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Harry, Hermione, and Ron are in their 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The day was a nice, yet windy fall day like any other fall day. The famous trio was hanging out by a tree near the lake with the giant squid.

"You know what I miss most about being a normal girl?" Hermione suddenly said.

"What?" Harry wondered.

"Trick or Treating on Halloween!" Hermione said with a giggle.

"What is Trick or Treating?" Ron asked.

"It's when muggles go out on Halloween, dressed in costumes. They go to people's houses and ring the doorbells or knock on the doors, and people open the door and give them candy," Harry explained, although his uncle never actually let him go out, he had seen Dudley and Dudley's friends do it.

"So wait a minute, let me get this straight. All you have to do is put on a costume, and people give you candy?" Ron said in awe.

"Yeah, pretty much. Although, Ron, it isn't the candy you're used to. The candy they give out doesn't have any magical touch to them.

"Can we go Trick of Treating!?" Ron asked excitedly.

"Um, I don't know, can we?" Hermione asked Harry.

"I don't know... are there any muggles around here to go to?" Harry asked.

"There is a town about a mile from here. Remember, the castle and the grounds around it have a spell on it, so people can't see it for what it really is," Hermione answered.

"Then how about we go this Halloween? We can use my invisibility cloak and walk the mile. Or we can use my broom, but I don't know if it will hold three people," Harry replied.

"Cool!" Ron said, quite happy at the thought of free candy.

"I think we would have to walk. Which would be good for us, we can burn off some of the calories we're sure to gain from all the candy!" Hermione said with a smile.

They then made plans to meet in the common room at 7 o'clock on Halloween, telling Ginny, Fred, and George that they felt too sick to continue with the feast that starts at 6.

Halloween came around.

Ron was very excited to be going Trick or Treating, Harry was too, because he never got a chance to before. Hermione was happy because she secretly LOVED anything chocolate.

They went to the feast at 6 and ate some dinner and laughed and chatted with everyone. At 6:50, Harry complained about having a headache and excused himself.

At 6:54, Hermione said she thought she was coming down with something, "possibly from the food."

At 6:57, Ron said he was going to check up on Harry and keep him company.

When Ron came into the common room, only Harry and Hermione were there. Harry grabbed his cloak and they were off. Hermione led the way to the town, for she was the only one of them who knew where it was.

When they got to the edge of the town, they took off the invisibility cloak.

"Okay, now you all brought something to transfigure into a costume, right?" Harry asked. He had brought his Hogwart's cloak, Hermione brought a sweater, and Ron brought a pair of pajama pants.

"Oh shoot! I forgot my wand in my room!" Ron said while hiding his forehead with the palm of his hand.

"It's alright, I'll do it for you," Hermione said.

Harry muttered a spell, and his cloak turned into a Superman costume. He put it on and smiled, flexing his nonexistent muscles.

Hermione then muttered a spell, and her sweater turned into a black cat costume. She quickly put it on over her clothes and took Ron's pajama pants. She muttered something else, and his pajama pants turned into a pink pile of clothing. Ron's eyebrows shot up.

"What is that?" he asked.

"Your costume," she said with a smile. "If you hadn't forgotten your wand, you could have picked the costume out yourself. But I think you would make an excellent ballerina."

Ron looked at Harry for help, but gone none. Harry was laughing so hard, he had doubled over.

"Sorry, Ron, but I can't undo her spell!" he chuckled.

Ron sighed and put on the very pink ballerina costume. Then they all headed to the first house the saw.

"Wait!" Hermione cried.

"What?" Harry and Ron asked in unison.

"We need something to put our candy in!" Hermione exclaimed.

She then took out her scrunchy and transfigured it into a bag. She then took Ron's shark tooth necklace that he was holding out to her and transfigured that into a bag for him. Harry took his shirt off from under his costume and transfigured THAT into a bad, because it was the only thing else he had.

They continued walking toward the first house they saw. As they walked onto the driveway, the light post turned on.

"I thought you said they were muggles!" Ron said loudly.

"Ron! Hush up! The lights are motion sensitive, they turn on when something moves," Hermione explained.


Harry rang the doorbell and an elderly lady opened the door.

"Trick or Treat!" Hermione and Harry said in unison.

"Trick or Treat," Ron said quietly, after them. He didn't know he was supposed to!

