- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 04:13 –

TG: hey

TG: yo egbert

TG: john?

TG: i guess youre probably asleep like the rest of the world

TG: oh well

TG: a reply would be really nice right about now

TG: seriously man we need to talk

EB: what the hell man? it's the middle of the night.

EB: is everything ok?

TG: not really

TG: but theres something ive been meaning to tell you

TG: i love you john

EB: dave, what's wrong?

TG: goodbye.

EB: dave?



- turntechGodhead [TG] ceased pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 04:47 –

Your name is Dave Strider. You hate your life and everything in it. Except John. It's impossible to hate John. You hate yourself for hating everything. You especially hate what you about to put John through, but sometimes, you need to do stuff you really hate.

You walk down the hallway to the bathroom, being extra careful not to wake your Bro, although you don't see why. You hate him just like you hate everyone else. He has been nothing but a pain lately. He's been all worried about your health lately, and you honestly could not care less. Sure, you were always on the small side for your age, and skipping lunch daily probably wasn't the best idea, but that was your business.

What does any of that matter anyway? It doesn't, really.

There is a knife in the drawer under the sink. You had put it there a while back, in case you would ever it. You pick up the knife and run your finger along the blade and think to yourself how the knife would probably be sharp enough to kill somebody with. You pull up your shirt sleeves, revealing countless scars that were the result of that knife.