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Hello! Welcome to my first fairytale. Are you excited? I'm pretty excited. I mean – this is a happy story! Well, maybe.

There are two possibilities here. Quick history lesson: the story of The Swan Princess has a dozen endings and about two or three of them actually end happily. Most of them consist of the main characters committing suicide or dying in terrible, lonely ways. So I haven't quite made up my mind which way this will swing quite yet. I have two endings planned. One is a sweet happily ever after. The second is a tragedy.

So until I've made up my mind, that's how I'll have to leave you. I hope you're curious enough to stick around! :)

There are thirty-four chapters planned for this story. This chapter is boring. Yay, build up!

EDIT:: I'm rewriting this story as of April 2015! No major changes, but I'm switching up how things are written as they are. Just giving it a fresh makeover.

The Usual

Luna looked at the clock again and rolled her eyes in annoyance. Selena carelessly dipped her finger in the mug full of tea across from her. "Lukewarm."

"Figures," Luna sat back in her chair, crossing her arms and legs at the same time. "She's almost never on time."

"But this is one of the first times she's let her tea run cold," Selena observed. The tanned beauty absent-mindedly played with the noisy bangles on her wrist as she theorized on why their friend was missing. "Probably held up with him again. It's happening more and more frequently."

Against her better judgment, Luna looked up at the clock again and let out a huff.

Selena smiled mischievously, showing the near-perfect, pearly teeth behind her red lips. "Well, look at it this way. She'll come with a story now."

Just as Luna was about to retort her story couldn't possibly beat the one she was dying to get out, the bell on the door of the Ocarina Inn jingled merrily and fresh air from the late spring afternoon swept in. Both girls at the table straightened their posture and adjusted their hair and outfits, attempting disinterest in the newest girl's tardiness.

The young farmer strode in with excuses: "Sorry I'm late! Gill and I went for a stroll – oh, thanks for ordering for me – and I lost track of the time. By then, I realized I was halfway around the island, and it was ten after noon!" She took a long sip of the strong herb tea in her ceramic mug. When she set it back down on the table with a grimace at the stale taste, two pairs of eyes were watching her. "What?"

Luna fondled one of her pink ponytails and forced a grin. "Oh, nothing! Just catching up with Selena."

"She hasn't said a single interesting thing in the past half hour," Selena tattled, propping up her chin in her palms. "So, Molly, what's new with Gilligan? Any steamy stories for our gossip hour?"

Rolling her eyes at her friend who was simply purring like a cat at the idea of a romantic encounter, Molly stirred her tea with her pinkie finger. "Nothing steamy to report! You know him better than that. And don't call him 'Gilligan,' his name is just Gill, and you know it."

"Jeez, you've become such a snob dating him!" Selena complained. She spread herself back down over the table in a huff. "What happened to the live wire we used to know? Giggling all the way down the street when there wasn't anything funny and doing headstands with me on the beach?"

"Selena, that was when we were children," Luna chided, resting a hand protectively on Molly's forearm. She winked at her knowingly. "I personally like the new Molly."

"New Molly? I'm the same!" Molly sputtered indignantly.

"Same?" Selena asked. "Pfft!"

"Dear, you're not the same," Luna shook her head in agreement. She gestured to her, and Molly shrunk under her scrutiny. "But you're grown up! It's a good change."

Frowning, Molly licked her finger clean and leaned on the table. The bell at the counter went off and the spunky waitress Maya skipped to fill another order across the room. "Let's not talk about me and my apparent evolution. What's up with you guys? I've barely seen you since last week."

Selena shrugged, resting her chin on the table. In order to do so, her chair was pushed out behind her against the wall of the part-restaurant part-inn. "Dancing. Food. Television."

"Sewing," Luna shrugged with a little sigh. "But I had big news. Now it doesn't seem so big anymore..."

Selena and Molly both knew what this was. Luna did it all of the time. They gave each other knowing looks. Luna always liked to downplay everything she did so that her friends would have to practically beg to get whatever it was she wanted to say out in the open. Even then, it was rarely anything at all.

Molly tried first. "Is it a rumor?"

"No," Luna stuck her nose in the air, still stubborn.

"Is it a guy?" Selena perked up.

She pursed her lips. "Kind of."

Molly and Selena looked at each other again, but this time they were both interested. They both scooted their chairs forward.

"A boyfriend?" Molly asked in a hushed tone.

"A one night?" Selena ventured.

"A new guy?"

"An ass?"

Luna smiled and tapped her chin in thought. "Hm… one of you said it."

"Which one?!" Selena reached out and rapidly tapped Luna's arm impatiently. "Was it the one night stand? Huh, huh?"

"Luna wouldn't!" Molly defended, but quickly turned on her with an owlish gaze. "Would you?"

