My name is Karin Kurosaki. I am a fairly ordinary 12 year old girl with a rather crazy family. There is my twin sister Yuzu (fraternal twin, since we look nothing alike), my older brother Ichigo (he was the only one to inherit mom's orange hair color for some reason) and the old goat face... I mean my father Isshin.

I like to play sports, read and watch magical girl long as the main character isn't a total wimp who cries all the time.

I used to think that Ichigo was the only weird one of the family because he acknowledged the ghosts that kept following him. (I see them all the time too, but I more or less ignore them and they do the same.)

But all that changed the day I found a power I didn't even know I had. It had all started like a usual day...

Karin kicked the ground. Things were so boring around here since Ichigo started to see the ghosts more clearly.

As she walked to the field, she noticed an odd glint. She was bored enough that she went to investigate it.

It was a red bauble that kind of looked like a candy of sorts. It didn't look dangerous, so she picked it up. If it was a candy, she would just drop it and wash her hands with the water she had in her bag.

It was warm...but it wasn't sticky at all. It almost looked like a ruby of sorts.

She put it into her pocket and went back to the field. The guys were waiting for her so they could play soccer.

Karin lay in her room, looking at the red ball she found. It looked so ordinary.

Soon her eyes closed and she fell asleep. She was still tired from playing earlier.

~Are you my new master?~

Her eyes shot open. Where did that voice come from?

~Are you my new master?~

Karin knew it wasn't from nearby and that the voice was in her head. Yuzu would have spoken up if it was someone talking.

Who's there? Karin asked in her mind. She felt a little silly doing that, but then again she was hearing voices.

~You can hear my voice. Are you my master?~

Who are you?

~My designation is Blazing Soul. I have been searching a long time for a new master.~

What happened to your old one?

~Master Hiita was sealed away, and her powers were almost stolen. I am all that is left of her.~

Why was she sealed away?

~A bad mage wanted her power over flames. She placed most of her abilities and spells into me to keep him from stealing that power.~

What do you want me to do?

~If you can hear my voice, you potential to use me. I can teach you magic, if you like.~

You mean I can be a magical girl?

~If you have the ability, I can make you into one.~

What do I have to do?

Karin paused as she felt the ball light up in her hands. The warmth grew in intensity until it was almost unbearable, yet her hands didn't feel burnt.

~You have great magical potential. It has yet to fully awaken, but it is there.~

Can we see if I can use you tomorrow? I'm really tired from today.


Karin found an empty lot that most people avoided. It used to be a hospital until people started to die in it rather frequently. Some even said that there was a ghost that lived there.

Karin heard something screaming, but she ignored it.

~If you want to use me, you must use the activation password. Depending on magical ability, the staff and barrier jacket may not appear.~

Then let's get started. What's the password?

~Please repeat after me.~

"A passionate soul, engulfed in flames.

An inferno raging without pause.

A charm that protects without question.

A fire that heals for the love of it's master.

That which holds the spirit of flame, awaken!

Blazing Soul, Set Up!"

Karin could sense the flames engulf her body, but the feeling didn't feel bad. It felt right. Her clothes burned away with the sacred flames, and became something new.

She had a black top over a sweater that was open to the third to last button. There was a darker tan belt with a red furry pouch on her left side. She had light purple wrist guards that reached to her hand and were fingerless. Her bottom was a light black skort (a skort is a skirt with shorts sewn inside) and long light colored leggings that went past her knees. Her boots were black in color and they went up to her knees. The last part of her outfit was a tan coat that had a light green color on the inside and had a lot of pockets.

In her hands was a long golden staff that looked like an oversized torch. The sphere she picked up was emitting the flames. Under the torch part was a lighter golden wrap.

When the flames died down, Karin got a good look at her new outfit.

"WOW! This is so cool!"

~Your magical potential is higher than expected.~

"You don't need to tell me that. I wasn't expecting an entirely new outfit."

~Your outfit was not the only thing that was changed. Please look for a mirror.~


Karin reached into the pouch...and found a small hand mirror. She didn't know what was in that thing, but she got the feeling it was full of useful stuff.

"EH?! What happened to my hair and my eyes?!" said Karin in shock.

Karin originally had black hair that almost went down to her neck and brown eyes. She now had light crimson scruffy hair that went down to her neck and flame red eyes.

~It appears that your soul and that of my Mistress are similar enough for you to Unison with her spirit. Do not worry, once you release the barrier jacket the change will reverse.~

"So this isn't permanent?"

~No. It is only active until you turn off the jacket.~

"Well that's good to hear. So what now?"

~If you like, we can practice magic.~

Karin grin. Her new look included elongated fangs of sorts, but that was just a minor change.

By the time Karin returned home, she had learned quite a few things about her new device.

For starters, it was a flame based device that had a lot of power to it. It also allowed her to fly, which she decided to try as soon as she knew about it.

Karin got the feeling she was going to have a lot of fun practicing with that. Her shooting was off (she could create small balls of flame that she could use to blast away targets) but that wasn't anything a little practice couldn't fix.

My master! She has awakened! Has the seal been broken?

A red flash of light flew through the night sky, heading to a town filled with spiritual power.

Karin sat up in her bed, feeling as though something was coming. She looked to the sky, and noticed her sister's blanket had fallen off again. She smiled, and got up to replace it.

Whatever it was could be dealt with in the morning. Tomorrow was her day off and she intended to spend it training with Blazing Soul.

She yawned, and curled up with Blazing Soul in her hands as she fell back asleep.

Karin used her flame attack to strike at the coke cans. Her accuracy was getting a lot better, and she could hold the ball out a lot longer now.

