the thought that maybe Firenze is at least watching the same sky as he.

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Awkward and angsty. o.o *lol* Yeah, RonanMagorian's another M&MWP, and maybe someday BaneRonan could have a real chance…but for now I'm still shipping FirenzeBane. ;P

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