"Don't be ridiculous!" Luna shook her head. "Silly geese, it was the new guy!"

"Oh," Selena flatly said and rested her chin back on the table.

"So who is he?" Molly asked, trying to remain just as interested. She had to admit that she was a bit disappointed it wasn't so scandalous. Forgetting her tea was cold, Molly sipped it again and made a wry face.

Luna leaned forward, excited now that it was her turn to purr like a cat. "His name's Julius—"

"Julius? He's not new!" Selena interrupted with an annoyed quirk in her brow. She threw her hands in the air, making quite the scene if the other restaurant goers hadn't known to ignore the chattering trio after all of these years. "Julius! You had us excited over Julius!"

Molly nodded, gripping the handle of her mug with both hands. "Yeah, we knew a Julius back in grade school. Didn't he move away?"

"Ugh, he went to college, guys!" Luna sunk even deeper into her chair. She folded her arms, her feathers quite ruffled by their dismissive reactions. "So he's kind of new. We haven't seen him in years! Point is, he's back, and he's got great new fashion designs for Gramma's shop, and he's positively fabulous. There. End of thrilling news you two don't deserve."

"Is he built?" Selena asked, cocking her head to the side as if she was trying to picture it.

Luna wrinkled her nose. "Nah. He's tall and just so polite—"

"Uninterested," Selena cut her off again with a wave.

"Cool!" Molly interjected. She forced herself to down as much of the tea as she could stomach, throwing it back like it was a shot of whiskey. She took a deep breath when it was done, slamming the mug down onto the table. "When do we get to see the new and improved Julius?"

Luna smiled at her, rolling her eyes at how unladylike they were - this pair of friends she chose. "Hopefully soon. He comes in the shop all of the time. If you stop by, you have to give me your opinion on him."

"Will do!"

"Ugh, this isn't fun. Where's the drama? The action?" Selena complained, sprawling her arms out in front of her, nearly knocking over the empty tea mugs. "We should make Molly feel uncomfortable about Gill. It's so easy."

"No! No, we shouldn't!" Molly protested, upset that the subject had impossibly turned back around to her boyfriend.

"Mmkay," Luna winked with a giggle. She tilted her head at Molly. "You know, I think he's going to propose soon."

"If he won't, I will," Selena threatened jokingly and licked Molly's nearby hand.

Recoiling and rubbing the spit away, Molly moodily eyed the table top and said: "Guys, don't be dumb... Gill's far from that. Besides... it's not like I care. I can wait."

"Wait for your baby maker to shrivel to dust, yes, excellent," Selena prodded Molly's tummy. She rightly had her hand slapped away. Selena held up her hands in surrender. "If you guys don't tie the knot soon, he's going to lose his chance at you."

"What do you mean?" Molly frowned in fear.

Selena lightly shrugged, finally sitting up straight and proper. It proved all the more that her following sentiments were sincere, making Molly's stomach churn with unease. "I mean if I were you, I'd be heading for the next big thing. A big thing that isn't afraid of commitment and a little action."

"He is not afraid of commitment."

"Then why aren't you engaged?" Luna argued. "You've been dating for over three years!"

Molly shrunk back to her tea mug only to find it was a poor source of distraction. She idly tapped the rim. "I don't know... I guess he's just busy... Or he wants to pick a good moment. Like a Festival or something."

"Aw, that would be so sweet!" Luna clapped with a cheer.

Selena made another noise of displeasure. She crossed her arms over her torso, her bangles jangling across her bare midriff. "Guys around here are so cliché."

"Yes, that's why you're going to elope," Molly nodded, knowing this story well enough.

"Damn right I am! Adventure, romance, and rebellion all packed into one lovely package," Selena dreamily sighed at the ceiling.

Maya suddenly interrupted the conversation, swinging a silver tray just narrowly missing Molly's head. The braids she tied in that morning were too tight, making them bounce out in swooping curves. It would have been funny if the style was worn by anyone other than Maya. It was almost too predictable on a girl like her. "Is that it for you guys? I can get you some cookies or something if you want!"

"Nah, I'm good," Selena denied, patting her toned belly.

"Me, too," Molly shook her head politely.

"Yeah, let's be done," Luna tossed the napkin from her lap upon the table and bunched it.

Maya nodded, perky as usual. "Okay, I'll get the che—"

The bell on the door jingled and in walked Owen and Kathy arm in arm. The three girls were silenced, and they stared in renewed awe at the beautiful blonde and the muscled miner as they found seats on the opposite side of their room for an obvious date. Immediately, the girls were twittering and giggling and gossiping about the possibilities.

Maya rolled her eyes good-humoredly and made her way to the pair of interest to take their order, letting the friends chatter on as usual.