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Chapter 3

"Are you sure you're alright here?" Rachelle asked her oldest son as he got adjusted in his bed. The doctor had said he had bad pneumonia and he was to stay in bed and check back in next week.

"Mom, I already told you a bunch of times. I'm fine." Jack said so glad to be home. He was suppose to have been home five days ago but his condition was said to be too unstable. He had a really bad fever along with the pneumonia that had made him collapse the night Dylan was over.

"Don't worry Ms. Bennett since you let me move in here the least I can do is babysit Jack for you to go to work." Dylan said as he came in the room. Jack glared at him. He was happy Dylan was out of the house he had been living at, but he had horrible choice of words.

Dylan had been staying with a family that treated him horribly. They were constantly calling him names and locking him out. He had made a key finally but they then had the locks changed. Jack had been trying to get him to move in with them, but he assured his friend he was close to being able to get an apartment of his own.

"You're such a sweet boy Dylan." The woman said smiling kindly at the tall boy. "I've told you a dozen times already call me Rachelle."

"It's just gonna take some getting used to." He told her. "When do the little ankle biters get home?"

"Jamie gets done at his after school club at 4 and Sophie should be walking in the door any minute now." She told him. She kissed Jack on the forehead. "You still feel a bit warm honey are you sure you don't want me to call off?"

"You have to go to work mom." Jack said looking at her. "If you don't how are we going to pay the bills?"

"I have savings and we can turn off some of the things we don't need." She said still frowning. "I just don't want your brother and sister bothering you too much. You need your rest."

"Ah! I can handle those two!" Dylan said smiling. "I think I finally mastered the rhyming in those kids books Sophie likes so much!"

"You were having trouble with Dr. Seuss book?" Jack asked raising an eye brow. "You know that's like a really low reading level?"

"I don't like rhyming you know that mate." Dylan said glaring at his friend.

"I'm staying here." Rachelle said looking at the boys.

"Mom, go to work. I won't get out of bed I promise." Jack said looking away from his friend. "Dylan has already been helping you with Jamie and Sophie. It'll be fine."

"Jacky!" They heard the front door slam open and Sophie yell for her brother.

"Speaking of my favorite ankle biter!" Dylan said ducking out of the room to go try and calm the little girl.

"What if you get worse again?" Rachelle asked Jack.

"Dylan handled it as well as he could last time." Jack pointed out. "I'll be fine. Sophie, Jamie, and Dylan will be fine. If you don't leave soon you'll be late."

"I will call you on my breaks." She said kissing his forehead again. "I love you honey."

"Have a good night mom." Jack told her as she left the room.

A line!

Sandy flew into the room where Jack was in his sleeping state. Tooth had to go back to her place and check on her fairies after North had shown her that she was needed there. Although the little fairies were doing their best they were linked to Tooth. She was worried so they were worried and that was affecting their work. She had to go and get things back on track. Sandy had agreed to watch over Jack while she was away. Not that it was needed. In the five minutes he was there Phil had stopped by three times and North and the elves an additional five times.

"Did you learn anything new Sandy?" North asked hopeful.

The short man nodded and a figure of Pitch appeared over his head along with a fight scene.

"He fought Pitch? By himself?" North asked bewildered. "Why?"

The little man shook his head sadly. He didn't have an answer. He could not answer that because he could not locate Pitch. He felt the black sand around Jack, but didn't know how to tell North this.

"I have to go." The big man said leaving Sandy alone with Jack.

Sandy frowned looking at his unconscious friend. He looked awful. Jack had a pained expression on his face and Sandy did not like it. He formed a small ball of dream sand and hoped that it would help ease Jack's slumber into a peaceful one.


Sophie crept away from Dylan. She wanted to see her big brother. Dylan was still watching a movie she had picked out. She was clever and knew that he would be sucked into almost any Disney movie she picked out. So while he was watching it and Jamie was out she would go see Jack.

"Jacky?" She whispered creeping in her brother's room. She saw him sleeping on his bed and was about to rethink her plan, but she heard him whimper in his sleep.

"Leave them alone!" She heard him say out loud. Jack was having a nightmare!

"Jacky!" She said gently shaking him. "It only a bad dream!"

"Jamie!" Jack whimpered still sleeping. "I'm sorry!"

Sophie tried to wake her brother up for several more minutes, but nothing she tried was working. Sighing she jumped on the bed and hugged him she felt him tense up. After a bit he relaxed and stopped whimpering.

"Sophie?" She heard Jamie call out for her. He came in the room and saw her hugging their brother. She quickly sat up."We're supposed to let him sleep."

"He was having bad dream!" She said looking sad.

"Soph?" Jack asked confused. "Jamie?"

"Jacky!" The little girl beamed at him. "You were having a bad dream and crying like Abby does when she has them. I tried to wake you up, but you were really tired. I hugged you and you stopped."

"Thanks little fairy." He smiled softly at her.

"What were you dreaming of?" Jamie asked.

"Dad." Jack said as he had a bad coughing fit. He did not look at either of them. This was a sore subject for the kids. Sophie got up and left for her room. Jamie just glared at Jack.

"Sophie!" Jamie yelled running after her.

"Jamie! You're home good to see you little mate!" Dylan said as Jamie passed him angrily in the hall. "Where's the ankle biter?"

"Her room." Jamie said as he went into her room. "Come on Soph you said you wouldn't run away from him this time!"