Just as she was about to knock the can in the recycling bin, she paused. She kept the can in the air by having the flame continuously striking it. Something was in her spot.

"Who's there?!" she called out.

The bushes rustled, and she turned. Something was in them.

~Master, you're back!~


A red blur tackled her, causing her to lose her concentration. It was a tiny red fox with a flame at the tip of it's tail. It was as red as the pouch on her side.

~Master, why didn't you call me when the seal broke?~

"Um...who are you?"

~Master Karin, this is a Fox Fire spirit that Mistress Hiita turned into her familiar. I was unaware that it was nearby.~

The fox fire looked at Karin with interest.

"You look a lot like Mistress Hiita!" it said.

"You...can talk. Why am I not surprised?"

"Sorry for confusing you with Mistress Hiita..." it said.

"It's okay. According to Blazing Soul my soul and hers are on the same length, so she can synchronize with me whenever the barrier jacket is on. So do you have a name?"

"Mistress Hiita always called me Hono. But I think that's cause she didn't have much imagination," said the fox.

"Do you mind if I gave you a name?"

"Sure!" chirped the fox. He could already tell that he and the new user of Blazing Soul would get along great.

"How about...Kurama. You kinda remind me of that fox on Naruto."

A bright red circle appeared beneath the two.

"What the heck is this?"

~This is your magical circle. If you would like, you can bind this fox fire as your familiar the same way Mistress Hiita once did. A familiar can protect and serve you for as long as your magic connects.~

"So what you're saying is that it's a pet that is more useful than the usual variety of magical animal familiars?" she said.

Blazing Soul often watched the same magical girl animes with Karin. It wasn't impressed with the magical animals that the shows had either.

~A bound familiar can fight alongside it's master.~

"...Definitely more useful than the standard magical pet. Alright, so how do I do this?"

Kurama rode on her shoulder all the way to her house, where her father was waiting.

"Hey dad...this fox kept following me around. Can I keep it?"

Isshin took a good long look at the red fox. It didn't have any odd reishi and he didn't think it was like Yoruichi.

"As long as you take care of it, and keep it out of the clinic you can keep it."

"Thanks goat face!" said Karin with a grin.

~So Karin, you live above a clinic?~

Yeah. My dad runs this small clinic, and often goes to medical seminars to stay up to date. You pretty much have the run of the house, so long as you don't disturb any of the patients.

~Can you point out which areas I'm not allowed to access? I don't want to get you into trouble.~

Karin took Kurama around the clinic, pointing out which areas were restricted to animals.

"Eh? Where did this fox come from?" asked Ichigo.

"Ichi-nii, welcome home. This is Kurama. He kept following me around and he doesn't have a collar on him. Goat face said I could keep him," said Karin.

Ichigo held his hand out to the fox, who sniffed it before giving it a lick. Ichigo grinned and petted the fox on the head.

"He is pretty cool."

Karin grinned.

"Kurama shake," said Karin

~Why should I shake?~

Because that way any weirdness you give off aside from magic tricks will come across as you being extremely clever or trained. Besides, if you do that then Ichigo won't notice if you read stuff or do weird things.

~Sounds like fun!~

Kurama placed his paw on Ichigo's hand, to the boy's surprise.

"I found out he's really well trained. It's almost like he can understand human speech," said Karin.

Ichigo grinned as he started to scratch Kurama's ears. It didn't take the boy long to find a really itchy spot and cause the fox's back legs to go nuts.

~Your brother really knows where the itches are...~

Karin grinned. Ichigo didn't show it often, but he was really a big softie. Yuzu had fallen in love with Kurama the moment she saw him.

You might want to watch out for Yuzu. She'll probably turn you into a big ol' Kitsune doll that she can hug to death.

~I'll keep that in mind!~

Things progressed at a slow pace. Karin trained whenever she had the chance, taking full advantage of Blazing Soul's little training program during school. Her accuracy improved in strides thanks to that trick.

Kurama had been improving as well. Countless years sealed away in a sleep spell had caused his powers to drop to medium levels. Karin wasn't ready to learn the full extent of his abilities just yet...or the fact that he could help her in more ways than just fighting by her side.

Everything seemed to settle into a familiar pace...until the two happened to sense something far beyond the Earth's atmosphere. An explosion of sorts...and something fell all around Japan. A few landed in Karakura.

What was that?!

~Sounded like an explosion inside space-time. Someone's ship must have gotten hit by something!~


~There used to be a lot of people with the ability to go through space and time to other planets. I think a transfer ship might be hit. Whatever they were carrying must have dropped on Earth!~

We will have a talk about this later! First, can you tell where whatever it is fell?

~Sure. Whatever it is, the smell of magic is strong. Possibly Lost Logia class.~

Karin ran hard, following Kurama. His nose was extremely accurate, and he had already memorized the scent of her family.

~Karin, the scent is strongest here! Be careful!~

"Blazing Soul, staff form only. Too many witness for my barrier jacket," said Karin.

~As you wish, Master Karin.~

The torch staff appeared. Whatever it was had to be strong, because Karin could feel the waves of magic.

She slowly went to the feeling of magic. And found an odd jewel like thing in the bushes.

~Warning. Classification: Lost Logia. Designation: Jewel Seed number 12. It is inadvisable to allow it to activate.~

What can we do, Blazing Soul?

~Sealing is recommended at this point.~

How do I do that?

~Simply will me to seal the artifact, and I will turn into the appropriate form.~

Karin concentrated, and the torch became a blade of flame. It gently tapped the jewel...and Karin could feel her magic moving.

~Sealing. Receipt for Jewel Seed confirmed.~

Karin sighed with relief.

"Things are about to get a lot more hectic around here, aren't they?"