Warnings: Non-graphic descriptions of blood and mentions of character death

Spoilers: For the ending of 10x11, Shabbat Shalom

Disclaimers: I do not own NCIS, or these scenes would be cannon in some form. :-D

A/N: I don't know about you, but I needed some closure after the end of yesterday's episode. So I wrote this drabble set. (Also, how great was Cote de Pablo in that penultimate scene?) I fudged the word counts a little to count them as "drabbles," but if you round in hundreds, it counts. :-D


She's where he left her, exactly as he expected. She's still cradled around Eli, his blood soaking through to cling to her. She's holding on to her father—to her family—for dear life.

But she has another father and another family and it's time.

Gibbs walks quietly up to her. He leans down to her until their foreheads touch.


He gently frees her from the embrace of the dead and pulls her close.

She whimpers, but does not fight.

He holds her as close as physically possible, right arm bracing her shoulders and left arm beneath her knees.

He carries her, like a child, in his arms away into the night.


It is not a long car ride and Gibbs takes it slow, one eye on his passenger and one eye on the road all the way home. The drive helps to lull her to sleep as he hoped it would, but it is not a restful sleep. By the yellow haze of the streetlights, he can see the tears still falling.

As they pull onto his street, she startles awake with a cry.


He reaches out for her, resting his hand on her head and then gently brushing it down her hair. "Shh, Ziva."

He drives one more loop around the block.


There is blood on her hands and she stares down at it, looking, but not really seeing. He kneels down beside her and begins to wipe away the blood. The washcloth turns red with blood and Ziva's tears begin to dry up. Mechanically, she trades her shirt—stained with her father's blood—for a sweatshirt of Gibbs. He covers her with a blanket, tucking it tightly around her, a small sense of security.

He starts to walk away, to leave her to sleep in peace on his couch, but as he moves away her hand falls to touch his.

"Please...don't leave me."

In answer, he slides down beside her on the couch, shifting her position until she's resting against him. He presses a kiss to her head.

"I won't."