"What was that about?" Dylan asked as he went into Jack's room.

"Our Dad." Jack said looking at his hands. "I had a nightmare about him leaving."

"What happened?"

"I got really sick shortly after Sophie was born like stuck in the hospital sick. They didn't think I was going to make it. He couldn't handle the stress of it and he left." Jack said sighing.

"That makes him sound like an asshole so what?" Dylan asked confused.

"I was still in the hospital. Apparently the day he left him and mom got into a huge fight. Jamie tried to stop it. That was the only time I wasn't there for him. It was also the only time he was put into the hospital." Jack said looking at his hands. "Jamie and Sophie blame me for him leaving. I blame myself because Jamie got hurt."

"It's not you-" Jack stopped his friend.

"I know it's not my fault. I've known that for years." Jack told him. "That doesn't change the helpless feeling every time I see the small scar on his arm. Or the feeling I get when I remember that Sophie won't remember Dad."

"You were sick mate."

"I have to go talk to them." Jack said swinging his legs over the side of the bed.

"You told your mum you'd stay in bed!" Dylan said. "I can bring them in here!"

"I'm fine." Jack said swaying slightly as he stood up. "I'm fine."

"Jack, just lay back down mate." Dylan said as his slowly made his way out of his room. Dylan knew that all hopes of actually getting Jack back to bed was non existent. Not as long as he was conscious and Jamie and Sophie were still made at him at least. The boy cared so much for his younger siblings. He hated when they were upset or mad.

"I'll only be a few minutes." Jack was at Sophie's door. He was breathing heavier than he normal. He knocked gently leaning against the door frame. "Soph! Jamie! Please let me in."

"Go away!" He heard Sophie yell. He also heard the sniffle that followed.

"Please little fairy." He said desperately. He sounded horrible and weak. He knew he should be back in bed, but he had to talk to them.

"Jack come on." Dylan said putting a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Let them calm down. You need to get back in bed before you collapse."

"No!" Jack yelled moving so that his friend wasn't touching him. "Not without talking to them!"

"You can't even stay upright though." Dylan said catching him after he fell from the sudden movement.

"Jack!" Jamie said opening the door.

"Hey Buddy!" Jack said straightening up. "Can I please talk to you two?"

"Only because we don't want you killing yourself!" Jamie said glaring at his brother. "We're coming to your room!"

Dylan helped his friend back to his room. He made sure that Jack was in bed and would not need to get up before he went back downstairs to give the sibling some privacy. Sophie and Jamie were standing at the doorway.

"Come on guys!" Jack said waving them in. "I'm sorry I mentioned Dad."

"Jack, you seriously think that's why we're upset?" Jamie exclaimed. "It sucks that he left and all, but I, we, don't blame you for that!"

"If I wasn't so sick he would be here." Jack said looking at his hands.

"You don't know that!" Jamie said walking towards the bed.

"Jacky!" Sophie said climbing up with her brother. "You get better!"

"We don't like seeing you sick." Jamie whispered. "It's scary."

"I'm getting better." Jack reassured his siblings. He hugged Sophie.

"We watched them take you out of here on a stretcher! You collapsed while we were working on my homework!" Jamie said trying to make him understand. "This is the first we've seen you since then and you almost kill yourself getting to her room!"

"I don't like when you guys are upset." Jack muttered.

"Then get better!" Jamie exclaimed. "Try not to get taken away in an ambulance again!"

"I'll get better." Jack said looking at his brother. "I'm sorry bud."

"I can't believe you really think that we blame you for Dad leaving!" Jamie said sighing sinking down to a sitting position on the foot of the bed. "We hate seeing you sick! Haven't you ever notice we try to stay out of here if you get bad colds and stuff like that?"

"I always thought mom didn't want you two catching anything." Jack said quietly.

"No, we didn't want to see you because it scares us!" Jamie said frowning. "What was the dream about?"

"It was really weird and I don't remember it that well." Jack said dismissively. "Sophie go grab The Lorax I have to read it to you."

"You three alright?" Dylan asked poking his head in the room. "I heard Sophie go to her room."

"Jacky is going to read a story!" Sophie said shoving past the large boy.

"Hey ankle biter you pushed me!" Dylan said in mock hurt.

"Your big! You didn't even notice!" The small girl giggled.

"Am I reading this or not? Cause if I am I have to hurry I'm tired kiddos." Jack said. Jamie and Sophie nodded eagerly and jumped on the bed on either side of Jack. Dylan sat next to the bed on the floor closest to Sophie.

A line!

Sandy sat up gasping for breath. He looked frantically around. He was in an after school study group. Tooth was lightly snoring next to him. No that was Annie not Tooth. He didn't know an Annie though. He looked for the girl's dream, but there was no dream sand around her. He tried to make a dream for her, but he couldn't make dream sand.

"Sammy!" The teacher said pointing at him. "Wake Annie up and start studying!"

He nodded confused. He gently shook the girl awake.

"Sammy?" She asked tiredly. She rubbed some of her colorful hair out of her face. It was mostly green, but it had a few other colors scattered around her head. She looked at her phone. "Jack text me. He's finally home."

He somehow knew everything was going on in this place. He didn't understand what was going on or how he got here. The two looked up as the classroom door opened and another teacher walked in. Sammy gasped when he saw who the teacher was. Pitch Black glanced at the boy and his eyes widened shocked. He knew something had changed in the nightmare he had made for Jack.

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