Be John, because he is the more fun one at the moment.

You cannot begin to comprehend all of the thoughts running through your mind right now. You are sad, happy, depressed, excited, and at this point sexually frustrated, all at once! You were with Bro so he could comfort your emotions, yet now things are about to get physical. Well, you do not know that for sure, but you sure as hell hope that's right.

You slide over to the middle of the bench seat and lean on Bro's shoulder. He smells really damn good. He puts his arm around your shoulder. You look up at him. He does not see you, for he is concentrating on something outside, but he is smiling about something.

After all you've been through lately, you are happy for the moment. Every bad thought is gone. The only thing left on your mind is Bro. It feels good. It feels really good.

Be Dirk.

Egderp is leaning on you. Hah, you don't know why you never thought of his name that way before. It's pretty funny and kinda cute as well. He probably thinks you didn't notice him staring at you. If it were anyone else, you would have been creeped out by it, but this kid is just too cute to be considered even mildly creepy. You like John. You really do, but the thought of anything happening between the two of you is kind of weird. You are not sure how you feel about all of this.

You decide you need some time alone. Not at this specific moment, but at this time in general. There is too much going on for you to be trying to be close with anyone. You do not know how to tell John this. You feel bad for the kid, but things just aren't going to work, at least not right now.

You turn and look at John.

Enough of this shenanigans, just be John and make this happen!

Bro turns and looks at you, with the sexiest smile you think you've ever seen. Here is your chance.

You throw your arms around Bro and lean in and kiss him.