Okay this story was actually a really weird dream I had after watching the movie for the second time. I don't want to say too much about the story and end up giving something away so I'm just gonna jump right in! I really hope you guys like this!


Tooth is Annie

Bunny is Dylan

Sandy is Sammy

Disclaimer: I don't own Raise of the Guardians.

Jack Bennett.

"Jackson Bennett! You wake up right now!" A women yelled up her staircase at her oldest son.

"I'm up mom!"Jack said walking around the corner appearing at the top of the stairs. He was pulling a blue hoodie over his head.

"Can you get your brother and sister up and ready? I'm late for work." She said pulling her coat on looking at him with pleading eyes.

"Of course mom." Jack said smiling at her. "I'll take them to school don't worry about it."

"Thank you so much honey." She said smiling at her oldest son.

"Have a good day mom." Jack said turning to walk into Jamie's room.

"I don't wanna take a test today." Jamie muttered still out cold.

"Jamie!" Jack yelled jumping on his younger brother.

"AHHH!" Jamie yelled waking up startled. "Jack?!"

"Who else jumps on you to wake you up almost every morning?" Jack asked laughing at his brother. "Get dressed and get some cereal. I'm gonna go get Soph."

"Maybe one day I'll be woken up nicely by you." Jamie said sighing stretching.

"You used to wake me up like this." Jack pointed out.

"I was four!" Jamie said looking at his brother in disbelief. Jack walked out of the room chuckling at his younger brother.

"Sophie?" Jack asked opening the door to his baby sister's room.

"Jacky?" She asked rubbing her eyes she was trembling a little.

"What's wrong little fairy?" Jack asked walking to her bed.

"I hads a bad dream." She said pouting.

"Awe about what?"

"A bad man with evil ponies and he hurt you." She said hugging her older brother.

"It was just a dream little fairy." He said hugging her back. "Now what do you say we get you dressed and ready to go to school!"

"Can I wear my pink out fit?" She asked excitedly.

"Of course." Jack said pulling the outfit out of the dresser.

The kids were ready to go with in half an hour so they piled in Jack's snow white old Ford Tempo. It was a gift from his mom and he wasn't about to complain about the car. He had put a lot of work into it since their dad left because it was something him and Jamie could do together. Jamie needed a male role model and Jack was his older brother so he had that job.

"Are you picking us up or is mom?" Jamie asked as Jack stopped outside the elementary school and Jamie climbed out with Sophie.

"I will meet me back here after school." Jack told the boy.

"Okay!" Jamie said taking Sophie's hand and turning away from the car. "Have a good day!"

"See you later!" Jack said before driving away towards his school. The drive was uneventful. He parked his car and grabbed his book bag and got out of the car.

"Jack!" He smiled as his girlfriend ran up to him.

"Hey Tooth!" He said turning to meet her.

"Still with that old nickname babe?" She asked laughing.

"You named your bird Baby Tooth so you must be Tooth." Jack said beaming at her. "Lets go I don't wan to be late for class."

"You going to meet Bunny and Sandy before home room?" She asked using their friends nicknames.

"Annie, they don't like those nicknames." Jack said sighing at her.

"They never complain to me!" She said before kissing him on the cheek and skipping off. She is always bouncing around.

"Oi! Jack!" He turned and saw Dylan and Sam walking towards him. Dylan was about six feet tall and had short black hair and tattoos up his arms and legs. Sam was short and had golden blonde hair.

"Hey guys!" Jack said waving. Sam smiled and waved back. The poor boy had lost his voice a while ago in an accident.

"You still having those crazy dreams where I'm a giant rabbit and he's made of sand?" Dylan asked pointed at the shorter boy.

"Yeah and you were the Easter Bunny and he was the Sandman." Jack said sarcastically rolling his eyes. "Get it right!"

"My bad mate!" Dylan said raising his hands. "Did you do Mr. Black's assignment yet?"

"Of course not that it matters he hates me anyways." Jack said sighing. They reached Jack and Dylan's home room. "See you in third block Sammy."

The day went by uneventfully Dylan had pretty much all the same classes as Jack so that helped the day go by fast. At the end of the day they met up with Annie and Sammy. Jack kissed Annie as soon as he saw her. Dylan rolled his eyes.

"Bennett! Can we go before you make me hurl mate?" Dylan asked.

"Oh so you are coming over today?" Jack asked the tall boy.

"I have nothing better to do they canceled my rugby game." He said sighing.

"Alright I'll call you later Tooth." Jack said kissing her again. "See you Sammy!"

"I hate your car it's way too small." Dylan said as he pulled the seat all the way back.

"It's better than yours." Jack said starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot.

"I don't have a car. That's not fair." Dylan muttered turning the radio up.

They picked the kids up and went home. Jamie was going on and on about his giant teacher Mr. North and what they did today. Sophie was playing with her stuffed rabbit that Dylan had given her. That's why his nick name was bunny.

"I'm gonna get you ankle biter"! Dylan yelled chasing the small girl around. She was squealing and giggling. She loved when he came over to play with them.

"Jack!" Dylan heard Jamie yell in a panic stricken voice. Dylan ran up the stairs and to Jack's room.

"What happened?" Dylan asked bursting through the door. Jack was laying on the floor unconscious. "Jamie, little mate, I need to know what happened."

"He just collapsed!" Jamie cried out. "He was helping me with a project and he just collapsed!"

Dylan knelt down next to his friend and felt for a pulse. There was a faint one there and his chest was rising a little but not as much as it should. Jack looked really pale and sickly all of a sudden.

"Jamie call for an ambulance." Dylan said calmly.

"I...is he going to be alright?" Jamie asked terrified.

"I don't know." Dylan grabbed the phone from Jack's room and dialed 911. "Go get Sophie and take her to her room."

This is a line

"North?" The big man turned and looked at the fairy she was sitting at the top of the bed petting Jack's hair. "Can you reverse what Pitch did?"

"Bunny is looking for a solution as we speak." He said sighing.

"He's getting worse."

"I am aware of that Tooth."

"I don't want to just sit here and watch him die!" She said a tear falling down her cheek. "I want to do something!"

"There is nothing we can do at the moment!" North said loudly.

"We could find Pitch!" Tooth said.

"Sandy is working on that." North said calming down.

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