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Erasa eyes shot open when she heard a light tap in her window. She looked at her clock and yawned, 4 am. "Who is it?" she asked her voice a bit raspy. It was loud enough for them to hear, but not enough for her parents to hear.

No answer.

Erasa rolled out her bed and shuffled her feet against the carpet to her window. She moved the curtains a little and found Tyler, drenched in the rain water and hanging on a branch.

She quickly parted her curtains, unlocked her window, and opened it up. "Took ya long enough." Tyler laughed as he hoped in to her room, landing quietly.

"What are you doing here?" She asked in a loud whispered.

"Can I stay here tonight, please?" Tyler asked.

Erasa sighed. "Are you having problems with your mom again?"

"She's getting so worked up since I want to meet my dad." Tyler replied, removing his shirt.

Erasa walked over to her dresser and searched around for some clothes that would fit him. "Maybe she's worried that you'll like him better than your real dad."

"She's over-bearing, I'm sixteen now, she needs to stop worrying about me." Tyler sighed as he slid off his pants.

Erasa tossed him a pair of sweats and an extra large tee shirt. "Well your her only child, and you're not even her real child. My dad would freak out if I wanted to go see my birth father, and my mom would too."

Tyler scoffed as he began to dress. "Whatever." All he wanted to know is where he came from.

Erasa ambled over to her closet and removed some pillows and extra blankets and began making a bed for Tyler on the floor.

"Thanks Erasa, I really appreciate it." Tyler thanked.

Erasa smiled. "No problem.

"So, how have you been since Videl replaced you with Valese?"Tyler questioned.

Erasa climbed back into bed and sighed. "I miss her, she was my first best and always had my vack."

"Have y'all talked?" He asked, laying on his bed.

The blonde shook her head. Whenever she was close to Videl, Valese would come out of nowhere and give her a deadly glare. "I really miss her though."

"It won't be long before she realizes she made a huge mistake." The raven haired boy yawned.

Erasa smiled, hopefully it'd be soon. Videl doesn't look the same anymore and looks really depressed.

Gohan sat in the driver's seat, nervous and scared out of his mind. His two sweaty hands gripped tightly around the wheel. His father was telling him instructions, but he couldn't hear a thing.

What if he drove them into a tree, what if he hit somebody, what of the car exploded!? He would be a murderer!

"GOHAN!" His siblings shouted in his ear

Gohan snapped out of his state of shock. "Yes?"

"Drive already!" Pan demanded

Gohan cleared his throat and nodded. "Right..." He grabbed onto the gear handle and put in drive, then spftly pushed on the pedal. He carefully pulled out the parking space, and began slowly driving down the street.

"Great job son!" Goku praised.

A smile grew on his face as he made his way down the street, he was driving!

"Now Gohan can take us anywhere we want!" Goten exclaimed.

"I haven't even gotten my permit yet." Gohan announced. "And when I do mom or dad has to be in the car when I'm driving."

His younger siblings groaned in sync.

Gohan smirked as he stopped at the end of the corner. He looked both ways and was going to drive, but halted when he saw Videl. She was holding hands with some guy, and smiling. He felt hint of jealousy when he saw her looking so happy with this guy.

"Bout time Videl moved on." Pan chuckled.

"You okay Gohan?" Goten questioned.

Gohan cleared his throat and started driving again. "Yea." He sorta missed Videl being in the group, he still had a few feelings for her, after all he was the first girl he had ever told her loved them.


The older teen pressed on the break as hard as he could. He felt as if his heart had sunk to to his stomach. He had almost killed a child. With tears in his eyes he looked in the road. What confused him was no one was there.

Pan snickered before laughing loudly. "You fell for it!" she crackled.

Goku frowned. "Pan that wasn't nice, Gohan wet his pants."

Gohan turned red as a beet and looked down at his pants. His father was right.

Goten didn't spare his feelings and joined his sister's laughter.

"Your mother scares me." Justin whispered.

Pan giggled. "Well she's over protective, and doesn't want me to get pregnant for another thirty years.

A couple of days ago Justin had grown some balls and asked Pan on a date. When she told her mother about this, Chichi arranged the date at the restaurant. She wanted to see if this Justin boy was good enough to date her only daughter.

So as they ate, Chichi sat a few tables aways from them, with binoculars, making sure she saw Justin's every move. And on their table was a walkie-talkie, to make sure he wasn't saying anything inappropriate to her baby.

Pan was afraid her mother would scare him off, but surprisingly he just laughed and stayed.

"Yes I better scare you." came Chichi's voice from the walkie-talkie.

Pan shot her head back and gave her mother a glare. "Mama, you're embarrassing me! Go find Goten him and Nikki are in his room... alone."

In a blink of an eye the woman was gone. Not long after he departure you could her yelling and a loud clang (from her almighty-pan-of-doom). Then Goten's screams of pain echoed through the house.

Pan smiled and turned her attention back to her date like nothing had happen. "Sorry about my mom stalking us."

Justin grinned. "If I had a daughter as beautiful as you, I would be doing the same thing, except I would have a gun."

Pan blushed. "You think I'm beautiful? "

Justin nodded. "And funny, and cool, and chill... which reminds me, I need to ask you something?"

Pan's cheeks were turning redder by the second. "Y-yea."

"Would you be my girlfriend?" Justin asked, holding his head down.

Pan filled of with many emotions and squealed out of excitement. "Yes! Of course I will!"

Bra trotted down the aisle of the mall carrying two Victoria Secret bags. The other million bags were Capsulized and in her pocket, her security guard followed close behind her, just in case some fan girls got the bright idea to attack her.

It's been a while since she's been shopping. Most of her free time was spent with Gohan, but today he was learning how to drive.

Bra was heading for the exited but stopped when she saw two girls on the bench, making out. She wasn't grossed out or anything, it's just they looked familiar. The taller girl had black hair, with purple streaks, the smaller girl had a section of her hair shaved off and the rest was brown, flowing down her shoulders.

Then it hit her. "Tarot, Mo?"

They both pulled back, pale as ghost and looked at Bra. Tarot shot up, walking over to her. "Please don't tell anyone. Especially my brother, and my parents."

Bra was still shocked at what she had seen. Tarot was never single, and was always in a relationship with a guy. "H-how long has this been going on?" she asked.

"A year." Mo spoke up. "Please Bra, don't tell anyone."

Bra sighed. Her aunt had been a bitch to her for a majority of her life, but she wouldn't rat her out. They looked like they really liked each other, and she wasn't going to ruin that. "I promise, not to tell a soul."

Tarot sighed in relief and hugged Bra tightly. "Thank you!"

"So, you to are girlfriend and girlfriend?" Bra questioned after she parted the hug.

Mo smiled and walked up to Tarot, grabbing her hand. "Yep, we met a year ago at a party a year ago. A couple of weeks after that I asked her out, and she said yes."

Bra grinned. "So, why didn't you tell me you liked girls?"

"Because I didn't officially know until I met Mo." Tarot answered. "And I didn't tell you about Mo because I don't know how my parents will react."

She was right, Bra didn't know how they felt about homosexuals. "Well I wouldn't keep it a secret too long."

"I was planning on inviting Mo over this New Year's and telling everybody." Tarot informed.

"Good plan, tell then while there drunk." Bra laughed.

Tarot and Mo joined in as well.

"Well aunt Tarot, text me if anything comes up." Bra replied, adding extra emphasis on 'aunt'.

Tarot scowled.

"Bye B, Seeya Monday." Mo laughed.