"Oh how cute! Superman, a kitty cat, and a pretty little ballerina! Little girl, what short, bright red hair you have!"

Hermione and Harry did their best not to laugh, but it still came out as chuckles.

Ron's face turned the color of his hair. He mumbled something incoherent.

"Can you do a ballerina move for me? Please?" The lady asked.

Hermione elbowed Ron in the ribs, indicating he better do it. Ron reluctantly put his hands above his head and did a little twirl.

"Oh how lovely!" the lady exclaimed. She then dropped candy into each of their bags and bid them a good night.

Hermione skipped off with Harry right behind her, although, not skipping. When they were out of hearing and viewing distance, they cracked up and fell onto the floor laughing.

"If you ever say one word about that, I will put a hex on both of you!" Ron said, still very red.

"But, Ron! You make such a cute little short haired female ballerina!" Harry said between bursts of new laughter.

After Hermione and Harry had gotten control over themselves once again, they headed to the next house.


"Trick or Treat!" all three of them said.

Unfortunately for them, the person who opened the door looked like they would very much enjoy Halloween. The boy was about 17 or 18 years old. He had a green Mohawk and a black Metalica shirt on with a pair of ripped jeans. he also had numerous earrings. One in the nose, one in the chin, two in his left eyebrow and one in his right, and many on both ears. "What do you want? You're too old to be Trick or Treating," he said monotonously.

Hermione had begun to back up and was pulling Harry and Ron's shirts with her when an older man came to the door. He looked about forty and he also looked more normal. No piercings and an "I Love Lucy" shirt on.

"Don't let Max scare you, are you Trick or Treating tykes?" the man asked with a smile.

"Ye, yes," Ron said, obviously staring at Max's nose ring.

The older man gave them candy and went up the stairs.

Max turned to Ron and said, "Stop looking at my nose ring! Or do you want me to give you one of your own?!"

Hermione then grabbed Ron, and she and Harry, with Ron dragging behind, bolted out of there. They kept running until Ron collapsed onto the ground near a tree. Hermione and Harry leaned against it for support.

"Oh. My. God. I thought he was going go kill us for sure!" Hermione said, her voice raising a pitch in fright.

"Wait until Fred and George hear about this! I almost got myself killed!" Ron said excitedly.

Hermione then slapped him upside the head. "I hope we don't run into anyone else like that man!"

"I totally agree with you, Mione," Harry said.

They then looked around and noticed a small cottage by itself, away from the other houses. The light was on, so they could go there for candy.

"How about that house?" Ron said, pointing to the cottage.

The three of them got up and headed toward the small house.

Just as Ron was about the ring the bell, the door opened. An old lady, who looked quite similar to the witch in "Snow White" when she was going to give the apple to Snow White, was standing there. She had a somewhat scary smile on her face.

"Well well well, welcome! Please, come in, come in!" she said, motioning with her hand to come in.

Hermione looked at Harry. Harry looked at Ron. Ron looked at the big table full of candy that was just inside the house. Ron then shrugged his shoulders and went into the house.

Just as Harry and Hermione had stepped inside the threshold, the door closed behind them with a bang.

Hermione jumped at the sound and Harry put his arm around her protectively.

The old lady looked them up and down, as if she was sizing them up.

"I love the ballerina costume. Superman is cute. I also like the cat one. I have cats, ten of them. Want to meet them? Their names are Muffy, Daisy, Lola, Fancy, Sly, Xander, Naomi, Poppy, Yolanda, and Jung. They just LOVE people!" she said with a funny smile.

"Something tells me we should leave, NOW," Hermione whispered to Harry.

"I agree," he whispered back.

"Do you three believe in witches and magic?" she asked.

Hermione looked at Harry. Harry looked at Ron. Ron looked at the big table full of candy.

"Why?" Hermione asked.

"How would you like to see a magic trick?" the lady asked as she pulled out a black cat from behind her couch.

"Sure!" Ron said, still looking at the candy.

"You can have as much candy as you want," she replied to Ron's unasked question.

Hermione grabbed his hand and whispered, "Don't!"

Ron pulled his hand back and sighed.

"We really must be going now, but thank you anyway," Hermione said sweetly as she took Harry and Ron's arms. She turned to the door, but she couldn't open it. It was locked, and you needed a key. It was as if the handles were on the opposite side of the door, or the door was on backwards.

"You're not going anywhere!" the lady hissed.

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