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August 12, roughly three months after Marron's birth was the day of trial for Skylar Jones. Every news station was there, hounding the court office along with them were the angry protesters and police officers to make sure nothing crazy happened. It was said it was the biggest uproar that happen in West City since Capsule Corp.

In the court room were twenty police officers guarding ever door and window, some students and parents from OSHS, the main victims sitting in the front row, and Skylar who sat casually in her chair.

"People VS. Skylar Jones. Charged with one count of animal abuse, four counts of murder in first degree, six counts of attempted murder, and thirteen counts of assault." A police officer announced, shooting evil stares at Skylar.

There was gasp from the audience while the brunette just rolled her eyes.

"How does your client plea, Mr. Clark?" The judge asked.

Skylar stood up and blew the loose strands out of her face. "Guilty."

"Well then Miss Skylar Jones, bail is not an option." The judge chuckled

Skylar growled and sat back down.

"Your honor, we believe that Miss Jones should be sent away to a mental institution. What good would prison do for her?" Mr. Clark argued.

"Your client is a serial killer and doesn't think twice about killing someone." Mr. Ouji disagreed.

"Fuck off old man." Skylar spat as she stood up. "I should have killed you a long time ago."

"Miss Jones, I'd advise you sit down and shut your mouth." The Judged growled.

"Yes sir." She snickered

"Mr. Ouji you have the floor." The Judge said.

"I would like to call Skylar Jones to the stand." Mr. Ouji announced as he stood in the middle of the floor

Skylar smirked and paced to the stand, her hands in cuffs. A police officer followed closely behind just incase she got any bright ideas.

"Miss Jones, why do you kill?" Mr. Ouji asked bluntly.

"Because, mama always told me to do anything to get what I want." Skylar answered flatly.

"Do you enjoy it?" Mr. Ouji asked.

Skylar started laughing. "Of course, why wouldn't I?."

"And how was your mother in your way?" Mr. Ouji asked.

"To make a long story short I didn't get what I wanted so I killed her." Skylar said softly and a tear slid down her cheek. "Sorta miss her sometimes, but its her fault."

"Do you regret killing any of your other victims." Mr. Ouji asked, knowing she was going to snap soon.

Tears began to cascade her face faster and her breaths became heavier. "I didn't mean kill mama! It wasn't fair! I WISHED I HAD OF KILLED BULMA BRIEFS" Skylar shouted. "Why does she get to have the perfect life, I deserve to get what I want without having to be a bad girl."

The judge sighed and shook his head at the young woman. "Ten minute recess."

"She's such a fake." Bulma commented. "I see right thru her."

"I hope they don't believe her." Chi-chi added, her eyes wear narrowed straight at the young serial killer.

"I just hate being in here with her, let's scram." 18 insisted.

Krillen, Goku, and Vegeta nodded before sliding out the bench followed by their girlfriends. The group made their way to the nearest exited only to be stopped by Skylar's lawyer.

"Mr. Ouji." The black haired man called

"What?" Vegeta snarled.

Mr. Clark handed him a neatly folded white paper.

"What the hell is this." Vegeta asked as he unfolded the paper.

"We want you're DNA. Skylar says the kid is yours." Mr. Clark answered.

"That's a load of bull-"

That was all it took to push Bulma to her wit's end. The enraged Bulma charged towards Skylar who's back was turned. She had caught her off guard and latched onto her hair.

"YOU BITCH, THAT DEVIL INSIDE YOU ISN'T VEGETA'S!" Bulma shouted pulling her hair harder with ever syllable. Within seconds officers surrounded the two females and wasn't long before they were separated.

"What do you think Vegeta was doing when he was with me!" Skylar shouted as the guards hauled her away. The pissed off Bulma amused the lunatic and she couldn't help but smirk.

"YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THE FATHER IS YOU DIRTY WHORE!" Bulma shouted as the guards carried her out the court room. "Let go of me!"


"Damn it Bulma you can't just attack her like that. We're trying to convince everyone she's the bad guy." 18 said as she hugged Bulma.

"I hate her and I want her to die." Bulma cried as she pushed 18 away.

"Woman, I NEVER had sex with her, she's a lying manipulating cunt." Vegeta denied as he walked next to her.

Bulma ran into his arms. "I know."

