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"Luke still hasn't proposed?!" Vivi asked. She bit into a warm blackberry scone, talking through the food and muffling her voice in the process. "Sheesh, what's he waiting for?"

"Oh, I don't know…" Molly sighed. She stared up at the brilliant blue sky wistfully.

"Sure is taking his time," she continued, sipping some of the raspberry juice Molly brought for their picnic. "You've been figuring out this dating thing for almost a year…"

"I know! But I'm not going to rush him into anything he doesn't want to do…" Molly said. "Luke's just… a little too childish, I guess. I don't think marriage is the type of thing to ever cross his mind."

"What other conflicts are we supposed to talk about in this teaser trailer?" Vivi asked, stretching her arms out.

Molly shrugged. "Well, we can talk about you. And Gill. And that thing—"

"Let's not go there!" Vivi quickly interjected. She shuddered, playing with a lock of her hair.

"You asked…" Molly smirked playfully.

A scone whacked her in the nose.

A Very Swan-y Sequel. Coming to your only Harvest Moon fanfiction theatre. 2014/2015.