Nick gingerly puts his weight on his leg. He hear's the Doctor telling him to not a run a marathon and to be easy on the leg for a couple of weeks as the muscles regain their strength. He thanks the doctor, shaking his hand and leaves the hospital for the last time. All he has left now is a check up at the doctor's office to make sure his lungs are functioning as normal. It feels strange to move without the weight of the cast. He steps outside and the sun is shining. His taxi pulls up and Nick enters inside looking forward to being able to drive.

Nick walks up the steps of the courthouse. It has been over 3 months since his feet last graced the halls and if truth be told he is feeling a little nervous. He takes a deep breath and opens the door. His first obstacle is the security guard. Nick's case is the first of the day in Judge Damson's court and the line is long going through the check point. Nick manages to keep his head down, he is still a dozen places away from his turn when it becomes worse than his nightmares.

"As I live and breathe it's Mr. Fallin. Come on everyone let Mr. Fallin through, he is our very own hero! Saved an old man from an explosion he did and almost got killed himself, almost died he did."

Nick looks up horrified and shakes his head.

"I couldn't tear myself away from the news when I saw it was you they dug out of that house, I couldn't. I told my wife everyone: that's that nice Mr Fallin from LSP, always says hi to me.' I told her: A lot of people grumble about him but he has always been nice to me."

Nick could feel everyone's eyes on him and hear the murmuring going through the crowd.

"C'mon Mr. Fallin, let's get you through here, hero's shouldn't wait in line especially on their first day back."

Nick decides it's better to do as he says and get away from here and starts towards the front. He hears a rippling sound and realises that people are clapping him as he goes. He fights the desire to turn and run and walks stoically on, even managing a smile to the security guard as the man slaps him on the back and lets him through.

As he makes his way to the courtroom he feels countless eyes upon him and some people stop and shake his hand. Just as he sees the room in question Herb Connely comes in to view.

"Well, well, well, it's Mr. Fallin"

Nick nods:

"Hello Herb"

Herb stops and looks Nick up and down.

"You look well Nick. I see you can even manage to cheat a death sentence."

He pats Nick on the arm and moves on.

"Nice to have you back Nick"

He throws over his shoulder. Nick smiles and ducks his head, he finds his client waiting with Laurie, who has witnessed the exchange and is chuckling.

"How's it going Nick"

He shakes his head:

"Don't ask"

and he pushes open the door entering the courtroom.

Every one stands as Judge Damson enters the court as she settles in her seat her eyes land on Nick. Her secretary, who has had a crush on Nick since the day she had first laid eyes on him, had come in all excited with the news that he was back and the story of what happened at security. Judge Damson had already known that Nick was the attorney in her first case of the day and chuckled when told the story. Nick may have changed in many ways since he first appeared before her but not in his dislike for attention.

"Good morning Mr. Fallin, welcome back, what is out first case..."

Nick parked his car at the curb, he turned off the engine and his gaze fell on the house of Mr. Jack. Memories of that fateful day were still unclear to him. As he exits the car he cannot stop himself walking towards the house to get a closer look. His heartbeat quickens as he approaches the back, devastation lays before him, there is a gaping hole where the kitchen used to be. He stops and stares at the destruction, but it doesn't make his memories any clearer and maybe it's not such a bad thing. He is not aware of anyone joining him until he hears a voice.

"They are starting the rebuild next week."

Nick turns and Arnie Jacks is standing there a long with his neighbour Ralph.

"I'm not moving back in though, I am selling it. Ralph invited me to stay with him, we are enjoying having the company."

Nick nods.

"I'm glad that it has worked out for you. How come it is taking so long?"

"The insurance company refused to pay at first, saying it was my fault. But my lawyer sorted it out."

"How about Helena?"

"That little minx was enjoying two homes and we think she may have found another."

Nick smiles.

"I'm glad everything turned out okay."

"Thanks to you Mr. Fallin, thank you for what you did that day, I'm glad you're okay."

"I didn't do anything Arnie."

Nick turns to leave and they follow him to his car. They shake hands and as Nick turns to go around to the driver's side he sees Judith in the window. He raises his hand in a wave before getting into the car and driving off.

There it is another nicfic finished. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it and maybe see you at the next one.