Today is the first day of High School Hell, also known as Orange Star High School. Trunks Briefs would be attending the same high school his mother and father went to. Bulma and Vegeta Ouji went their along with their friends, Chi-chi and Goku Son, and 18 and Krillen Roshi. At this hell whole they were surrounded by drama and to top it off each of these women got pregnant. There were many ups and but it all was good in the end. Born in May, Gohan Bardock Son was born first and was a reality cheek for the new parents and future parents.

April was the one of biggest surprise for the teens. Vegeta had a different girlfriend back then which happened to be Trunks' second cousin on his mother's side. The future parents had gotten into a big argument that day and then BAM, Bulma went into labor. Rosicheena and Vegeta Sr. (Vegeta's parents) rushed Bulma to the hospital only to get stuck in traffic for about two hours and within those two hours his mother and father got back together. Bulma had given birth to two beautiful children: Trunks Vegeta Ouji Briefs and Braillea Bulla Ouji Briefs. Trunks was perfectly healthy but his sister wasn't, she was blind. Bulma was worried about the hardships Bra would faced, but with the support of her family she got over it.

But the biggest surprise was on Prom. Skylar wanted revenge, which she got by almost killing Vegeta and his best friend. On that fateful night Bulma's best friend went into labor, it was a stressful and long labor and doctors were worried 18 wasn't going to make it. But 18 did it early the next day Marron Rose Roshi was born. It wasn't until a few months later when Skylar was put on trial. Skylar blamed everything on her medical condition and thought she shouldn't go to prison since she was pregnant. Everyone else thought she didn't have a medical condition and she got pregnant on purpose. In the end Skylar was to stay in a mental institution for a year, give her child away, and lastly spend the rest of her life in prison...

"Trunks I need my glasses!"

Trunks rolled out of bed and paced to his sister's room which was conveniently next door. He groaned as he entered his sister's play land. It still looked like a seventh graders room: pink walls and carpet, teddy bears everywhere, poster of 'The Wanted' and 'One Direction.' "You need to leave them on the night stand at nigh Bra." Trunks admonished as he picked her black, rectangular glasses off the floor. "Remember what mom said, if you break them your grounded for a year."

Since Bulma was an engineer she made Bra glasses so she could see. The doctors said that they could perform surgery when she was younger but Bulma was scared, but promised Bra on her sixteenth birthday that she could get the surgery.

The blue eyes teen mimicked Trunks and put on her glasses.

"I can't believe today is our first day of high school!" She squealed.

"Yea maybe you'll finally admit you have a crush on Goten."

"I DON'T LIKE HIM! WE'RE JUST FRIENDS!" She denied from the millionth time.

Trunks grinned and sent a wink at her. "What ever floats your boat."

Her eyebrows furrowed and a frown grew on her face. "Get out!" she commanded before tossing her pillow pet at him

Trunks easily caught the pillow and exited the room. "Hurry up and get ready, have you already forgotten what today is?"

Gohan had woken up before his siblings so he could get first dibs on the shower. Pan and Goten were the little devils names and they were twins. Gohan was a year older than them which meant that his parents got pregnant again in college. Chichi didn't really care, she was really happy that she was going to have more kids. Though, she was more of the housewife type, but she was committed to get her own restaurant, but it took a lot of help from her friends. Ever since they could walk and talk, Goten, Pan, Trunks, Bra, Marron, and I would hang out there. It was the official 'club house' once th started kindergarten.

"GOHAN GET OUT THE SHOWER!" his sister shouted.

The raven haired teen rolled his eyes and got out the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist when she barged in.


"You took too long." she argued.

Gohan glared at her before waltzing out the bathroom and into his room which he shared with his brother. After dressing in my undergarments Gohan decided to finally wake Goten up, who slept through his alarm clock.

"Hey squirt, wake up before mom starts yelling."

"Mhh, it's six already." he mumbled.

"Six fifteen." Gohan corrected.

"Crap! Is Pan in the shower?"


He scrambled out the bed and landed on the floor with a loud thud. Goten staggered to his feet and grab his towel which was hanging over their computer chair and ran to the bathroom. Moments later screaming echoed throughout the two-storied house. Gohan zoned them out and got out his school uniform. Gohan suspect since so many kids were under dressing, they made it a rule. You can feely dress every Friday, and once you were a senior. He slipped on his white dress shirt, khakis, black and orange tie, black dress shoe, his black hoodie, and pinned his OSHS button onto it. He grabbed my red back pack and headed down stairs.

"Oh Gohan , you look so adorable." His mother greeted with a warming smile.

"Thanks mom." He said as he took a seat at the kitchen table and began to eat.

"Mom where's my uniform?!" Pan shouted as she stomped down stairs.

