With Great Power

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She'd moved fast, but not fast enough. Cora had gotten her mother's heart, had crushed it in front of her very eyes without a second thought, she was too late.

"NO!" she screams, her own heart thundering as she feels it overcome her like a tidal wave. Magic. Pure, raw magic, like an exposed nerve ending.

It lashes out, reacting to her despair, and in a moment Cora is struggling helplessly against its white force. Her fist clenches and the evil witch's neck snaps, but her mother is still dead, Snow White is dead, and she stumbles to her body with a sob.

"No! I'm sorry, please! Come back to me! Please, I just got you back!"

But it's no use, Snow is gone, and she'll have to go through the portal alone. She'll have to tell her father and her son that their wife and grandmother are gone. Gone forever.

Head in her hands she sobs in rage and grief, white lashes of magic whipping violently around her, scarring the earth.

"Emma! Emma please!" she hears it at first as if on the wind, and it has to be some kind of trick, some last torture by that awful witch. But how-

"Please sweetheart, wake up! Come back to us!"

"No! You're lying! This is a trap! I'll snap you in half Cora, just to be sure you're dead, I swear it!" she gets up with a shout, directing her wrath at the place she'd last seen Cora's corpse. But she isn't there, and everything's melting away, even the ground at her feet. What the hell is going on?!

But as she lashes out once more, she hears something that fills her with equal parts elation and dread.

Her mother's shout of her name, and the sound of a body landing hard on the ground.

She's out of bed and blinking before her mind has really caught up, chest heaving as she tries to understand.

They're back, it was all just a dream. A terrible, terrible dream. But what about-

"Oh god!" she gasps, her body freezing in horror as she watches David help Snow off the ground, a good ten feet away from her bed on the couch.

The reality of it all hits, and hits hard as she takes in the last of a familiar glow retreating back into her fingers, the worry and no small amount of fear visible on David's features driving it home.

She'd done this, she'd lashed out through her dream, and she'd hurt Snow in the process, her own mother.

Her mother who woozily leans against her father, blood starting to gush from a head wound.

It's the sight of blood that finally galvanizes her; the bile rising in her throat with the tears in her eyes as she all but leaps from bed and sprints for the bathroom.

Slamming the door shut and locking it behind her, she nearly doesn't make it to the bowl in time, but as she finishes retching she can hear her parents pounding on the door.

"Emma! Are you okay? Talk to us!"

"Emma! Emma, open this door! Please! I'm okay, honestly!"

But when she doesn't answer, another wave of nausea overtaking her, her mother's voice grows desperate.

"Emma! So help me Emma we will break down this door-!"

But then another voice interrupts, and its appearance causes the blood in her veins to freeze.

"Grandpa? Grandma? What's going on? Why is your head all bloody?"

Oh god, Henry.

He hadn't been sleeping well before and then that whole horrible mess with Regina and Archie had happened, so she'd been so proud of herself for getting him to sleep tonight. And now, not only had she woken him, but she'd hurt his grandmother. What if he's the one in the way next time?

The thought almost makes her sick again, and her eyes blink back tears as she feels the bathroom walls close in around her. The poor kid has already lost so much thanks to magic, she can't, she won't add to the tally. She needs to get out of here, now, before she hurts anyone else she cares about.

Decision made she flushes the toilet, splashes some water on her face, and quickly unlocks the door, flinging it open just as David appears to be preparing himself to put his foot through it. Snow hadn't been bluffing then.

But as said woman tries to reach out for her she sidesteps, diverting her gaze from the hurt expression on her mother's face.

"Mom? You okay?"

The kid says it tentatively, as if he expects her to reject the name, which only makes what she plans to do even harder. She wants to accept it, wants to hug him tight, but if she does she won't be able to let go, and she has to, for his sake. She can't risk being around him until she feels in control again, and right now control is the last thing she's feeling.

Walking over to him she can't stop herself from placing a quick kiss on his head before whispering "I'll be right back," and running for all she's worth. Her shoes and jacket are on in record time and she's out the door before any of her family can react. But she does hear the shocked shouts of her name echo down the hallway, and can't hold back her tears any longer as she tears out of the building.