"You know how Bulma pulled some strings so you could go to high school, right?" Chichi asked

Pan rolled her eyes and nodded.

"Well when you snuck out the house to go visit Trunks, I thought this would be a good punishment." Chichi revealed.

Pan's jaw dropped to her floor and her eyes grew the size of saucers. "Yo-You can't do that!"

"Yes I can Pandora Son, you'll be spending another month at Orange Star Middle School." Chichi added.

Pan crossed her arms and sulked in the seat next to her brother, she silently cursed under her breathe.

"Ha! That's what you get Pan!" Goten teased as he entered the kitchen dressed in a white shirt, khakis, orange tie, black dress shoes, and black vest, with his OSHS button.

"I hate you." She spat under her breath.

"Hurry up and eat kids, Bulma be here in ten minutes." Chichi ordered and handed her children each a plate pilled pancakes, bacon, and eggs.


Marron literally jumped out the car when her parents dropped pulled in front of the school. She was beyond pissed at them, her mother had the audacity to make her look like a nerd. It's bad enough they dropped her off fifteen minutes early. Now she'd most defiantly be stamp as a nerd. And she couldn't forget the clothes her mother made her wear. An orange shirt, khakis that flare out at the button, tan Uggs, and she put her hair in pig tails. She'd admit the Uggs, were TO DIE FOR, but PIG TAILS! For chrissake she was fourteen not four!

"Hello there, I'm Erasa."

Marron looked up from her phone and saw a short curly blonde haired blue eyed girl. She wore a light orange shirt, khaki skirt which made it to her knees, tan cardigan, and brown converse.

"Hey, I'm Marron."

"Marron, such a pretty name. Come on you gotta meet Vi." She said and dragged Marron to an oak tree.

"But I'm waitin-"

"It'll only be a minute." She whined.

"Who's she?" A black haired girl asked whom was leaning against the tree with her eyes closed.

"Videl, this is Marron. Marron this is Videl." Erasa introduced as she put her arm around the blonde

Marron slowly removed Erasa's arm off her shoulder.

"Isn't that against the dress code?" Marron asked as she looked at her outfit which was a long light orange shirt, black short shorts, and black sneakers.

"I don't care, my dad could beat up Principle Frieza." She gloated

"Hey Marron."

Marron looked over her shoulder and found Trunks walking up to her.

"Hey Trunks. Where's everyone else?" Marron asked.

"Still laughing at Pan because she can't come to school till next month." Trunks answered.

"Why?" Videl interrupted.

"Well aren't you nosy." Trunks insulted.

"EXCUSE YOU-" Videl began. As Videl ranted Marron zoned, her gaze was fixated on Trunks. He was wearing white shirt, with a black and orange tie, khakis, and black Vans. She just wanted to jump on him and rape him. The girl had a crush on Trunks since the fifth grade and every time she was going to confess her feelings for him she would choke. But this year was different, she was almost a woman and she needed a real man. She promised herself that she would be Trunks Briefs' girl.


Marron looked to her side, there stood an enraged azure haired teen with her hands propped on her hips and her eye brows knitted together.


Marron blushed out of embarrassment. "Sorry."

She rolled her eyes and exhaled. "Anyways, how do you like my outfit?"

Bra modeled off an orange short sleeved shirt with a grey dress over it, grey and orange tie, and black flats.

"Cute, you're the first girl who I've seen in a dress." Marron complimented.

She smiled and turned her attention to her brother. "What's up with them?"

Videl and Trunks were still arguing, both teens looked like they were one more insult from tackling each other."Trunks insulted Videl and Videl got pissed." Marron answered flatly.

"Hey guys." Gohan and Goten greeted.

Marron could see the blush on Bra's cheeks as she waved at Goten. Everyone and their mom knew she liked Goten but they always insisted they were best friends.

"Hey Goten, Hey Gohan." They both greeted.

Gohan dropped all his books and his jaw dropped. Everyone was confused at first but when Marron turned and saw who he was looking at a devious smile grew on her face.

"Hey Videl, I want you to meet Gohan. Gohan that's Videl." Marron said.

Immediately, Videl ceased arguing with Trunks and looked Gohan up and down before greeting him. "Hey."

Gohan opened his mouth but no words escaped. He looked like a fish having a seizure.

Videl smirked and tossed her back pack at him. "Carry that for me."

"Y-Yes." Were the only words that came out Gohan's mouth.

Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Marron, Videl, Erasa , Bra all decided to head to class early so they didn't get detention on the first day. But their plans were soiled when their aunt popped up in front of them.

"Hey Brats." She greeted with Vegeta's smirk.

"Hello Tarot." Trunks and Bra greeted.

Everyone in the Brief and Ouji family agreed that Tarot took after Vegeta in the attitude category. The girl was pure evil and unbelievable arrogant.

"Listen here, No one will know I'm you're aunt or that we're even related. "GOT IT!?"

Trunks and Bra nodded.

"Good." she said before flipping her waist length black hair and strutted in the other direction.

"I think I almost peed my pants." Goten whispered. "Tarot scares me."

Everyone started to snicker.

"What home room you have Videl?" Gohan asked.

"English. You?" Videl answered

"Cool, me to." Gohan responded.

"Don't we all have the same home room?" Trunks asked.

Everyone nodded and that's when Erasa grabbed on to Trunk's arm.

"I get to spend a whole period with cutie." She giggled.

I turned back and saw Marron glaring at her. Hopefully Marron would make her move soon before some hussy gets my brother.

We made it to class and all took a seat in the same area. Back in the class. Within minutes the class was full of noisy teens.

"Alright class, I'm ya home room teacha, Miss Honey. After roll I'll let ya'll sweeties have the whole period to ya selves." Ms. Honey said.

"April Allen."


"Todd Anderson."

It took a good three minutes before she got to the names I know.

"Braillea Ouji."

"Here. I prefer to be call Bra."

"Like the underwear?" Ms. Honey asked.

"Are you retarded, no not after the underwear, after the cereal." Bra answered.

Ms. Honey's eyes widen, "Is it good."

The azure haired heiress sighed and hit her forehead on the table. "Just call me Braillea."

"Trunks Ouji."


"Why are you named after underwear?" Ms. Honey asked.

"In Japan, Trunks is desert." Trunks answered trying his best not to call this woman out on her stupidity.

Ms. Honey shrugged her shoulders. "Erasa Shinhan-Peterson."


"Marron Roshi."

"I'm here."

"Videl Satan."

"Not here."

"Very funny Videl, you must really be the devil's child." Ms. Honey chuckled.

"This bitch." Videl mumbled.

"Gohan Son."

"Here Ma'am."

"Goten Son."


It was only a few more names before roll call ended. The teens immediately started up their conversations again.

"So Videl tell us about yourself." Bra insisted.

"I'm fourteen, I'm from North City. I like the color black, tomboy, rich, smart. And before high school Erasa and I went to North Middle School." Videl said flatly.

Without being asked, Erasa took over. "I'm fourteen, from North City, I love the color pink, I love shopping and boys, I'm rich, I'm not that smart, I love boys, and went to NMS. Did I mention I LOVE BOYS."

They guys gave her a weird look before scooting away from her awkwardly.

"Uh... What about you guys?" Videl asked.

"I'll make this short and simple. I'm Trunks the smart and cool one, this is my twin sister the smart and 'pretty one', that's Gohan the lame nerd, that's Goten the naïve one, also Gohan's younger brother, and Marron the nice one and cute one. Our parents grew up together, so we've known each other since birth." Trunks retold.

"You're cute." Erasa complimented.

Trunks moved a seat over once again. "Thanks.."

"So are we inviting Videl and Erasa into the group?" Gohan asked eagerly.

Trunks kicked Gohan in the leg, signaling him to keep his trap shut.

Videl rolled her eyes and grabbed Erasa by the shoulder.

"Come on, they need a minute to decide if were worthy of the nerd club." Videl said sarcastically.

The brunette and blonde walked off, once they were far enough the group began to obnoxiously whisper loudly, occasionally glancing back at them

"No. Videl's a bitch." Trunks whispered.

"Erasa seems like she's going to be a slut." Marron added.

"I thinks they're nice." Goten argued.

"You think everyone's nice." Trunks countered.

"VIDEL IS PERFECT!" Gohan shouted.

Everyone looked at him and then at Videl.

"AT UM DRAWING!" Gohan finished, truthfully he didn't even know if she was an artist or not. Anything was better than having her think she liked him.

Videl glared at him and he put his head down, silently cursing himself.

"Lets give them a chance, maybe Erasa could um…." Bra suggested but she couldn't come up with an argument for why Marron should be in their clique.

"Fine." Trunks scoffed.

"Fine, but when she rapes everyone in the school.." Marron said.

"Erasa and Videl welcome to the nerd club!" Bra shooted with a welcoming grin.